Model Based Definition is Beyond 3D Drawings

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That post led to an interesting discussion about what is a 3D drawing and what is a model-based definition (MBD). The geometry definitions limit the potential of downstream manufacturing automations due to the lack of features.

SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition (MBD) 2015 arrived!

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I’m pleased to announce that SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition (MBD) 2015 was released this week! Figure 2: Model based definition in SOLIDWORKS MBD 2015. SOLIDWORKS MBD provides 3 key capabilities: Intelligent and semantic 3D PMI definition and organization.

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Free SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition Learning Resources

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Model-based definition (MBD) is a process shift. Certification of SOLIDWORKS MBD to help you gauge your team’s skill in the implementation process. Twitter The post Free SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition Learning Resources appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog.

Benchmark Your Innovation Processes and Systems (webcast)

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How do your product innovation processes stack up against your competitors? Benchmark Your Digital Innovation Maturity This webcast shares definitions and details about the four pillars of digital innovation maturity: Digital.

Meet the Product Definition Team: Blake Reeves

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Product Definition team members are a major component in determining and defining enhancements and new functionality included within the SOLIDWORKS products each year. Blake is a proud geek working in Product Definition on a large variety of the innovative tools in SOLIDWORKS.

Meet the Product Definition Team: Matthew Lorono

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Product Definition team members are a major component in determining and defining enhancements and new functionality included within the SOLIDWORKS products each year. In Product Definition, we take our job personally. Who decides What’s New in SOLIDWORKS?

Product Definition: A User’s Journey

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Product Definition team members are a major component in determining and defining enhancements and new functionality included within the SOLIDWORKS products each year. We started using it in small portions of our design process, really feeling out what the tool gave us.

How to Get Started with Model-Based Definition

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How should we get started with Model-Based Definition (MBD)? This is a vital, but complex topic because even a simple change is hard, let alone a shift from 200-year-old 2D drawings to 3D model-based processes, but we can at least start the discussion here. Then there is Process.

Waters Model-Based Definition – A Cultural and Technological Challenge

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The story of Model-Based Definition (MBD) at Waters actually began 20 years ago, long before we had SOLIDWORKS. Back then, using a different CAD system, we set out to integrate 3D annotations into our engineering design processes.

Introducing Our Newest Material: Black High Definition Acrylate

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Say hello to Black High Definition Acrylate, our newest material launching today! Black High Definition Acrylate is also really great for phone cases and jewelry prototyping because of its beautiful finish. What are you most excited to make in Black High Definition Acrylate?

Black High Definition Acrylate Now Open for Sale! + New Design Guidelines

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Earlier this year, we launched Black High Definition Acrylate to our community. For B-HDA, the design guidelines are driven by the printing process. Test model for wires in Black High Definition Acrylate. Wires that are too thin will break during post processing.

Sneak Peek: 15 Features coming in SOLIDWORKS 2015 – SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition

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The process is both intuitive and interactive and helps multiple people within the supply chain understand the design without the need for 2D drawings. Each year SOLIDWORKS releases a new version of it’s flagship product.

Product Data Integration Humor / Interview on PLM Customization with Stan Przybylinski

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We take a silly look at solving the problem of fragmented product data and processes with a mythical integration product called FlōSēl.

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Definition of a 3D Model Maker

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Definition of a Model Maker For thousands of years people have been creating models to translate and improve their ideas into three dimensional reality. Model making is a logical next step in the thinking process for many ideas.

SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition (MBD) and Engineering 4.0

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We sat down with SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition (MBD) Product Manager Oboe Wu who is very passionate about removing 2D from the design and manufacturing process. Read our article and infographic to learn how building a more efficient product development process with Engineering 4.0

RIT Uses Optomec's LENS 3D Printing Process to Fix Metal Automotive Component

3D printing has definitely found a home in the automotive industry, as the technology has been used to fabricate spare parts, custom tools, personalized exteriors, lightweight prototypes, and race. View the entire article via our website.

