Stratasys & PTC Collaborate to Streamline 3D Printing Processes, Improve Workflow with Creo Software

3D Design 3D Printing Business 3d printing software collaboration Creo Parametric PTC PTC Creo stratasysThe transformation that Stratasys has made in the world of manufacturing and design with 3D printing is substantial–and constantly fluid as both the revolutionary company and its users surprise us with one outstanding and amazing... View the entire article via our website.

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Stratasys and PTC Creo work together to streamline 3D printing

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This move should help create integrated, collaborative solutions that help those of you who use PTC Creo ® design software to optimize your designs and streamline workflows for 3D printing.

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Materialise collaborates with PTC to make manufacturers Industry 4.0 ready

3D Printing Industry

Software company PTC has teamed up with Belgium-based 3D printer market leader Materialise to expand the capabilities of its Creo CAD software. Taking the form of a new software package, the collaboration will allow Creo users to integrate 3D printing into their manufacturing processes, with a special emphasis on metal additive manufacturing. 3D Software 3D Systems ansys Brian Thompson Creo Creo 4.0

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North Carolina A&T University Professors Evaluate Summer 3D Printing Workshop for High Schoolers

US engineers and mathematicians explore the values of 3D printing in education further, outlining their findings in ‘Teaching High School Students Design Process and 3D Printing: Lessons Learned.’. 3D Printing 3d printing education 3D printing summer camp autodesk inventor CREO Fortus 400mc 3D printer North Carolina A&T University STEM education

SOLIDWORKS Professional Package builds better teamwork and efficiency into the design-to-manufacturing process

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And how great an idea turns out to be in the end depends a lot on the process it went through to get there. An initial idea will pass through many hands and many minds, being molded and modified as it moves through the process—either improving or diminishing along the way.

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Retain PMI and Design Intent when you translate CAD Models into SOLIDWORKS with ELYSIUM

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Don’t want to lose your design intent in the process? And yes, it includes functionality to automate the translation process. As in, multiple files processed automatically in a batch. Got a lot of CAD models and drawings to translate into SOLIDWORKS format?

How to convert CAD to STL for 3D Printing

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How CAD files are exported to STL is an important process for accurate building of parts. The step by step process for converting CAD to STL was taken straight from the mentioned companies websites. Surface accuracy control during the process is easy. Pro E / Creo.

Is it time to consider making the switch to SOLIDWORKS?

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We understand how important your data is and can mentor and guide you through the process with best practices to leverage and migrate your intellectual property. SOLIDWORKS 3D Design AutoCAD® Autodesk Inventor® PTC Creo® SOLIDWORKS Upgrade

Watch PTC's Brian Thompson Present the New Seamless PTC & Stratasys Design- to-3D Print Worklflow

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

The new joint PTC-Stratasys Design-to-3D Print Workflow is set to dramatically streamline and facilitate the process of designing complex parts and models using Creo 3.0

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PTC and Stratasys Collaborate to Define and Deliver Design for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Nasdaq: SSYS) today announced the companies are working together to deliver a seamless experience between PTC Creo ® design software and Stratasys 3D Printing Solutions. This is the ability to seamlessly create, optimize, validate and produce parts through the additive manufacturing process.

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Stratasys Launches Bold 3D Printing Software Strategy and Universal Design-to-3D Print Application, GrabCAD Print

Additive Manufacturing

The GrabCAD Print solution’s easy-to-use and intuitive print preparation environment removes typical complexities from the design-to-3D print process (Photo: Stratasys).

3D Systems’ new focus on additive manufacturing

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Jim Heppelmann, PTC’s President and CEO, joined Joshi on stage to share how the two companies are working together to integrate 3D Systems’ 3D Sprint SDK into PTC’s flagship Creo CAD platform.

How to Work with Non-SOLIDWORKS 3D Designs

The Solidworks Blog

Do you need to use SOLIDWORKS to design molds, tooling and fixtures around your client’s Creo ® or CATIA data? The pulley in Figure 1 was designed in Creo. A Creo pulley part was opened and edited in SOLIDWORKS. An updated Creo design. o.prt,asm for Pro/E 16 – Creo 3.0.

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Stratasys and PTC Team Up to Optimize 3D Printing Workflows

3D Printing Industry

two major players in the 3D printing industry are now working together to combine PTC Creo design software and Stratasys 3D Printing Solutions in hopes of making 3D printing more accessible for manufacturers and designers. By Andrew Wheeler. PTC and Stratasys Ltd.,

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3D Printing for Product Design


Elia has been designing for 3D printing since high school and is well aware of the important role that 3D printing plays in the process of creating a good design. His favorite 3D design software is Creo Parametric. “It’s 3D printing allows us to dream.

