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But, a surprising CES announcement brought news that 3D Systems is bringing the CubeX to the marketplace. CubeX 3D Printer from 3D Systems I have never seen a CubeX printer. Again, I expect that of the CubeX. And, as you can see, the CubeX is exactly that.

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CubeX Wins CES 2013 Emerging Technology Award!

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That was especially true when I saw that the CubeX won the. I have no idea when I might be able to see, and possibly test, the CubeX for myself. But, I did not recognize any of the faces of the team that accepted the award for the CubeX. And, since 3D Systems in located in a variety of locations, I have no idea where I might have to travel to be able to take a look at the CubeX and print some test objects. Award Best of Show CES 2013 CubeX CubeX 3D Printer

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Putting a CubeX 3D printer through its paces

3D Printed Education

Coming up soon I will be running a training day together with the Iain from 3D Systems, showing the guys from TeachDesign how to set up and use the Cube and CubeX 3D printers. Even in this short time I have been really impressed by the CubeX. Uncategorized 3D Printing CubeX hardware

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A Bit More Detail About the CubeX

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While I have not yet been able to see the CubeX in person, I have found some additional information about the specs that may be of interest to those considering it. Obviously, the 3D Touch is a part of the lineage of the CubeX. But, a lot of thought went into designing the CubeX to ensure major improvements for the user. The CubeX Uses 1.75mm Filament For me, one of the most significant changes is that the CubeX utilizes 1.75mm filament instead of 3mm.

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A CubeX Review from

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Aside from some errors in reporting the pricing, the most interesting review, so far, of the new CubeX at CES, was posted on Of particular interest were the pictures that they''ve posted, of the CubeX in action. Then in another picture, we see that same globe and the CubeX apparently having finished printing a baskeball. Gallery Images #2 & #10: Trio CubeX Cartridge Observations What strikes me in this image is that the CubeX cartridges seem beefy.

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Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

It''s called the CubeX and it''s not just a little update. 3D Systems CES Cube CubeX Knowing that this was CES week, I decided to check out the Cubify site early this morning.

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CubeX a finalist in Best of Show

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

The new CubeX, the big sibling to the Cube, has been nominated as a finalist for the Best of CES Peoples Voice awards. CubeX You can read about it on the Cubify blog and there is a link for you to vote for your own favorite among the finalists. 3D Printer Best of CES CubeX

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Special Promotional deals on Cube2 and CubeX

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

The Cubify site has announced promotional offers on both the Cube2 and the CubeX. Special Cube2 & CubeX Promotional Offer s Each offer includes 2 free bonus cartridges with each printer. While I''ve never had a CubeX, I own several Cube2 3D printers and work with five more on a regular basis with the cadets that I teach. The offer is good while printer supplies last. I wish I could tell you how long that might be. But, I have no clue.

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@Teach_Design @3DSystemscorp @Cubify and #3DPrinting

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One of the Teach Design partners is 3D Systems who manufacture the Cube and CubeX 3D Printers and as you may realise I have worked closely with 3D Systems for some considerable time. Uncategorized 3D Printing Cube CubeX D&T Teaching and Learning

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Siemens Announces a Competition for Innovative Engineering and Creativity in 3D Design and Printing

3D Printers 3D Printing Business 3d design 3d printing 3D Printing Challenge australia cubex 3d printer digitalization Engineers Australia Engineers Australia Convention future of manufacturing innovation intelligent infrastructure new zealand Siemens sustainability sustainable energy

Los Angeles: Greneker Explores the Challenges of 3D Printing Their Mannequins

3D Design 3D Printing Business 3D printed mannequin 3D printed mannequins 3D printing case studies 3D printing case study bespoke mannequins cubex 3d printer gigabot Greneker industrial 3d printing mannequin re:3D3D printing has changed the world of how we create today in so many ways. Allowing for self-sustainability in innovation, everyone from the home hobbyist entrenched in DIY to the engineer working for. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printed Beer Bottle is Instrumental Evidence in UK Murder Conviction

3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed bottles 3D Printed Evidence 3D printed forensics 3d printed model crime cubex 3d printer Plymouth City College uk University of Leeds While the world of 3D printing is still in a fairly lawless, unregulated state (one to be enjoyed while it lasts by those on the right side of the law), that doesn’t mean it can’t... View the entire article via our website.

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“Grey’s Anatomy” Prominently Features Medical 3D Printing Technology

3D Printing Review

And the series is at it again with an appearance from a CubeX 3D printer which the Grey’s staff used to build a customized heart and liver model. 3D Printing Articles News Article 3d print 3d printed 3d printed heart 3d printing Cube 3D printer CubeX 3D

Unbelievable Media Coverage of 3D Printing


A prehistoric story on the CubeX was resurrected today. This morning I noticed a story from an obscure website. Read the whole entry. » » coverage

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3D printing for “proof of concept”

3D Printed Education

Being uncertain about how the frame might fit together she has designed some fittings using Autodesk Inventor and 3D printed them using our 3D Systems CubeX machines… Just to prove that the concept will work! One of our A Level students has a very interesting project for her coursework.

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@3DSystemscorp Partners With @Teach_Design For UK Education Initiative

3D Printed Education

Twenty regional Teach Design Tech Centres are being established in secondary schools across the UK and will be equipped with award-winning 3D Systems Cube and CubeX 3D printers which will be made available for use across the curriculum by both primary and secondary schools. We plan to train thousands of teachers in the use of the Cube and CubeX printers to get the most from using them in class. Great news announced today… Check out the 3D Systems press release.

