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This edition of Sliced, our 3D printing news digest, features new 3D printers, innovative 3D printed edibles, ergonomic designs, and more. Full metal jacket A Shenzhen-based 3D printer manufacturer, Panda3D, has built a full metal body SLA 3D printer called Paladin. The printer has 50?m

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3D Printing News Sliced: ExOne, Mimaki, MatterHackers, Optomec, PyroGenesis

3D Printing Industry

Read on for the latest news from ExOne, Mimaki, MatterHacker, Optomec, Nexa3D, Inovus Medical, 3D devo, Raplas, PyroGenesis, and many others. […].

ExOne Introduces new X1 25 PRO 3D Printer as highest performing binder jetting machine

3D Printing Industry

ExOne, a global provider of binder jetting 3D printing systems, services, and materials, has released its latest system, the X1 25 PRO at Formnext. The X1 25 PRO enables a larger build volume and the equivalent powder metallurgy capabilities powders from ExOne’s INNOVENT+. The platform is also designed to focus on the Metal Injection […]. 3D Printers Exone FORMNEXT 2018 INNOVENT+ Jared Helfrich Rick Lucas X1 25PRO

6 tips on 3D printing metal with ExOne


ExOne is a 3D printers manufacturer. The post 6 tips on 3D printing metal with ExOne appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo. 3D tips 3D design tips Exone metal 3D printing Metal Materials Tips

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3D Printing News Sliced CERN, GE Additive, Evonik, ExOne, Stephen Nigro

3D Printing Industry

Today’s edition of Sliced, 3D Printing Industry’s news digest, features new powdered materials, Stephen Nigro’s departure from HP, Cody Wilson, Wallace & Gromit, Ricoh, solid oxide fuel cells, a heavy metal Thomas Edison and more.

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Architect and 3D Jewelry Designer Jenny Wu Partners with ExOne to 3D Print Steel Catena Necklace


We first heard about the beautiful 3D printed jewelry of Harvard-educated architect, author, teacher, and designer Jenny Wu back in 2014, when she partnered with Stratasys to print necklaces and. View the entire article via our website.

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3D Printing News Sliced, Formnext 2018, ExOne, Stratasys, DyeMansion, America Makes, DSM

3D Printing Industry

Event ACEO Aircraft Interiors Certification Solution Alena Folger America Makes American National Standard Institute Bernd Pachaly Christophe Schramm DMG MORI Dow DyeMansion ESI Group EVOLV3D Olefin Block Copolymer Exone FIT Additive Manufacturing Group FORMNEXT 2018 FUNMAT PRO 410 Industrial Line 4.0 This edition of Sliced, the 3D Printing Industry news digest, focuses on the latest developments from the international additive manufacturing show Formnext in Frankfurt, Germany.

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ExOne-All Five ExOne North American Production Service Centers

Additive Manufacturing

ExOne’s Troy, Mich. NORTH HUNTINGDON, PA, February 10, 2015 – The ExOne Company (Nasdaq: XONE), a global provider of three-dimensional printing machines and printed products to industrial customers, today announced that its production service centers (PSCs) in North Huntingdon, Pa.

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ExOne Unveils Water Wash-out Tooling Process for Industrial 3D Printing


It’s intended to aid in the production of hollow parts, the sort which are constructed using mandrel or clamshell molding, and ExOne says they’ve qualified a new application for their additive manufacturing process they call... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business 3d printing industrial processes ExMAL exone Rick Lucas Water Wash-out Tooling

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PieceMaker to Bring ExOne’s Metal 3D Printing into Retail Stores

3D Printing Industry

The resulting partnership will see ExOne’s metal 3D printing material into PieceMaker’s consumer 3D printing kiosks. … The original post PieceMaker to Bring ExOne’s Metal 3D Printing into Retail Stores appeared first on 3D Printing Industry. By Tyler Koslow.

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ExOne Opens DREAM Center in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA

Additive Manufacturing

State-of-the-art Design and Re-Engineering for Additive Manufacturing (“DREAM”) center facilitates customer training and design support. For more information regarding ExOne’s operations, visit the Company’s website at www.exone.com. About ExOne.

ExOne Announces Completion of New European Headquarters;

Additive Manufacturing

ExOne begins move into new European headquarters; expected to complete transition through November. ExOne is consolidating its five existing leased facilities in Augsburg, which currently occupy an aggregate of approximately 77,500 square feet, into its new facility. About ExOne.

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ExOne Appoints Independent Sales Representatives in Israel and Thailand

Additive Manufacturing

ExOne has named 3Deimention as its independent sales representative for the Israeli market and Speed 3D Mold as its independent sales representative in Thailand. For more information regarding binder jetting industrial 3D printing applications, visit ExOne’s website at www.exone.com.

3D Printing News Sliced: FIT, Shining 3D, General Dynamics, Tessenderlo Group, DuPont

3D Printing Industry

In this edition of our 3D printing news digest, Sliced, we have news about the restoration of 911 Porsche and a parish church using 3D printing, U.S Navy blueprint digitization, and scan-to-CAD software. We start today’s digest with a date for your diary.

