The NOT AN ARTIST Cubify Sculpt Tutorial!

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Because, when people see what I''m able to achieve in Cubify Sculpt some are going to fall on the floor and laugh their heads off. And, that is Cubify Sculpt. So, Cubify Sculpt is very important to me on a personal level. Cubify Sculpt Virtual Clay

Cubify Invent Tutorial #1

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I''ve decided to use the time while my Cube is being loaned out to a museum to take a hard look at the new Cubify Invent CAD software. Tutorials are not only helpful at learning various operations of a product; but, also provide some strategies for attacking the learning process.

Microsoft's 3D Builder App Incorporates Cubify Cloud Printing

3D Systems

By integrating with our Cubify cloud printing service, Microsoft’s 3D Builder R5 gives you access to expanded material options beyond what is typically offered by consumer 3D printers. The new Buy Print button in 3D Builder R5 is integrated with 3D Systems’ Cubify service.

Cubify Invent - Introducing Creating Planes

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I can already see that Cubify Invent is one of those programs that is hard to learn; but, easy to use once you grasp the concepts. So, it dawns on me that I had better figure out how to manipulate planes if I ever want to get anywhere with Cubify Invent.

Cubify Sculpt is Released!

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I started a blog to document my owning learning process for other new users. Along Comes Cubify Sculpt I do not know, as yet, how I will fare with Cubify Sculpt. For, I do plan to document my learning process with videos. In the meantime, here is an introductory video that Cubify has released to help give you an idea of how it works! First a little history.

Significant Changes on the Cubify Site!

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To be honest, I was beginning to be more than a little concerned that the Cubify web site was actually going to be a weight around Cube sales'' neck. In this respect, the Cubify beta site seemed isolated to the point of inactivity. Right now that isn''t a problem on the Cubify site.

Sculpt Tutorial #7: Mashup - Unlocking the Power of Cubify Sculpt

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Before trying Cubify Sculpt, I tried any number of sculpting applications. It means that there is something fundamentally different about Cubify Sculpt that is making it easy for me to accomplish more than I have with any other sculpting program. Cubify Sculpt Virtual Clay

Cubify Capture Announced - Image to 3D

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I almost missed this one in a timely fashion because I have been focused on the Cubify Blog. 3D Systems Announces Beta Release of Cubify Capture While I hate simply cutting an pasting any press release, I have to at least post some snippets of the release because it contains some very intriging information about a process that is similar to something I have used before. It appears that Cubify Capture is designed from the ground up to produce printable 3D objects!

Cubify Invent - Tutorial #10: Bolt with Helix Cut

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So, others unwittingly helped me as I tacked learning Cubify Invent''s techniques for creating a bolt using actual specifications. What I learned is that designing a bolt in Cubify Invent is actually EASIER than in many well-know CAD packages.

Cubify Invent - Tutorial #5: Just Plane Fun With Planes

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Failures are not only common; but, an important and necessary part of the learning process. Cubify Invent is not the first product, 3D and otherwise, for which I have created tutorials on the web. Be patient with yourself as you try to learn Cubify Invent.

Cubify Invent - Tutorial #6: Angled Planes

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Fortunately, Cubify Invent provides us with a lot of flexibility to work from just about any angle of our choosing by providing us with the means of creating new planes at an angle to existing planes or surfaces of our objects.

Animating Cubify Sculpt Objects Just for the Fun of it.

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As I played around with Cubify Sculpt, I began to have some fun creating fantasy creatures and objects that really weren''t as suitable for 3D printing as they are for useless; but, fun animations. The whole process was enormously enjoyable.

Printing the Cubify Hex Nut and Bolt Creation

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Cubify Hex Nut and Bolt Creation The two parts fit beautifully together. Here is a short video that goes through the printing process and also demonstrates that the nut and bolt actually work! The Nut and Bolt Creation uses the least amount of filament.

Cubify Invent - Tutorial 13: Trim & Project to Sketch

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One of the surprises about the sketch to object process is the fact that once a sketch is used, that particular sketch appears to not to be able to be used for a second 3D feature.

Some Insights Into the Latest Updates (Cubify 2.22 and Firmware 1.10A)

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But, with this latest combination of Cubify Client software and firmware updates I''m trusting that your faith will be at least a bit restored and that mine will be proven justified. Contact Cubify Support to troubleshoot It will take some more observations to understand the behavior of the new temperature tables starting, running and ending a print job with different colors, etc.

