3D Systems Demos Virtual Surgeries and Soft 3D Printed Models in New Orleans

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According to the American Cancer Society, more than 220,000 men in the US will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year, with 1 in 7 men being diagnosed over the course of a lifetime. By Michael Molitch-Hou.

SOLIDWORKS 2015 Launch Event Proceedings

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A lot of information was covered during the sessions so we invite you to learn more about the solutions demonstrated at the event, including: SOLIDWORKS 2015 Demo videos and slides. Update Training Course choices and details. SOLIDWORKS 2015 Launch Event.

Scenes from Gen Con

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Check out this yummy sushi mini: Of course, cosplay was out in full force during Gen Con. Gen Con is the Super Bowl of tabletop gaming , and Shapeways was there this year to show of the work of our incredible community of 3D artists.

DigiFabCon Explores how tools like 3DPrinting are changing the world!

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The program includes a Fab Festival where participants can get hands-on demos in 3D Printing, laser cutting, CNC machining, CAD and much more. This year, a pre-conference short course has been added.

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A Preview of the SOLIDWORKS 2017 Canadian Launch and What’s New Training Broadcast

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What’s New Demos. Demos include: 3D DESIGN — Faster with improved technology. A SOLIDWORKS Advanced Update Training Course (Javelin Online Live Training). The SOLIDWORKS 2017 Canadian Launch Broadcasts begin next week!

Eric Beatty’s Intro to SOLIDWORKS xDesign

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I kept tabs on xDesign news for the next few months and noted a few user group meetings (mostly on the east coast) where xDesign demos were presented. Of course, I leapt at the chance. Over the course of the next three weeks, I put xDesign through its paces.

Formlabs’ new 3D printer uses a Blu-ray laser to cut objects out of resin

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We’ve been tracking Formlabs since we saw an early prototype of the Form1 at Maker Faire 2012 and were excited to get an invite to demo the second version here in Manhattan. Of course, the real challenge with 3D printers is the need to constantly deliver cheaper, bigger, faster machines.

Registration is Now Open for DraftSight LIVE at SOLIDWORKS World

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Come join us for a packed event where you will learn about the latest technology trends, see live product demos and presentations, attend technical breakout sessions, and network amongst the most creative and passionate community in CAD.

Mission: Possible. Purple Platypus: Unstoppable

Purple Platypus

Our Spaceclaim display allows our visitors to get a hands-on demo and interact with dynamic 3D modeling software featuring non-parametric capabilities which untie the hands of the designer. Mission: Possible.

3D Printing Strong and Sturdy Models

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Here’s what that looked like for an early demo version of our Deltoidal Icositetrahedron model: Although this model passed the Wire Thickness check, it fails the Wall Thickness check. Sometimes a digital 3D design looks great in your software, but just can’t make it in reality.

SOLIDWORKS World Partner Pavilion Preview Part II

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Exclusively at SOLIDWORKS World: Check out never-before seen workstations in person and get a hands-on demo, including the latest NVIDIA Quadro Pascal graphics for mobiles, a VR Ready workhorse and a thin and light road warrior.

Interact with SOLIDWORKS models using Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality?

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Take a look at the demo video below to see mixed reality in action : How are the technologies similar? Of course, both of these technologies require a certain amount of computing power to be able to function.

Facade Design and Fabrication: The Expensive Disconnection

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Installation is, of course, an important perspective from which to improve productivity. Watch an 8-minute demo of Dassault Systèmes’ technology platform dedicated to Façade Design for Fabrication, Integrated Planning and Façade Detailing.

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A CES 2015 Technology Recap

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We have rounded up a few of our favorite news articles from the event to share with you (with an emphasis on 3D printing technology of course)… Enjoy! For the first time, there are also food printers and 3D-printed outfits being demoed at the show.” CES 2015 came to an end on Friday but the buzz surrounding the event lives on.

zSpace and Virtual Reality in Education

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One of the things I saw in the original demo was a physics modeling environment incorporating ramps and balls. Of course educators need to set the stage, but once that is done, the students are expected to explore topics by modeling the behavior of real scientists. For several years I’ve been promoting virtual environments as a way to help build STEM skills in students.

Student Inventors and Entrepreneurs – the Extreme Redesign Challenge is On!

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Students in middle school or high school, or students enrolled in a higher education course or college program, are welcome to apply. Plus, his/her instructor will receive a demo 3D printer for limited-time classroom use.

3D Modeling Options for Kids

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They are all, of course, free! And I missed the demo at Maker Faire?! In the months we have been exploring our 3D printers, we have tried a variety of 3D modeling options for kids to create their own models, and we''ve come up with the following options. From easiest, but least flexible to more options, but very complex: 3DTin - Currently my student''s favorite.

Discover 3D Printing Near You


They are demoing the technology and they will tell you about what you can and of course can not do with it. And of course, if you’re into 3D printing, nothing’s better than old-fashioned face-to-face talking. Wether you’ve been lurking on 3D printers all week long or you have a 3D printing project in mind. It’s fairly natural to want to see a 3D print or hold one in your hand. Where can you go to do such a thing ?

PCBWorks Installation Overview

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The benefits of this are of course improved communication, increased teamwork and productivity, reduced re-design and re-work, to help produce a superior product with a streamlined product development lifecycle. PCBWorks & SOLIDWORKS.

