ASU Partners with Industry for Manufacturing Research Innovation

Additive Manufacturing

It boasts $2 million in cutting-edge plastic, polymer and metal 3-D printing equipment along with advanced processing and analysis capabilities to allow students, faculty and industry partners to stay on the forefront of the rapidly growing additive manufacturing sector.

The manufacturing plant of the future

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Maybe that means switching manufacturing for a particular product to the Czech Republic. One thing’s for sure: the manufacturing plant of today, while not going away any time soon, will be undergoing some significant shifts in both processes and operation over the next decade.

ExOne Appoints METOS vos as Independent Sales Representative in Eastern European Countries

Additive Manufacturing

The Company believes that the expansion of industrial 3D printing into the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia presents significant opportunities for the growth of its technology and provides meaningful sales potential for its indirect materialization process.

Magna Puts a New Twist on Welding

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The torsional welding process, developed by Magna ( ) for automotive applications at its exteriors plant in Liberec, Czech Republic, presents a new way to join plastics. Magna’s torsional welding process is used to make the front fascia of the 2017 Skoda Octavia.

3D Printing Design Tips from Professional Designers


How does their 3D design process look like? The designers behind the jewelry brand Blueberries are a couple from the Czech Republic called Zbyn?k Their design process starts with a concept and with that in mind, they create the first designs with a 3D software program.

SWMC: A Message from the Coal Face on Working in the Cloud

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Read part one to learn about the conceptual design process. A design can be worked on in the UK and can also be worked on in the Czech Republic at the same time.

Story of simpler Mendel: PLA bushings and X-axis

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My name is Josef Prusa, I''m 20 years old student from Prague, Czech republic and I''m in RepRap world for about a year now. 2 months ago I started process of simplifying Mendel design, so far I was able to reduce parts count, assembly time, use of vitamins and also price.

DJI Shipping FAQ and How to Get Free Shipping

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This process is a lot faster than you might think because they expedite it with air travel. Additionally, the huge order quantity tends to slow down the shipping process in general. If you want to get a new product as soon as possible, order it as soon as it is released and use DJI Select to prioritize the shipping process. We answer the most common questions that people have about shipping when they order from

TRUMPF Achieves Sales Growth of 3.4 Percent

Additive Manufacturing

We are driving digital connectivity in manufacturing industry through consulting, platform and software offers.TRUMPF is the world technological and market leader for machine tools used in flexible sheet metal processing, and also for industrial lasers.

Concept Laser Presses Home the Point in 3D: In parallel rather than sequentially – economical series production in the “AM Factory of Tomorrow”

Additive Manufacturing

Unique features: Up to 4 x 1,000 W laser power, build envelope 400 x 400 x >400 mm 3 , automatic tool changeover and time-saving coating process. In the future, the trend-setter Concept Laser will offer stand-alone process stations for the build process.

Best 3D Printer for Miniatures

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Also, the post-print process is not as messy as with a resin 3D printer, although smaller models can be a pain to deal with. The process is more hazardous compared to the FDM process and requires safety equipment. Manual bed leveling process.

Original Prusa i3 MK3 Review

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Shipped from the Czech Republic, the MK3 is available in two packages, similar to the MK2: a DIY kit package and a pre-assembled package. For most DIY kits, the daunting assembly process can take over 10 hours, and that doesn’t even include the initial calibration. Released in late 2017, the Original Prusa i3 MK3 is the newest version in the Prusa i3 family, designed by Josef Prusa and distributed by his own company, Prusa Research.

Best Workhorse 3D Printers: The Most Reliable 3D Printers

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The TAZ 6 has an automatic bed leveling system, turning the initial calibration of the print bed into a straightforward process. Released in 2017, the MK3 is the newest model in the Original Prusa i3 series – a series of 3D printers manufactured by Prusa Research, a Czech company.