The Definitive AM Course: MIT’s Additive Manufacturing for Innovative Design and Production Starts October 1st

3D Printing Sponsored 3d printing course educations logo mit professor john hartMIT has played a pivotal role in 3D printing for decades and has made seminal contributions to the advancement of machines, materials, and design tools. Recent work on 3D printed circuits and active. View the entire article via our website.

Meet the Product Definition Team: Blake Reeves

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Product Definition team members are a major component in determining and defining enhancements and new functionality included within the SOLIDWORKS products each year. Blake is a proud geek working in Product Definition on a large variety of the innovative tools in SOLIDWORKS.

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Product Definition: A User’s Journey

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Product Definition team members are a major component in determining and defining enhancements and new functionality included within the SOLIDWORKS products each year. It’s a combination of everything of course. Who decides What’s New in SOLIDWORKS?

[Podcast] How the User Forum Changed the Course of SOLIDWORKS Software

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As a result of this crowdsourced effort– long before that was even a known term–our passionate customers truly changed the future course of SOLIDWORKS software. I’m your host Cliff meddling in this episode is titled How the user forum change the course of solid works software.

Definition of a 3D Model Maker

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Definition of a Model Maker For thousands of years people have been creating models to translate and improve their ideas into three dimensional reality.

Empower the Model-Based Enterprise with SOLIDWORKS MBD 2019

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Model-Based Definition (MBD) is a journey. Of course, you can capture an unfolded 3D view to go back to this visual bookmark later. Last, but not least, DimXpert, including the assembly-level definition, is now available in every seat of SOLIDWORKS Standard 2019.

Interview with MIT’s John Hart: 3D Printing Summer Class at University Looks to Teach Professionals

It isn’t going anywhere, and it is definitely in education to stay,... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Exclusive Interviews 3d printing at mit 3d printing classes 3d printing course 3d printing education 3d printing interviews 3d printing mit additive manufacturing john hart mit professor john hart

The Carima C-CAT DLP 3D Printer Can Print at a Blistering 1cm Per Minute

When people say that 3D printing is a fast solution, it is, of course, a relative definition of fast. Traditional manufacturing and fabrication techniques can be clocked at speeds far outpacing any. View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printers Business C-CAT carima dlp 3d printer DLP 3D printers dlp 3d printing DP 845 euromold euromold 2015 south korea

World’s First 3D Printed Harmonograph Created by Students in Australia, Featuring Christmas Lights

It seems as though over the course of the past year, we have covered so many stories of the “world’s first 3D printed ” There will always be new “firsts” but some are definitely... View the entire article via our website.

Less Common Things to do Before or After SOLIDWORKS World 2019

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Of course, none of these places are endorsed. It’s been a few years since SOLIDWORKS World was held in at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, TX. Last time we headed to town, there was a list of fun things to do before or after SOLIDWORKS World.

CNC Machining Industry Trends 2019

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With nearly two-thirds of the market being captured by Bosch, Mitsubishi and Siemens, there is a definite sense of these companies as major players. The data shows increasing interest in Poly Crystalline Diamond (PCD) tools and solid carbide tools over the course of the past few years.

SOLIDWORKS Javelin Online Live Training (JOLT): An Effective and Environmentally Friendly Learning Experience

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I participated in Javelin’s SOLIDWORKS Essentials JOLT training course a few weeks ago in order to become more knowledgeable with SOLIDWORKS so that I could complete projects regarding sustainability and environmental analysis. I also realized the environmental benefit of taking the course.

Show Off Your Skills with Technical Certificates

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To prepare their team for those exams, Spicer provided them with an online certification prep course and achieved remarkable success. View the below courses and earn an 80 percent or higher on the SolidProfessor assessment to earn and share these Technical Certificates.

Course 103

Sifting through the features or "The Guide to Not Buying a 3D Printer"

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Example: [link] Open source is of course one of the main features but lo and behold: "The pressure control system of the nozzle is not the only patented feature which has been used within the design of the 3D Gence. The problem.

GRRF 285

BuildTak Review – The Ideal 3D Printing Surface?

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But, as long as you pay heed to the tips described in this article, the material can definitely help to make your 3D prints stick. . This does of course go somewhat against the concept of BuildTak since it is supposed to help you get rid of all makeshift adhesion aids.

Underwriters Laboratories offers a resource for 3D printing info needs

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For training, UL has an initial course, the Foundations of 3D printing, available online through the eLearning modules. Geared to those who are new to or have an interest in this technology, Foundations of 3D Printing is an interactive four-module course that presents comprehensive introductory knowledge of the 3D printing industry.

DEF 2015 Recap II: Grand Rapids, Troy, Kansas City


We continue to be busy at Fisher Unitech with the second leg of Design Excellence Forum but it has definitely been a fun and insightful time. All of the Design Excellence Forums couldn't be possible without the big time help of SOLIDWORKS, HP, Stratasys, and of course the attendees!