Ready, Set, GO! Slot Car Racing at Euromold 2014


Over the course of 2014, Materialise organized a series of slot car races where participants could let their imagination run wild and 3D print their slot cars which they made with a whole range of Additive Manufacturing technologies.

Ready, Set, GO! Slot Car Racing at Euromold 2014


Over the course of 2014, Materialise organized a series of slot car races where participants could let their imagination run wild and 3D print their slot cars which they made with a whole range of Additive Manufacturing technologies.

Industry Giants Partner with Makers to Foster Innovation

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To demo the product, the leader of the team, Chris Cprek, a University of Louisville staffer and one of the group’s founders, created a bar code with baking instructions for a raspberry pie and used his hacked-together oven to bake the dessert right on the workshop floor.

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MBD Implementation 10 DOs and 10 DONTs – Don’t Hesitate (Part 2)

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Of course, digital devices can further realize the full potential of MBD in the long run. But after my demo, especially on 3D PDF, they were not only open to receiving 3D PDF, but also were thinking about implementing MBD themselves.

Enter the 2015 Extreme Redesign Challenge


These are the factors being judged for each entry received before February 11th, 2015: Sound mechanical design and part integrity Compelling description (written and/or video) Design creativity Product usefulness Aesthetics (art or architecture category) Winners can receive a variety of prizes, including cash scholarships, a print of their design, apparel, a demo 3D printer or even a trip to attend a 3D printing conference. Of course you can.

Getting Technical with 3D Printing at Fishers Island School District


I went to a conference where iDesign was demoing the Afinia H-Series printer, which is where I first saw it in person. Keeping with Tradition Of course, with only one 3D printer for the classroom, Kaplan has kept traditional, non-3D-printer projects in the curriculum.

Local Motors Rolls Out Mobifactory In Crystal City

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Each month, visitors are invited to participate in drag race slalom courses or join a trike group to tour the best places to ride drift trikes in the area. Attendees will receive a free t-shirt (while supplies last), and watch drifting experts demo the Local Motors Verrado drift trike.

Medical Model 3D Printing: 6 Must-Do Activities at RSNA 2016

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Attend a 3D Printing ‘Continuing Medical Education’ Session (DEMO C3 260). In the search bar type, “ 3D printing (mimics) (hands-on) ” to see our supported courses.]. 3D printing continues to shape healthcare with a direct impact on patient outcomes.

SolidWorks 2016 Launch Event

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For the time being, this actual incarnation of “SolidWorks in my Butt” will be limited to instant product trials for prospective customers, or new version demos for wary CAD Admins, all via a mySolidWorks account.

Maker Faire 2017: Truly the Greatest Show & Tell on Earth

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Not yet equipped with such an ability, I had to pick and choose the talks and demos which was not always an easy choice to make. What I was particularly curious about was the maker process itself, and of course, 3D printing.

Welcome to SOLIDWORKS World Japan 2016

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His time spent in preparing for the CSWP exam before and ultimately passing the course refined his SOLIDWORKS skills and boosted his productivity in the workplace. Mr. Shinichi knew he would need to feature successful live demos to validate the product to attendees.

Japan 100

The Insider’s Guide to Historicon

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The Grinder is a free for all Battletech Demo game where new (or returning) players will be taught using the Introductory Rules. Battles on the high seas mean amazing historic ships, and of course, shipwrecks. We’ve built the terrain. We’ve painted the tanks.

Q&A: CEO Gian Paolo Bassi and Former CEO Bertrand Sicot

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Of course we also delivered four great releases of SOLIDWORKS software and added four new products to the portfolio: SOLIDWORKS Electrical, SOLIDWORKS Plastics, SOLIDWORKS Inspection and Model Base Definition. New SOLIDWORKS CEO, Gian Paolo Bassi.

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MakerHome: Day 318 - Pythagorean blocks


Technical notes, math flavor: Of course the entire point of this model is that you can also arrange it like this: The point is that the triangle in the middle is a right triangle, and therefore the sum of the squares of the lengths of its legs is equal to the square of the length of its hypotenuse.

Designer Spotlight: Noe & Pedro Ruiz

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We strive to make amazing quality products and we’re passionate about design, technology, the maker culture, and of course 3D Printing! To ring in the month of July, we’re spotlighting designer duo Noe and Pedro Ruiz of Pixil 3D.

Best 3D Printers for Schools and Libraries

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It’s best to research beforehand about the required print settings for each material and prepare the R2 at least a day before your demo. In addition, you get access to a 4-hour professional development course designed specifically for teachers. Shopping for 3D printers is hard.

3D Printing with Nylon 618 filament in Tie-Dye colours


You can of course use desiccant sachets, but remember these really only do absorb a tiny amount of moisture and need to be dried themselves for re-use. * T i e - D y e 3D printing with Nylon 618 * Taluman Nylon 618 is a very versatile printing material.

MakerHome: Day 320 - TRI Customizable Function Bracelet


Sizing hints: Ive got big hands for a lady so mine is sized at 65mm diameter and is the "Large" demo model at the link above; thats probably the average man size for this bracelet. MakerHome. One 3D print every day from home, for a year. Welcome to MakerHome.