A More Dynamic Annual Planning Process

3D Perspectives

One of the most critical yet least transparent processes in most mining companies is the Annual Business Planning process. With collaborative platforms that establish consistency to data definitions and single source of truth is enabled.

How Traditional AEC Processes and BIM Level 2 Reinforce Silos

3D Perspectives

Processes and #BIM Level 2 Reinforce Silos” Siloed Collaboration with BIM Level 2. The inherent handoffs and rework processes prevent integration among the teams and lock value within silos: Traditional Design, Construction, and Operations Process. processes, #BIM Level 2 benefits are locked in silos” Siloed Collaboration: Weaknesses of a Broken Process. No Process Simulation. Definitions.

Empower the Model-Based Enterprise with SOLIDWORKS MBD 2019

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Model-Based Definition (MBD) is a journey. After that, it’s vital to serve the downstream processes such as inspection, fabrication, and suppliers, in an organized, consumable and actionable fashion.

The Business of Engineering includes Manufacturing Process Planning

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In the example, firm Engineering and Manufacturing data and processes are disconnected, resulting in: Manual MBOM authoring. No MBOM / Process Plan synchronization. No Process Plan / Work Instruction integration. Aras Manufacturing Process Planning (MPP) Demo.

Comparing Drawing-based and Model-based Workflows at Aker Solutions

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He has been driving the Model-Based Definition (MBD) implementation at Aker along with a team of engineers in the past several years. Shigeo focuses on the 3D annotations and potential benefits, especially in the manufacturing processes.

Market Trends: Better Processes to Manage a Multi-CAD Environment


They seek the ability to create a single product structure definition that can be used and capability to track from initial design to end-of-life. Managing CAD files from various CAD systems remains one of the ongoing pain points for discrete manufacturing companies.

Know it all with our 3D Printing Glossary


From now on, you can traverse our resource pages in full confidence knowing that each word will have a quick and easily accessible definition. We’ll be sure to get back to you right away and to add the definition to our Glossary pages.

Staying on Top of Change

3D Perspectives

Just as humans develop from a single cell and end up with some 13 trillion cells by the time they’re born nine months later, so too do products start with a concept or definition —essentially a single data point. By Catherine Bolgar.

MBD Implementation Dos and Don’ts: Trust but Verify

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In 2D drawing oriented manufacturing processes, there is a common step called “drawing review” to check the drawing quality, such as conformance to the 3D model, view layouts, units, callout styles and standard compliances. SOLIDWORKS drawings manufacturing MBD model-based definition

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BHDA Finishing Tips and Techniques: Support and Nub Removal

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BHDA — or black high definition acrylate — is the newest material added to our roster. These support nubs exist due to the production process. This removal process uses a metal spatula, snippers, tweezers, and mineral oil.

Embrace the Model Based Enterprise with Origin’s CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS

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However, the programming process can be time consuming and interpretation of GD&T contained in 2D prints can be error prone. Check out the SOLIDWORKS demonstration below to learn how the CMM automated process works: Laser Scanning/Soft Gauging.

RAYLASE Announces White Paper on AM Process and Initial Details of Trade Fair Appearance

Additive Manufacturing

Anyone who wants to find out more should definitely visit our stand at formnext 2018!”. The electronics, automotive, photovoltaic, textile and packaging industries are using lasers to replace traditional production processes or to implement entirely new ones.

Simufact to Launch Process Simulation Software Solution for Metal Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Hamburg, Germany, September 9, 2016 – Simufact Engineering , an MSC Software company and expert in manufacturing process simulation, has announced the launch of Simufact Additive , a ground-breaking new software solution for the simulation of metal additive manufacturing processes.

Welcome to SOLIDWORKS 2015. See what’s new!

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Optimize Work Processes. SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition – Anew offering to help improve communication between design and manufacturing teams by enabling them to communicate product and manufacturing information (PMI) in 3D.

Jacqueline Baselier Shares Her Tips and Advice for Molding a Realistic and Asymmetrical 3D Printed Sculpture


” Jacqueline recorded the entire design process for Calmness of Mind and compiled it into this video. Dutch artist, sculptor, and special effects make-up artistJacqueline Baselier is on a tireless search fornew tools capable of creating fine art.