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Materialise and PTC to Extend Integrated 3D Printing Capabilities to Manufacturers

Additive Manufacturing

Collaboration to integrate metal 3D printing capabilities in PTC Creo CAD software. Materialise NV (Nasdaq: MTLS) a global leader in 3D Printing, and PTC have partnered to increase the 3D printing capabilities of PTC’s Creo suite of computer-aided design (CAD) software.

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Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software – Digitalizing the Manufacturing Industry

BIS Research

CAD programs such as CATIA, AutoCAD, and Creo were first introduced in the 1980’s. Features of the CAD systems such as the increase in accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and reduced time have further enhanced the overall efficiency of the designing process.

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3D Printing for Product Design


Elia has been designing for 3D printing since high school and is well aware of the important role that 3D printing plays in the process of creating a good design. His favourite 3D design software is Creo Parametric. “It’s 3D printing allows us to dream.

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When you share a CAD Model, You Share a Vision

The Solidworks Blog

As a Process Engineer, you understand the importance of open communication when it comes to product design and manufacturing. Everyone should be encouraged to participate in the collaboration process to help build a shared vision. That’s because it is an integrated design-to-manufacturing system that serves all stages of the product development process, uniting all disciplines and departments through a single application.

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How SOLIDWORKS 2018 is Empowering Model-Based Enterprises (MBE)

The Solidworks Blog

As manufacturers across the globe implement Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) processes, a key question is how to measure progress and gauge success. By the way, SOLIDWORKS MBD 2018 can also import annotations from Creo, NX, CATIA and STEP242.

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Four Reasons Why PDM Pro is the Only Way to Go

The Solidworks Blog

PDM Standard allows definition of one workflow with a maximum of ten states, which is great for a simple work-in-process to release workflow. However, we see many teams wanting to capture engineering processes separately. For example, a design and then a change process.

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SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2018 Adds Support for 2D and 3D CAD Files

The Solidworks Blog

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2018 enables users to leverage their existing 2D and 3D CAD files to streamline their quality control and documentation processes even more. The process is similar to working with 2D drawings (*.slddrw). PTC® and Creo Parametric files.

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Materialise and PTC team up to improve 3D printing integration in Creo CAD software


Belgian 3D printing company Materialise and Massachusetts-based software firm PTC have announced a partnership to expand upon the latter’s Creo computer-aided design (CAD) software suite.

Stratasys’ Launches New Software Strategy Powered by GrabCAD Print to Change the Way We 3D Print

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

The typical process that takes you from concept to 3D printed model can be complex and cumbersome. New GrabCAD Print* simplifies the 3D printing process with an intuitive, streamlined workflow that includes actionable business intelligence.

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New Stratasys J55 3D Printer Gives Designers Affordable, Office-friendly, Full-Color 3D Printing to Validate New Product Designs Quickly

Additive Manufacturing

We developed this innovative new 3D printer to truly transform the product development process for product designers and engineers everywhere,” said Omer Krieger, Executive Vice President of Products at Stratasys.

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DIY 3D Printing: 3DPrintTech is a free CAD plugin for model splitting.

DIY 3D Printing

3D Nesting helps you combine many small components in one single printing process by 3D packing with clearance. Also user can do all these processes for his/her own customized printer too by adding it to the existing list of printers. DIY 3D Printing.

GRANTA MI™ Version 12 – Materials-Enabling the Digital Twin

Additive Manufacturing

These are particularly useful for emerging material and process technologies like Additive Manufacturing (AM). Materials Engineers can more easily understand processes and represent this insight accurately in digital form.

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What is Aras PLM and how does it solve Product Management Challenges?

Javelin Tech Tips

Additionally, the data and process models should follow your business and engineering processes, not the other way around. And as your business and processes change, Aras is built to adapt to your evolving needs.

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A Line-us Clone


I created a basic design in PTC CREO. I’ll walk you through the basic process. The solution is a well documented process. I have been going to the monthly Amp Hour, Hardware Happy Hour meetup. A lot of people bring something to show. My projects are too big.

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Is Your Multi-CAD Data Ready for the Next Phase in Engineering?

The Solidworks Blog

Creo Parametric 2.0. Whether you’re working to get the existing CAD data inside your company under control, or you interface with external customers supplying you with different CAD file types, EPDM can provide a great underlying framework for getting your data and processes under control.

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Thoughts On SpaceClaim Engineer 2015


Here is one of them that showed how SpaceClaim was used by 8000+ engineers at TE Connectivity to augment the 2,500+ Creo licenses used by CAD operators in the company. The printability of a 3D model is dependent not just on the geometry, but also on the printer chosen, material used, printer settings selected, post processing done and a host of other parameters, which quite frankly, are way beyond the scope and experience of most CAD operator and engineers.

SolidWars: Episode 2017 – The Phantom Edges (What’s Coming in SolidWorks 2017)

Rants and Raves Without Rhyme or Reason

When a subassembly no longer needs to be a subassembly, you can save processing time and file size by saving it as a part. There’s nothing hotter right now than Star Wars.

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