DeltaMaker Passes First Hurdle

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Well, DeltaMaker passed its first serious hurdle by meeting and exceeding their KickStarter funding goal of $107,000. Congratulations to the DeltaMaker team! One of the things I like best about the DeltaMaker effort is that it is a TEAM endeavor. The DeltaMaker isn''t a kit that narrowly appeals to hobbyists. And, for some reason, I cannot get the connection between the Keurig coffeemaker system and the DeltaMaker out of my head.

DeltaMaker - A Wonderfully Innovative 3D Printer

3D Printer Users

DELTAMAKER 3D PRINTER Kickstarter seems flooded with new 3D printer entries these days. But, the DeltaMaker is in a class of its own. While I have many unanswered questions, like reliability and, of course, actual accuracy over a long period of time, the DeltaMaker looks like a real winner. I would love to see DeltaMaker succeed and succeed BIG. Here is the link to the DeltaMaker KickStarter page. DeltaMaker DeltaMaker 3D Printer

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Female and Non-Binary Makers Unite to 3D Print Pieces of Crowdsourced Rosie the Riveter Sculpture

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It’s Here, Finally: Make Magazine’s Annual Guide to 3D Printing

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