ExOne Announces Exerial™ 3D Printing System Designed for Industrial Series Production

Additive Manufacturing

Largest ExOne system to-date offers multiple industrial stations and continuous production and processing. ExOne will formally debut the Exerial machine at the GIFA International Foundry Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, on June 16-20, 2015. About ExOne.

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3D Printing News Briefs: May 11, 2018


The ExOne company has released its Q1 2018. We’re bringing you the business first in today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, and then moving on to a car update and metal 3D printing news. View the entire article via our website.

DIMENSIONEXT: 3DX Industries Begins Manufacturing With ExOne


3DX Industries Begins Manufacturing With ExOne. 3DX Industries Begins Manufacturing With ExOne 3D Printer. has completed its first series of production run components using the M-Flex Metal Printing System manufactured by The ExOne Company ’s ( nasdaq: XONE ). Pages.

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ExOne Qualifies Water Wash-out Tooling Process for Industrial 3D Printing Applications

Additive Manufacturing

ExOne’s Materials Applications Laboratory (ExMAL) identified the limitations of traditional manufacturing techniques for tooling production in water soluble materials and developed the new application to meet the challenges presented by the varying designs of composite parts.

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The ExOne Company Appoints John A. Baliotti as Director of Marketing and Business Development

Additive Manufacturing

NORTH HUNTINGDON, PA, March 31, 2015 – The ExOne Company (NASDAQ: XONE ) (“ExOne” or “the Company”), a global provider of three-dimensional (“3D”) printing machines and printed products to industrial customers, announced that John A. About ExOne. ExOne offers pre?production

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ExOne Unveils Innovent™ 3D Printing System for Research and Education Customers

Additive Manufacturing

Printer available as complete system with oven and furnace, allowing for easy migration to ExOne’s larger scale platforms. ExOne Unveils Innovent™ 3D Printing System for Research and Education Customers (Photo courtesy of ExOne). About ExOne.

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Shapeways and ExOne Steel 3D Printing Community Meet Up In Pittsburgh

Shapeways Blog

Last week Shapeways hosted it’s first community joint meet up with ExOne in Pittsburgh. ExOne is a production partner of Shapeways with whom Shapeways works closely to offer the best steel 3D prints to our community.

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3D Designer and Motorsports Fan Jeremy Burnich Given the Commission of a Lifetime


Jeremy Burnich of Joy Complex is an incredibly talented and creative designer who has used 3D printing to commemorate several major events in recent history, from an Afghan woman’s brave. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed figurine 3D printed racetracks 3d printed tires 3D-Racetracks Alex Ophuizen Alvaro Bautista exone FIM Superbike World Championship full color sandstone jeremy burnich Joy Complex Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Mini 3D Drivers MotoGP Pirelli shapeways

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3D Printing Industry News Sliced: Farsoon Technologies, Rize, Titomic, 3D Systems, Formlabs, Protolabs, Dassault Systèmes

3D Printing Industry

This week’s edition of Sliced, the 3D Printing Industry news digest, features the latest developments of additive manufacturing in fashion, footwear, and art, as well as novel research in tissue engineering to combat cardiovascular disease. The latest news from Farsoon Technologies, Rize, Titomic, 3D Systems, Formlabs, Protolabs, Dassault Systèmes, and others can be found prior to Formnext, […].

Faster Steel — and the Innovative Process That Made It Possible

Shapeways Blog

To bring you steel products, we work with pioneering additive manufacturing company ExOne, based near Pittsburgh, PA. To achieve faster lead times, Shapeways and ExOne took a deeply collaborative approach to making the highly complex steel production process more efficient.

How additive technology will affect manufacturing

Leslie's Blog

For 16 years, ExOne has focused its efforts on developing additive machines for use in manufacturing. ExOne President Dave Burns explores this shift of 3D printing into additive manufacturing and how it will affect design engineers. But ExOne’s focus is different. “We’ve

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3Dealise and Arup Take a Hybrid Approach to Architectural 3D Printing


Generative design is a computational design approach that mimics the evolutionary designs of nature. Designers input their design goals and parameters into generative design software, which uses. View the entire article via our website.

Sand Casting on a Large Scale with the S-Max 3D Printer from ExOne


The ExOne S-Max has held its place as the world’s largest sand-casting additive manufacturing system since its introduction in 2010. Designed to be used in a foundries or industrial design facilities, the S-Max can use CAD files to create complex sand cores and molds for casting.

