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Algorithmic Art

The 3d tools which will be taught in this course are Rhino + Grasshopper and Meshlab; and we will optimize our 3d models for 3d printing using Netfabb Basic, Meshmixer and Repetier/Slic3r. Netfabb. Netfabb Basic is a freeware for handling of files on stl-format.

Art 90

Is your 3D model a mess? Make it printable!

Shapeways Blog

If you have a Windows machine, you can try using the professional software Netfabb to repair this model. Netfabb is free for students, but for the rest of us it costs $30, per month. What do you do when your 3D model is broken?

Designer Spotlight: Latte A.L.

Shapeways Blog

I used Photoshop, the free Netfabb, and Tinkercad for the first few designs that I listed on Shapeways. Of course, jasmine tea leaves are quite long and would be too heavy for an ear climber, so I shortened them. Evelyn of Latte A.L.,

Review : which software for 3D printers?


Of course, there are other slicers such as the nice Kisslicer shareware. Netfabb Finally, there is the full featured all-in-one $700 netfabb , which is a complete and quite expensive professional software that does it all, plus some nice mesh operations that the other do not at all.

Jody Garrett Prints a Goat Skull that Screams “Fantasy”


Of course Decimation Master in ZBrush is a no-brainer for printing, followed up with netfabb. The world of 3D printed fantasy design is unlike any other: it not only imagines another world, it makes it real!

A bridge too far


There are no errors in Netfabb Basic so I am pretty sure the file is OK. Of course they all offer support material but that would be difficult to remove inside the duct and there in lies another raft of bugs, if you pardon the pun.