Creo 7.0 Adds Generative Design and More


PTC Creo 7.0 adds new generative design features [Source: PTC]. PTC has revealed. Read the whole entry. » » software

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i.materialise Partners with PTC to Streamline Printing Services from Creo 4.0 Design Software

When designers and makers are looking to have their creation produced on a professional-grade 3D printing system, there are a vast number of 3D printing service bureaus they can choose from. 3D Printing 3D Software Business 3D printed lattice structure 3d printing design software 3d printing partnership 3d printing service bureau 3d printing software cad software Creo 4.0 i.materialise i.materialise 3D printing services i.materialise plugin PTC PTC Creo

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Stratasys & PTC Collaborate to Streamline 3D Printing Processes, Improve Workflow with Creo Software

The transformation that Stratasys has made in the world of manufacturing and design with 3D printing is substantial–and constantly fluid as both the revolutionary company and its users surprise us with one outstanding and amazing... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing Business 3d printing software collaboration Creo Parametric PTC PTC Creo stratasys

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Stratasys and PTC Creo work together to streamline 3D printing

Leslie's Blog

It’s no secret that there is a gap between design software programs and additive manufacturing systems that challenges design engineers on printing the part they really designed. Design engineers are the big winners here.

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i.materialise and PTC Partner to Offer 3D Printing Solution for PTC’s Creo 4.0


This partnership will enable users of PTC’s highly-anticipated Creo ® 4.0 software to 3D print designs directly through i.materialise’s 3D printing service. As a partner of PTC, i.materialise looks forward to giving Creo 4.0 Therefore, in Creo 4.0,

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Aalto School of Engineering: Reverse Engineering Spare Parts Through 3D Technology

3D Design 3D Printing 3D Scanning 3D modeling 3D printed spare parts 3d printing and reverse engineering 3d printing spare parts 3D reverse engineering Aalto University CAD modeling PTC Creo Siemens NX solidworks spare parts 3d printing thesisIn the recently published, ‘Methods to reverse engineer spare parts,’ thesis student Edoardo Colombo, from the Aalto School of Engineering, expounds on the benefits of digital spare parts, and. View the entire article via our website.

North Carolina A&T University Professors Evaluate Summer 3D Printing Workshop for High Schoolers

US engineers and mathematicians explore the values of 3D printing in education further, outlining their findings in ‘Teaching High School Students Design Process and 3D Printing: Lessons Learned.’. 3D Printing 3d printing education 3D printing summer camp autodesk inventor CREO Fortus 400mc 3D printer North Carolina A&T University STEM education

Introducing the All (Mostly) New 3D Printed Robot in a Can!

3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed robot atmel attiny canbot attiny85 canbot Prusa i3 prusa i3 hephestos PTC Creo robot rolling robot thingiverseIt doesn’t promise to taste great or to be less filling, but Attiny Canbot sure is cute. This project springs from the mind of Thingiverse contributor Maxmillian Kern, who goes by the pseudonym ‘Wingman94.’... ’... View the entire article via our website.

Teacher & Students 3D Print an Amazing Baseball Bat Swinging Prosthetic Hand

3D Design 3D Printing Health 3D Printing 3d printed prostheses 3d printed prosthetic hand autodesk inventor baseball Creo Parametric e-nable enable enable the future prosthetic baseball hand prosthetic hand softball sports sports prostheses There is something about the start of the Major League Baseball season in the United States that brings a summertime excitement to the country.

Toy Company Fidgetbase Takes Fidget Spinners Back to Basics with 3D Printing and Affordable STL Files

3D Design 3D Printing Education Exclusive Interviews 3D modeling 3d print toys 3d printable toys 3D printed product design 3d printed toys 3D printing PLA ADHD affordable Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder biodegradable 3d printing filament cad CAD design Creo Parametric desk toy fidget spinner Fidgetbase Fusion 360 pla filament Polylactic acid product design PTC stl files toy 3d printing

Retain PMI and Design Intent when you translate CAD Models into SOLIDWORKS with ELYSIUM

Javelin Tech Tips

Don’t want to lose your design intent in the process? into SOLIDWORKS (and other formats) while also preserving any original design intent and PMI (product and manufacturing information), such as would be used for MBD (model-based definition), CNC machining , automated inspection , etc.

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Stratasys Releasing New GrabCAD Print App in Beta This Summer

3D Design 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Software Business 3D Design-to-print workflow 3d printing app autodesk inventor CAD applications CAD platform CATIA grabcad GrabCAD Print app PTC Creo solidworks stratasysWith the advent of the J750 3D printer, it would seem (despite rather weak Q1 results) that industry titan Stratasys is on an upswing, on a roll, refreshed—and with a monumental new machine that has. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing for Product Design


Not just because the freedom of design it enables is limitless, but because it’s a good way to test out our ideas and designs in the real world. This is especially useful for product designers like Elia Furgiuele. His favorite 3D design software is Creo Parametric. “It’s

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Learn how to work seamlessly with other CAD Tools using SOLIDWORKS 2017 3D Interconnect [WEBINAR]

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SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect is designed for a “mixed CAD” environment: Consultants/Manufacturers working with customers that have a different CAD system. How to update both part and assembly files as design changes take place with Update Model feature.