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New Cube 3D Printer - 2nd Generation

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

CES Cube 3D Printer CubeX Next-Generation Cube The Cubify blog has a brief description of the new Cube 3D printer that also includes this photo. ICube 3D Printer - 2nd Generation Here is the description.

@Teach_Design Tech Centres … Good to go!

3D Printed Education

…And then a quick introduction to “3D printing in schools” by yours truly and some practical advice on “how to get started” by Iain Major (from 3D Systems) with the Cube and CubeX machines. Yesterday saw me getting up really early (too early for a Saturday!)

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Blokify the @Cubify iPad app to get young pupils into #3DPrinting

3D Printed Education

Anyway, here is a screenshot from the Blokify app that I have exported and is currently printing on my CubeX 3D printer… I'll post another picture when it's completed.

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Lathon multifeatures 3d printer

DIY 3D Printing

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The CocoJet 3D Printer


The CocoJet is reasonably large, being based on their quickly-becoming-standard CubeX platform (which itself was based on the BFB platform they acquired in 2010). However, it’s not a CubeX, as many printing components have been replaced with chocolate equivalents.

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3d Systems. Go. Away.

Chopmeister's 3D Printing Stuff

Well here's another quote: "Warranty for Cube® and CubeX™ is 90 days and warranty for Sense 3D scanner is 1 year. Once shipped, the Cube® and/or CubeX™ and/or Sense 3D scanner cannot be returned for a refund or other form of credit."

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chopmeister's 3d printing stuff: 3d Systems. Go. Away.

Chopmeister's 3D Printing Stuff

Well heres another quote: "Warranty for Cube® and CubeX™ is 90 days and warranty for Sense 3D scanner is 1 year. Once shipped, the Cube® and/or CubeX™ and/or Sense 3D scanner cannot be returned for a refund or other form of credit.".

CubeX 130

Ceramics 3D Printing - Original Motivation

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If I step up to the CubeX, this means I might be able to modify the RapMan to work with ceramic for my daughter. If you go back to the origins of this blog and my interest in 3D printing, it came directly out of my daughter''s career as a ceramics sculptor.

Firmware & Cubify Client Updates Noticeably Improve Print

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

It is my understanding that CubeX owners will benefit by the most recent updates for the CubeX firmware and Client software. I don''t have a CubeX, so I can''t verify that in person. Latest firmware at the time of this writing is V2.08. The combination of 2nd Gen Cube''s firmware update V2.08 and the latest Cubify Client update offer what appears to me to be remarkably improved print quality.

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Grey’s Anatomy Calls on Medical Modeling for Operation Planning

3D Systems

Following last year’s premier appearance of the CubeX 3D printer, Grey’s most recent episode featured a custom anatomy model that was designed and 3D printed by 3DS.

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The CubePro 3D Printer


The BFB3000 led to the CubeX and eventually to today’s CubePro. Previously, you had to have a Windows machine to use the CubeX and its predecessors. We took a closer look at 3D Systems’ new CubePro 3D printer. The CubePro was announced in May 2014, but has been shipping since August.

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Cube Game Changers Announced at CES

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

CubePro 3D Printer Last year, the CubeX 3D printer won the Best of CES Award for 2013. Yes, I know that the CubeX had an enclosed environment and that the CubePro may cost considerably MORE than the CubeX. CES is here again!

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106 Labs utilizing Fisher/Unitech LLC 3D Printing Build Services to Prototype


I tried printing a prototype on a Cubex Trio, but the detail requirements exceeded its capabilities. As a mechanical engineer and the father of four sons, one can imagine that for Zac Coon, it would only be a matter of time before some pretty innovative ideas for toys would come to fruition. Last December, Coon and his team at 106 Labs posted a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising enough capital to get their new craft toy project, the Hyper-B , up and running.

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RS Components To Distribute 3D Systems Printers In. - dimensionext


The range of 3D Systems products now stocked by RS in South East Asia and P.R.China include the second-generation Cube desktop 3D printer, CubeX 3D printer and the Sense three dimensional scanner. Pages. SECTOR NEWS. REPORTS. REVIEWS. SEARCH. PRINTEREST. ABOUT.

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3D Hubs’ January Trends Yields a Surprising Result


MakerBot’s Fifth Gen Replicator, for example, occupies less than 2% of 3D Hub’s participants for 9th place, while the most frequently found Cube model is the CubeX, which is used by only 0.6% We’re looking at some interesting statistics presented by 3D Hubs in their monthly trends report.

CubeX 60

3D Systems Repeats Fortune???s 100 Fastest Growing Companies List

3D Rapid Pro

With the addition of metal 3D printers and the ProJet family of MultiJet and ColorJet 3D printers , 3D Systems now offers extended and advanced design, manufacturing and production capabilities, alongside the award-winning, professional-grade CubeX 3D printers at affordable consumer prices.

CubeX 40

The Vexing Issue of FDM Edge Accuracy

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

At some point, I will be visiting 3D Systems again to get a hands on look at the CubeX printer. I opened my email this morning to find this plea from a Cube owner. "

CubeX 65

Cubify Draw and Cubify Sculpt

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

On display were the new 2nd generation Cube printer, the CubeX printer  (capable of printing an item up to the size of a basketball, and in up to 3 colors at once) and an array of 3D new technology like Cubify Sculpt, Cubify Draw and many more exciting things to see."