New CubeX 3 Printjet 3D Printer

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Actual Z-Axis resolution is selectable when the print file is processed and includes " HD - High-Def : 125 microns, CD - Crisp-Def : 250 microns or SD - Standard - Def : 500 microns. 3 color 3D printer Cube CubeX CubeX 3D Printer Cubify

CubeX 153

Sculpt Tutorial #5 - Repairing Poor STL Files

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This is where an application like Cubify Sculpt can be invaluable. Until Cubify Sculpt was released I had no way to correct the problems. So, it was natural to bring it in to Cubify Sculpt and see what we could do with it. 123D Catch Cubify Sculpt STL repair

New Video: How to 3D Print a Guitar by Olaf Diegel

3D Printer

If you’ve seen Olaf Diegel’s cool guitars made by 3D Printing but wondered how exactly it works, the design engineer who has wowed the music world has just released a video that shows all the steps involved in his process.

Video 285

Tomorrow is Today!

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The official announcement has been posted on the Cubify Blog! I don''t know, as yet, how the process will work. So, I hope it''s a one time process and not a requirement to register every machine/printer combination. 3D Printer Cube Cube 3D Printer Cubify Cubify Tour It''s finally come. The tomorrow that we have been anticipating. It''s no longer a day away. It''s here. There is no telling when all of us that pre-ordered the Cube will find one on their doorstep.

Microsoft adds 3D printing via cloud to application

3D Printing Review

Microsoft has tied up with 3D Systems, which offers a cloud-based 3D printing service called Cubify. Microsoft has integrated 3D printing via Cubify into the 3D Builder application.

Cubify 130

The Cube Travels Well

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Nothing baffled them in the process of setting it up. Macedonian Shoe - Early in the Process of Printing Now, the shoes are among the largest objects of the creations that come free with the Cube. 3D Printer 3D Systems ABS Cube Cube 3D Printer Cubify Cubify Tour Longwood Gardens

3D Printing and Photography

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One is that it cannot shoot in RAW, making processing more difficult. 3D Design 3D Printer 3D Systems Canon 110 HS Cube Cube 3D Printer Cubify diffuser Flash Point and Shoot Small Flash Few things are as useful and versatile as today''s small small point & shoot cameras.

The Cube - Opening the Box and Setting Up

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The process was not without some confusion. 3D Printer 3D Systems Cube Cube 3D Printer Cubify First Look Opening the Package

A ZBrush Expert Tests the Cube

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Obviously, the children were fascinated by the printing process and went to check on it dozens of times. 3D Print Cube Cubify Dynamesh Electronic Arts ZBrush

3Doodler: Be Your Own 3D Printer

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The 3Doodler as 3D Demonstrator Because of the configuration of 3D printers, with the head being extremely close to the print table, it can be a bit difficult to show the extrusion process. The actual 3D printing process is easily demonstrated with the 3Doodler since the head can be pulled up so that the extrusion process is clearly seen. 3Doodler Cube 3D Printer Cube Cubify No, I have definitely NOT abandoned my Cube 3D Printers. But, I have ordered a 3Doodler 3D pen.

DC 43

Drastically reduce your time and cost of your product development

3D Rapid Pro

Choose from a selection of materials and processes and get beautiful, ready-to-use, quality parts today. The Technology An additive layer-by-layer process, 3D Printing (MJM) technology uses thermoplastic material deposited in layers on a platform. A thermal inkjet process is used to print layer upon layer of both build and support material to create a solid object. For plastic parts, the photo curable build material is further hardened by UV light during the process.

CES 2015 Haiku Hashtagathon

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Facebook: @3D Systems Corporation OR @Cubify. Twitter: @3Dsystemscorp OR @Cubify. Instagram: @Cubify. Think about the creative process and potential of all things 3D to snag inspiration and get started. CES 2015 Haiku Hashtagathon Tuesday, January 6, 2015 - 09:12.

Avoiding the Tug-o-War When Unloading the Filament

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That is the beauty of the Firmware update process. 3D Printing Clogged printhead Cube Cube 3D Printer Cubify Unloading filament If you have changed a cartridge in the 2nd Generation Cube, you''ve probably noticed that it can be pretty difficult to pull the filament back out of the head. Chances are, if you have experienced this, the cartridge you are trying to change was PLA. PLA melts at a different temperature than ABS plastic.