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Eliminate Traditional 2D Processes and Streamline Your Operations with 3D Drawings

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Just as the move from 2D design tools to 3D CAD solutions revolutionized product development, the emergence of 3D model-based definition (MBD) integrated manufacturing technology offers substantial productivity advantages over the use of traditional 2D engineering drawings to drive manufacturing.

Get Your Black Hi-Def Acrylate Prints 3 Days Faster

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A little over a year ago, we launched Black High Definition Acrylate (BHDA), a high-detail acrylic material with added strength over our Frosted Detail Plastics. As this material family has grown, we’ve been able to reduce lead times by optimizing our production process. Building out more efficient post-processing equipment. We’ve been able to reduce the lead time through smart process optimization rather than cutting corners.

Using Excel as a Data Crutch? Enter SOLIDWORKS PDM and Manage

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If it’s a repeatable process, then you can streamline these steps. But even talking with my own controller, he’s had to do a lot of manual processing over the years to get data in and back out to our managers. I love visuals in place of linear data, vis-à-vis spreadsheets.

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Design for Metal AM by Renishaw – A Beginner’s Guide

Additive Manufacturing

Like any manufacturing process, AM technologies have their capabilities and their limitations. The intimate relationship between functional optimisation and design for process in the article Is topological optimisation really optimal? Overhangs and the Melting Process.

ASTM International-New Powder Bed Fusion Specification Approved by ASTM International Additive Manufacturing Committee

Additive Manufacturing

August 27, 2014— A new ASTM International standard for powder bed fusion of plastic materials will provide a common set of terms and definitions, best practices and practices to facilitate ordering and delivery of parts. on Materials and Processes CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa.,

How it Works: PolyJet 3D Printing


PolyJet is one of the fastest 3D printing processes offered by Stratasys Direct Manufacturing. It offers high definition prints for designs requiring excellent surface finish directly off the machine. The process extrudes liquid resins which are cured by a UV light.

ATS & 3Discovered Partner Up to Replace Obsolete Factory Parts via 3D Printing

It’s a term we’ve heard all our lives as one product, process, or technology after another has come to pass; however 3D printing certainly encompasses the true definition. The wave of the future. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Business 3d printed factory parts 3D printing platform 3discovered Advanced Technology Services ATS obsolete factory parts partnership

Creating a Checklist for Dangling Dimensions in Drawings using the SOLIDWORKS Design Checker

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Before we create a design definition using the Design Check builder, please ensure that the User Account Control (UAC) is set to “Never Notify” to avoid script errors. Creating a SOLIDWORKS Design Checker Definition. Implementing the SOLIDWORKS Design Check Definition.

Voxel8, Spin-off from Harvard’s Lewis Group, Launches Electronics 3D Printer at CES

3D Printer

With all of the inherent features that end users need, Voxel8 is definitely distruptive technology in the pure Clayton Christensen definition.

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Polyga meets prosumer demand with new line of HDI Compact 3D scanners

3D Printing Industry

a 3D scanning and mesh processing software provider, has launched a new line of High Definition Imaging (HDI) 3D scanners. Desktop 3D scanners are an indispensable tool for applications including reverse engineering, product design, and art/architectural conservation. In the latest release to meet the demand for versatile, high fidelity 3D scanning equipment Polyga Inc.,

Connecting Technology with Customers—ToolHubs Portal Allows for 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Laser Cutting & More

While 3D printing is definitely offering benefits over many traditional processes, it certainly has not overtaken. The ToolHubs team has been very smart when it comes to providing for their users. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Business 3d printing hub 3D printing platform 3D printing portal cnc machining electric engineering services laser cutting laser engraving ToolHubs

Did You Know You Can Turn a 2D Photo into a Printable 3D Model?

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There are some definite things you can do to optimize this process. Is this a process you are interested in trying out? There is a new and interesting software on the market for 3D printers.