Watch PTC's Brian Thompson Present the New Seamless PTC & Stratasys Design- to-3D Print Worklflow

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

The new joint PTC-Stratasys Design-to-3D Print Workflow is set to dramatically streamline and facilitate the process of designing complex parts and models using Creo 3.0

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Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software – Digitalizing the Manufacturing Industry

BIS Research

The digitalization of the manufacturing industry has helped overcome several challenges associated with manual drafting of designs. The introduction of computer-aided design (CAD) software packages has added a whole new dimension to the manufacturing and 3D printing industry.

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3D Printing for Product Design


Not just because the freedom of design it enables is limitless, but because it’s a good way to test out our ideas and designs in the real world. This is especially useful for product designers like Elia Furgiele. His favourite 3D design software is Creo Parametric. “It’s

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How to Work with Non-SOLIDWORKS 3D Designs

The Solidworks Blog

Do you need to insert a valve in Autodesk Inventor™ format from a supplier into your SOLIDWORKS design? Do you need to use SOLIDWORKS to design molds, tooling and fixtures around your client’s Creo ® or CATIA data? The pulley in Figure 1 was designed in Creo.

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PTC and Stratasys Collaborate to Define and Deliver Design for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Market Leaders Enable Seamless Design-to-3D Print Workflow. Nasdaq: SSYS) today announced the companies are working together to deliver a seamless experience between PTC Creo ® design software and Stratasys 3D Printing Solutions. PTC Creo Resource Center.

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The Top 10 New Features in SOLIDWORKS 2017 [VIDEO]

Javelin Tech Tips

Whether you design single components, incredibly complex equipment, or even entire facilities, SOLIDWORKS 2017 delivers easy-to-use tools to help turn your ideas into higher-quality products. Work seamlessly with anyone, and incorporate design changes dramatically faster.

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How to convert CAD to STL for 3D Printing

Javelin Tech Tips

Pro E / Creo. Open the model design in Rhino. In the STL Mesh Export Options dialog box (Simple Controls), set the STL tolerance – the maximum distance allowed between the surface of the design and the polygon mesh of the STL file.

Stratasys Launches Bold 3D Printing Software Strategy and Universal Design-to-3D Print Application, GrabCAD Print

Additive Manufacturing

GrabCAD Print built on proven, cloud-based SaaS platform and new business intelligence environment, designed to make 3D printing easier, more intuitive and readily accessible. Video : Stratasys to Offer Universal Design-to-3D Print Software with GRABCAD Print*.

Designer Spotlight: James Knight

Shapeways Blog

What’s the story behind your designs? How did you learn how to design in 3D? Throughout my professional career I have used a number of CAD programs all the way up to the high end Pro-E and Unigraphics software (now PTC Creo & NX). Designer Spotlight

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Is it time to consider making the switch to SOLIDWORKS?

Javelin Tech Tips

We are in an age where technology is changing faster than we can consume it, this can make it difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest in the CAD market and you may not be aware that your CAD platform could be limiting your design and document workflows. Here are the common questions we hear from companies that are re-evaluating their current 3D design solution: Switch to SOLIDWORKS. SOLIDWORKS 3D Design AutoCAD® Autodesk Inventor® PTC Creo® SOLIDWORKS Upgrade

PTC & Stratasys Introduce Seamless Design-to-3D Print Workflow at PTC Live 2015

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

Toy robot designed with PTC Creo 3.0 By cooperating together, PTC and Stratasys intend to bring significant value to our customers – making additive manufacturing more accessible while providing practical, easy-to-use tools for designing and manufacturing using 3D printing.”.

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3D Scanning and Geomagic Design X Aid Emory Motorsports’ Porsche Renovation

3D Systems

3D Scanning and Geomagic Design X Aid Emory Motorsports’ Porsche Renovation Monday, November 16, 2015 - 15:30 Emory Motorsports has over 25 years of experience in the Porsche renovation market, but even with a quarter-century’s expertise under their belts, certain tasks give them pause.

A bit of “Nitty-Gritty” on SOLIDWORKS 2017 3D Interconnect

Javelin Tech Tips

Changes to the feature tree structure once you have imported files are easy to miss — until you focus your attention toward the SOLIDWORKS FeatureManager Design Tree. Any changes made by the Third-Party CAD application will update and be reflected in my now Multi-CAD design!