3D Print Boxtrolls At Home

3D Systems

Although stop-motion is a rigorously manual animation process requiring many man hours of patient and detail-oriented work, artists at Laika have begun to take advantage of the precision and design fidelity of 3D printing to breathe that much more life into their characters.

IT'S HERE! But, needed adjustment

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I videotaped the process just as it played out. 3D Printer 3D Systems Cube Cube 3D Printer Cubify My Cube arrived this afternoon and I quickly opened it, set it up and began testing it. I''ll be putting that video up this evening. ALERT!! I had hoped that I could just insert the cartridge and start printing. That was not to be the case. However, the issue I ran into is common to ALL 3D printers and is an easy thing to address.

Why the "FAN" in CubifyFans?

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And, this not only adds excitement to the process of using it; but, has another critical benefit. 3D Printer Consumer Printer Cube Cube 3D Printer Cubify

DC Stop - Cube Impressions

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The Cube came to DC yesterday on the Cubify Odyssey Tour. And, there is a big difference in the process. NO NEED FOR PRINT BED LEVELING Because most RepRap printers are kit built, they include a process for leveling the bed. 3D Design 3D Printer 3D Systems Cube Cube 3D Printer Cubify RapMan RepRap It was great seeing Adam again and meeting the tour team. I will be posting some images later today and talk about the day.

DC 43

3D Printing Teacher of the Year – Exclusive Interview With Philip Cotton

Philip Cotton

I decided to create the 3dfilemarket after using cubify for about a year. However cubify ended their open marketplace and I had nowhere to sell my designs. The 3D printing process is still very complicated for beginners!

First Unattended Print!

3D Printer Users

It''s by artist and photographer Peyton Duncan , and the STL file is uploaded on the Cubify site. All-in-all, however, I am very pleased with both the process and the result. I apologize for the images.

RapMan 130

Tom’s Reviews Popular 3D Print Services


The four services reviewed were Shapeways, i.Materialise, Sculpteo and Cubify, who we would agree would constitute the four “majors” in 3D print services for consumers these days. Tom’s Guide recently reviewed four major 3D print services to gauge their pricing and service quality.

Happy Valentine's Day to the Cube Team

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This year it is appropriate for me to send a Valentine Greeting to 3D Systems and the entire Cube/Cubify team. I think of you often, no matter what part you have played in continuing to make both the Cube and Cubify better. Tom It''s very easy for me to embrace the Cube /Cubify Team.

3D Printing is fun, but where is the curriculum?

Tales of a 3D Printer

Since then, 3D Systems has gotten in the curricular resources game with Cubify Education , hoping to be your "one stop shop for tutorials, curriculum, projects and educational information, materials and resources."

The Airplane - Video 6 of The 3D Coat Experience series

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Hello again Cubify Fans I just finished with tutorial number 6 and this one excites me a lot. This method will help those who want to create but need some help in the starting out or in the drawing process.

The History of the Main 3D Printing Companies in America

3D Printing Hub

Technology companies in the West Coast of California conceived a system of 3D design and manufacturing to simplify traditional manufacturing processes. The company makes use of proprietary processes to fabricate physical objects. It’s official.

2nd-Gen Cube Wins Kids At Play Award for Innovation!

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KAPi Award for Innovation in Children''s Media You can read the Cubify blog''s post about the award here. And, in the process also managed to improve the performance! Congratulations Cubify Design Team!

When That Cube3 Box is Opened for the First Time

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And, it is far easier to have the Cubify Client software print over the WiFi connection than to have to transfer files between the client software and the printer via a flash drive. All who have had any of the Cube 3D printer models for any length of time appreciate the fact that Cubify engineers are constantly working to improve the performance of their printers through firmware updates. Contact Cubify Support for clear directions for how to correct the issues.

A Cube3 Essential (Shameless overstatment of fact)

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But, while I had figured out how to do so on the first Cubify store, the new ''Design'' feed has me completely baffled for the moment. Cubify Analysis Report That''s a LOT of NOs! This is a shameless plug. So, if you don''t like shameless plugs, exit quickly!

Connecting the Cube

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The trick is to turn on the Cube and search for the Cube on the computer''s available wireless choices BEFORE starting the Cubify Client. More importantly, when I opened Cubify to upload a firmware update, following the directions in the manual, Cubify, at first, could not find the firmware loader. But, in any case, I am hoping that they work on refining this process or the description of the process.