Observing underwater life with a robotic fish made with 3D printing

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The robot’s motors make minimal noise and are designed to enable SoFi to swim independently without disrupting marine life. SoFi has successfully completed tests in Fiji’s Rainbow Reef at depths […]. Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), have developed a Soft Robotic Fish, SoFi, made in part with 3D printed silicone rubber.

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Nikoss’ Toys a new brand of digital toys!

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Nicolas Tokotuu, designer and creator of Nikoss Toys comes from a Pacific island called Wallis and Futuna. This small island of 10,000 inhabitants is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean between Fiji and Samoa. […]. By Pablo Rovelo. Nikoss’ Toys is a brand of digital toys which will be downloadable and printable from all over the world. The original post Nikoss’ Toys a new brand of digital toys! appeared first on 3D Printing Industry.

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Free 3D Printable of the Week: 3D Fractals

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To do so, Victor followed an Instructable from designer Don Whitaker that outlines the entire process of making 3D fractals with a few different pieces of free software. By Michael Molitch-Hou.

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