New Stratasys J55 3D Printer Gives Designers Affordable, Office-friendly, Full-Color 3D Printing to Validate New Product Designs Quickly

Additive Manufacturing

Design-to-print workflow simplified with KeyShot and SOLIDWORKS software integration. & REHOVOT, Israel, April 29, 2020 — ( BUSINESS WIRE ) — Making fast, full-color design realism accessible to designers and teams everywhere, Stratasys Ltd.

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SOLIDWORKS Professional Package builds better teamwork and efficiency into the design-to-manufacturing process

Javelin Tech Tips

Each of your team members has access to a full complement of the robust features and functions that today’s design, engineering and manufacturing professionals need to do their best work. eDrawings Professional for easy sharing of 3D and 2D designs across a wide range of file and format types.

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3D Systems’ new focus on additive manufacturing

Leslie's Blog

Joshi outlined how 3D Systems’ full digital manufacturing ecosystem enables customers to digitize, design, simulate, manufacture, inspect and manage as they shift towards end-use part production.

SOLIDWORKS Education: Beyond the Classroom – How Three Engineers Inspired Students in Bosnia

The Solidworks Blog

Hi my name is Adi Pandzic and I am co-founder of GCPdesign, a team of three young mechanical engineers from Sarajevo, Bosnia, that has trained over 1,500 students in engineering, product design and 3D printing.


Javelin Tech Tips

SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect is designed for a “mixed CAD” environment: Consultants/Manufacturers working with customers that have a different CAD system. Directly open imported files and treat them like Base Parts, so you can freely make design modifications without affecting the native file.

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Materialise and PTC to Extend Integrated 3D Printing Capabilities to Manufacturers

Additive Manufacturing

Collaboration to integrate metal 3D printing capabilities in PTC Creo CAD software. Materialise NV (Nasdaq: MTLS) a global leader in 3D Printing, and PTC have partnered to increase the 3D printing capabilities of PTC’s Creo suite of computer-aided design (CAD) software.

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Optimizing your CAD for FDM 3D Printing


Whether modeling in SOLIDWORKS, Creo, NX, or any other Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, bringing your design to life is easy with a 3D Printer, but it all starts with an STL file.

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Working with Autodesk Inventor Files in SOLIDWORKS PDM

Javelin Tech Tips

With 3D Interconnect you can: Maintain direct integration of native CAD files from PTC ® Creo ® , Autodesk ® Inventor ® , Siemens ® NX, Solid Edge ® , and CATIA ® , and treat them like native components.

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018

The Solidworks Blog

So any file created by Autodesk ® Inventor, CATIA ® V5, PTC ® /CREO, Siemens NX, SOLID Edge ® are handled as SOLIDWORKS components through 3D Interconnect.

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When you share a CAD Model, You Share a Vision

The Solidworks Blog

As a Process Engineer, you understand the importance of open communication when it comes to product design and manufacturing. That’s because it is an integrated design-to-manufacturing system that serves all stages of the product development process, uniting all disciplines and departments through a single application. Easily share a wide variety of file formats, including SOLIDWORKS, DWG /DXF , 3DXML, Creo Pro/ENGINEER®, STL, or eDrawings files.

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GRANTA MI™ Version 12 – Materials-Enabling the Digital Twin

Additive Manufacturing

Granta Design today announced GRANTA MI™ Version 12 , the latest release of its industry-leading materials information management software. Synchronization between different systems is improved, for example, via new Creo-Windchill interoperability for materials. Source: Granta Design.

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3D Interconnect is even better in SOLIDWORKS 2018!

Javelin Tech Tips

Introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2017, 3D Interconnect is a revolutionary new technology allowing SOLIDWORKS users to utilize native parts from other CAD systems directly in their designs.

Sharing 3D Data with Non-CAD Users… for Free!

Rants and Raves Without Rhyme or Reason

External parties will often provide your engineers with 3D models in a variety of formats, which you’ll need to subsequently measure and analyze for inclusion in your designs. Pro/ENGINEER, Creo from Pro/E 2000i to Creo Parametric 3.0.

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Market Trends: Better Processes to Manage a Multi-CAD Environment


Due to increased product complexity, growth in global design outsourcing, or through mergers and acquisitions, manufacturers are seeking a simple and easy way to manage the complexity of multi-cad 3D design data.

Materialise and PTC team up to improve 3D printing integration in Creo CAD software


Belgian 3D printing company Materialise and Massachusetts-based software firm PTC have announced a partnership to expand upon the latter’s Creo computer-aided design (CAD) software suite.

Four Reasons Why PDM Pro is the Only Way to Go

The Solidworks Blog

For example, a design and then a change process. For example, maybe another group is using Inventor or Pro/ENGINEER (CREO). Of course, as a design is revised, do I have to complete export and conversion tasks all over again?

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