MySolidWorks Professional Promotion Ending Soon

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MySolidWorks Professional adds tremendous value to thousands of SOLIDWORKS subscription customers worldwide with access to over 500 online training videos and SOLIDWORKS certification prep courses introducing new skills to help you become more productive.

What is SOLIDWORKS Simulation and how can it help me?

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To gain a better understanding of how SOLIDWORKS Simulation can help your business I recommend you take a new Introduction to Simulation video training course available in MySolidWorks. The course includes the following video lessons: Discover the SOLIDWORKS Simulation product suite.

Polyamide 3D Printing at Its Best: Solving David Pitcher’s 3D-Printed Puzzles


Of course, this was already in the works in Europe at the time, but it was the first example of a design I created from scratch. Of course, it was the advent of readily available SLS 3D printing through web-based services such as i.materialise that really let my creativity take flight.

David 69

Class: Designing jewelry for 3D printing

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So for those of you who would like to learn more, definitely consider taking this online course led by Shapeways shop owner, Paul Liaw.

How to Make Scary glow-in-the-dark Ghost Fridge Magnets for Halloween

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Of course, more experienced users are welcome to try it out too. Cura is the slicing software which comes with Ultimaker and is most definitely our first choice in slicing software, because it is very user-friendly, very quick and easy to use.

How To 218

The Best of Tutorial Tuesday: Create Mind-Blowing Designs With Parametric Modeling in Grasshopper

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These videos will walk you through creating your first Grasshopper definition, working with sliders, and using the interface effectively. This primer is a printable online resource that can be used as the basis of a short but powerful first course on Grasshopper.

The Next is Now at SWW18

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We focus on making the complex simple – and over the course of three days, we will show our customers how to do the same. SOLIDWORKS World is an amazing community of engineers, makers and scientists who are a force for change in the world.



The Wikipedia definition describes a PNG as a raster graphics file format that supports lossless data compression; this is unlike a JPEG or other more commonly known file types, which trade image quality for file size during compression.

Preparing for the Part 107 Knowledge Test

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Fortunately, several online training courses have become available since the inception of the Part 107 set of regulations. These online training courses can offer a combination of reading materials, instructional videos, knowledge checks, and sample questions. We have gathered below a list of the top online courses being offered for the Part 107 knowledge test. FAA Online Course. Finishing the course will take approximately 2 hours. Paid online Part 107 courses.

3D Print to Desert Chariot: The Story of The Stag Head

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The response from other burners was amazing it definitely stood out from the other carts. Of course I have to ask, did you bring any 3D prints of your stag head to the event?

New Online Trials and eCourse Training Now Available at MySolidWorks

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Learn more with Online Training including over 1,000 online product tutorial videos in a wide range of topics, SOLIDWORKS Certification Prep Courses, and the new comprehensive, self-paced, high-quality, and interactive eCourses.

SOLIDWORKS TECH TIP: Meshing Tips and Tools for Better Results (Part 2)


There are two advanced options that we find when we are creating or editing the definition of a stress plot. These values SHOULD be relatively close, but since they are not, we should definitely refine our mesh.

Tools 72

How to prevent broken references being checked into a SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault

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Yup definitely broken. Contact us about our SOLIDWORKS PDM training courses for users and administrators. Nobody enjoys being greeted by this error message when opening an assembly in SOLIDWORKS. Open Summary. It usually means there’s a broken reference… Broken reference.

Testing an Anti-Shark Cage in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

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As a child I was fascinated with sharks: whale sharks, hammerheads, makos, nurse sharks, whitetips, basking sharks and, of course, the mighty white great. Some things I’d rather test in software before testing in nature; this would definitely qualify.

Shark 113

What to do in Los Angeles before and after SOLIDWORKS World 2017

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You might spot flying fish (and whales, of course). For a few years, I’ve posted about things that you can enjoy while in town for SOLIDWORKS World. Previous cities include Phoenix , Dallas , and San Diego.

Beware the Evil Mad Scientist! (Calorie Alert!!!)

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And, it''s DEFINITELY working! in the interest of science of course. Wouldn''t you know it. The industry hasn''t even gotten started yet and already its got its own Evil Mad Scientist. And, this is one dastardy dude!

Course 130

50% of product failure is due to Mechanical Fatigue! How can you predict & avoid it?

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The definition of fatigue is: failure under a repeated or otherwise varying load, which never reaches a level sufficient to cause failure in a single application. The course can be taken in a Canadian classroom near you or live online from your office.

Mission: Possible. Purple Platypus: Unstoppable

Purple Platypus

A definite showstopper for the night, the art piece was creatively designed for business owners to promote their own branding, using their own logo, image, or message in an infinite combination of color, shape and size options. Mission: Possible.

This Weekend, We’re RC Crawling Across the World

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If you’re planning on going to either one, definitely let us know! G6 legend Brian Parker , the organizer of the event, sets up intense RC crawling courses. That’s right! Both in Europe and USA we’ll be at RC crawling events to… well.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical – The Future is Bright!!

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The future is definitely bright for SOLIDWORKS Electrical and with the help of you, the user, we can continue to push the limits of electrical design.