Economics 101: SOLIDWORKS & MakerBot Desktop 3D Printing [WHITE PAPER]

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To help you research the benefits of a MakerBot 3D Printer you can download the following white paper — Economics 101: Desktop 3D Printing. The paper outlines. Download White Paper. MakerBot 101 White Paper.

RAYLASE Announces White Paper on AM Process and Initial Details of Trade Fair Appearance

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Machine manufacturers, integrators and OEM can get an initial taster in the new AM white paper from RAYLASE, which is available for download now from [link]. Featured News Additive Manufacturing AM formnext laser-based AM RAYLASE GmbH white paper Wolfgang Lehmann

3D Printing News Briefs: October 24, 2018

Starting out with education and moving on to medical and business news…buckle your seat belts, it’s time for this week’s first edition of 3D Printing News Briefs! Keith Moore, the. View the entire article via our website.

EOS Expands Academia Program, Enhancing Additive Manufacturing Training Offerings

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50% of product failure is due to Mechanical Fatigue! How can you predict & avoid it?

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We can help you learn fatigue analysis along with other product testing types in our SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional training course. The course can be taken in a Canadian classroom near you or live online from your office.

Saving Costs with Virtual Prototyping

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In other cases, designers simply stay the course by reproducing outdated products, preferring to continue with concepts that have worked in the past instead of striving for innovation and breaking new ground. Virtual Prototyping vs. Traditional Methods White Paper. SOLIDWORKS Simulation optimize SOLIDWORKS Download White Paper

The Top 10 Reasons to move from 2D CAD to SOLIDWORKS 3D Software

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Of course, potential customers don’t usually award bids based solely on style and will certainly evaluate substance. Download our white paper using the form below and you will learn how moving from 2D to 3D CAD is easier than you think!

Is Mining Responding the Right Way to Market Volatility?

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The white paper “Mining in the Global Supply Chain” argues that an alternative approach to unlock greater performance is to integrate the mine plan across all horizons of the business. Read the complete white paper and its recommendations.

Why Our Low Carbon Future Depends on Mining

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The activity of mining, of course, is energy intensive, but the industry is starting to adapt itself to itself becoming a lower carbon emitter as it seeks to contribute to a greener world while becoming more efficient and cost-effective. Metals and Minerals needs for Green Technologies.

Let Your Data Work for You with SOLIDWORKS Manage

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Red flags can arise at any time during the course of a product development project. Learn more about SOLIDWORKS DDM solutions by downloading “ New Methods of Maximizing the Value of Data throughout the Enterprise ” white paper.

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Red Bull Soapbox Team Uses SOLIDWORKS to Quench its Need for Speed

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Well, add in some crazy obstacles, like jumps, stairs, and bowl turns, to the course you’re trying to barrel down at break-neck speed and things can get interesting.

See a Functional 3D-Printed Roller Coaster at SOLIDWORKS World 2019

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While I took some courses on CATIA® 3D design software, and regularly use CATIA in my work at Ford, the School of Mechanical Engineering required that I use SOLIDWORKS® 3D design software to complete my senior design project. Invertigo. Steel Vengeance. Batman.

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Javelin sponsors students dedicated to changing the future of transportation

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In 2013, Elon Musk released a white paper outlining his concept of high-speed ground transportation, calling it the Hyperloop. Since the first round of competition in California – Design Weekend in January 2016 – the Waterloo team (called Waterloop of course!)

3D Printing: A Key Technology for the Experts of Tomorrow

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After registering, participating institutions can benefit from exclusive access to regular updates from the Additive Manufacturing world, such as sample applications, white papers, and various activities specially designed for the academic field.

Best Practices for Medical Device Design

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This, of course, goes without saying, but there’s also a wealth of resources available from the FDA, The European Commission, and others that will get you started down the right path to successful product development that leads to a successful commercial product launch.

Customized 3D Printed Medical Models Enhance Surgical Training at CBMTI

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Download our new white paper on Enhancing Clinical Preparedness with 3D Printed Medical Training Models. CBMTI develops its training courses in partnership with leaders in various fields. Ear, nose and throat simulation model in three parts.

Ahoy! Captain SOLIDWORKS!

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Plotting a Course From Drummer to Boat Captain . I’ve written hundreds of case studies, numerous magazine features, and lots of white papers over the past 25 years, including many focused on SOLIDWORKS.

Drone 3D Printed with Embedded Electronics Flies Where Others Can’t

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Of course, as we are using small propellers and motors, the drone itself could never actually generate so much thrust as to lift that weight, but it’s still nice to know that our drone is rugged!

Medical Model 3D Printing: 6 Must-Do Activities at RSNA 2016

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In the search bar type, “ 3D printing (mimics) (hands-on) ” to see our supported courses.]. 3D printing continues to shape healthcare with a direct impact on patient outcomes.

Answer These Questions to Maximize SOLIDWORKS 2016 Workstation Performance

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Of course in cases where the software is run concurrently with analysis and rendering software, it can make sense to move to more than four cores, but you’ll still want the highest speed and cache size you can afford. SOLIDWORKS 2016 is here!

IoT and Manufacturing: You’ve Got the Data…

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If you took logic or statistics courses in college, you might remember having discussions about “correlation vs. causation”. Of course not. According to a white paper published by PwC and the Manufacturing Institute, the manufacturing industry stands to gain about $4 trillion in value (over the next decade) from the Internet of Things, primarily due to increased revenues and lower costs.

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3D Printing Uses : functional parts


Of course, assemblies should not be limited to the one you can directly print in one go. In a white paper about its collaboration with Unilever , Stratasys point out the fact that the company was able to reduce the cost of a mold by 80% using 3D printing and lead time by 35% to create it.

Personalized Care Drives Innovation in Medical Product…

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And, of course, with computer control, you have the concept of software. The white paper, What Medical Device Companies Need to Consider in Selecting an EMS Company, was co-authored by Digicom executives Mo Ohady, general manager, and David Estes, engineering specialist.