The Shapes She Wants: Artist Bathsheba Grossman’s Dynamic 3D Printed Forms


Bathsheba Grossman is hailed as a pioneer in 3D printed art, yet she seems to prefer concocting mind-spinning and form-focused designs at her Somerville, Massachusetts home base to basking in the spotlight she’s earned among artist... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D printed art 3D Printing 3d design 3d printed art 3d printing Bathsheba Grossman East Stroudsburg University exone shapeways Southwestern University What Things May Come

Where is the 4D Printing Market Headed? — Report Says $555.6M Annually by 2025


It’s called 4D printing, and it represents a radical shift in rapid prototyping where multi-material capable prints make use of embedded design to transform from one shape to another via functionality which is built... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing Business 3d systems 4d printing autodesk exone hewlett packard MarketsandMarkets MIT self-assembly lab organovo Skylar Tibbits stratasys

Columbus Company Installs Two GE Additive Metal 3D Printers on OSU Campus


The entryway into manufacturing and engineering at The Ohio State University’s College of Engineering is the Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME), which was developed to meet. View the entire article via our website.

Lowe's Offers New 3D Customization Options With Bespok3Designs Platform


3D Design 3D Printing 3D Scanning Business 3d print lowe's 3D printing platform 3dshook digital forming exone lowe's Lowe’s Innovation Labs mass customization SaaS solutions for 3D printing Voodoo ManufacturingBig-box home goods chains such as Lowe’s, Home Depot and Target are great in that they allow you to find just about everything you need for a refurbishing or decorating project in one place. View the entire article via our website.

3Dealise Brings to Life Rinus Roelofs’ Giant Cylindrical Knot Sculpture


3D Design 3D printed art 3D Printing 3d printed mold 3D printed trefoil knot 3dealise cylindrical knot exone mathematical form Netherlands RapidPro rapidpro trade show sculpture The NetherlandsThere is an increasing realization that the divide between art and mathematics is an artificial one. One person who has known this all along is digital sculptor and mathematician Rinus Roelofs. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing: The Stories We Didn’t Cover This Week — January 9


3D Design 3D printed art 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Software Business autodesk Autodesk VAR exone Greg Marks i.materialise Mark Mosinski markforged MasterGraphics Professor Neil Hopkinson S. Happy New Year from everyone at 3DPrint.com! As 2015 has officially ended and 2016 is already entering its second week, you won’t be surprised to hear that we have much 3D printing industry. View the entire article via our website.

With 3D printing materials, knowledge is power

Leslie's Blog

Said Tom Pasterik, manager of business and process development at ExOne, Engineers have been constrained for decades and they are still getting comfortable with the freedom they now have with AM, including with materials. Instead, design the part to solve the problem. ExOne.

From Aerospace to Jewelry, Metal 3D Printing Is Hot

Shapeways Blog

If you’re designing premium products and need high strength and durability, you can’t go wrong with metal. Jewelry designers love the superior finish of 3D printed precious metals.

Additive Manufacturing Research Groups Led by Pitt Engineers Receive More Than $1.7 Million in Latest Funding From America Makes

Additive Manufacturing

PITTSBURGH (August 11, 2015) …Two separate University of Pittsburgh research projects to improve design development for structures in in additive manufacturing (AM), or 3D printing, were among nine contracts funded by America Makes , the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute.

University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering and McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine at the Forefront of Additively Manufactured Biomedical Device Research

Additive Manufacturing

Corporate partners include ExOne , Hoeganaes Corp. , Finally, it is possible with the advances being made in both automation and precision, the designed and additively manufactured components and parts will also end up being economical compared to the traditionally manufactured materials.

NCDMM to Host Elite Students from the National Defense University’s Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security & Resource Strategy for Week-long Program Focused on Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Additive Manufacturing

The Study Group will visit the Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania regions for a week-long, additive manufacturing (AM) focused, field-study trip designed to complement their current in-class studies. The ExOne Company in Irwin. Eisenhower School Students to Visit America Makes and Its Membership Community. Blairsville, Pa. March 27, 2018.

3D Printed Steel Frequently Asked Questions Explained (Video)

Shapeways Blog

In this video ExOne technician Brandon Cary answers FAQs on our steel material. One of our community’s favorite materials that Shapeways offers is our 3D printed stainless steel.

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Spark Flies as BigRep Partners With Autodesk

3D Printing Industry

BigRep, the Berlin based manufacturers of the biggest reprap 3D printer on the market, have announced at CES that they will be joining Autodesk’s Spark open creative platform, along with other 3D printer manufacturers such as Ultimaker, Dremel, ExOne and Autodesk itself. By Davide Sher.

3D printable open source liquid fuel rocket engine

DIY 3D Printing

The engine is made from three main modules: the igniter, injector, and the main engine body, all of which were SLS 3D printed by Shapeways and ExOne in bronze steel and machined afterwards to get the exact fit.

GE’s New AM Center

Wohlers Talk

The 11,613-sq meter (125,000-sq ft) facility was designed to drive innovation and adoption of additive manufacturing across the company’s major businesses. CATA houses multiple AM machines from EOS, SLM Solutions, Stratasys, and ExOne.

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Was 3D Printing Just a Passing Fad?

3D Printing Review

For decades, the technology that led to 3D printing was used in industrial design, creating quick and relatively cheap prototypes that could be tweaked without having to retool an entire manufacturing process. Companies making “the next big thing” are having a tough 2015.