3D Design and Validation for CTO Products (eBook)

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As discussed in the new eBook from Tech-Clarity ‘s founder and President, Jim Brown , 3D Design and Validation for Configure-to-Order , there are ways to make life easier at order time. The eBook discusses the value of a configure-to-order (CTO) approach.

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Drone Launch Academy is Offering $50 off Coupon

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Drone Launch Academy offers a popular course that will help you pass the Part 107 test. The course usually sells for $179, but we have reached out to them and received a coupon code for $50 off. Fortunately, very few people fail the test after using the course so this is not likely to be a problem for you. Drone Launch Academy is unique in that it has a FAA-Certified Advanced Ground Instructor, an attorney, and a meteorologist that teach parts of the course.

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More Quick Advice on 3D Print Design


Short of taking a serious engineering course or two, we asked if there were sources where one could quickly learn how to make better prints. Following up from our post on designing for use , reader Mark Lynch pointed out his terrific list of design tips 3D printing.

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New Webinar Series: A Guided Tour of our Webiste


This means three things: Bringing you easy-to-use automated features to make 3D printing easier ( and of course publishing ebooks about them ). That’s why we’d like to offer you a Guided Tour of our website to let you know about everything you can find, and of course to show you how it will make your like easier when you’re willing to 3D print your model. A while ago, we’ve been introducing our very first webinar series : Ask a 3D Designer.

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The top 18 3D printing resources you should know about


They feature a blog, a magazine and we can find ebooks as well. And of course, you shouldn’t forget to check our blog regularly. More and more players are positioned in the 3D printing market, but where are the good 3D printing resources? Who are the pioneers in the field?

Accelerating CPG Innovation with a Product Innovation Platform

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As our infographic and eBook, The CPG Digital Thread shares, “The CPG Digital Thread elevates product development performance. Of course CPG companies know that commercial success demands more than a great product. Guest post by Jim Brown, President, Tech-Clarity.

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3D printing uses: Production with 3D printing


Last week my focus for this series was on prototyping and you can of course check out my previous post because there is a lot of information covered that will help you as you read this article.

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3D Printing Uses : functional parts


Here are some examples of things that are possible to achieve (you can also find those – and more – examples in our latest ebook ). . Of course, assemblies should not be limited to the one you can directly print in one go.