3D Printing with the Stratasys Fortus 450mc

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Production 3D Printing with the Stratasys Fortus 450mc 3D Printer. Production 3D printers, like the Fortus 450mc, are ideal for engineers that require demanding flexibility to print larger-sized or many parts in an array of engineering-grade materials with high speed and unfailing throughput.

Stratasys begins shipping Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber Edition 3D printer

3D Printing Industry

Stratasys has commenced shipping of its latest FDM 3D printer designed to address the growing demand of carbon-fiber composite applications. The Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber Edition (CFE) industrial 3D printer, priced at $70,000, is the cost-effective option from Stratasys’ high-end production 3D printer range which is priced from $200,000. 3D Printers FDM Nylon 12CF Pat Carey Stratasys Team Penske Terry Wohlers The Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber Edition Wohlers Associates

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Calibrating the Stratasys Fortus 450mc 3D Printer

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Take designs from virtual to real in hours, not weeks. From functional prototypes with exacting tolerances, to manufacturing tools that perform under pressure, the Stratasys Fortus 450mc 3D production system sets a high bar for speed, performance and accuracy. Fortus 450mc dials.

Marshall ADG to 3D print functional aircraft parts with Stratasys Fortus 450mc

3D Printing Industry

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group (ADG), a UK-based aircraft design and maintenance company, is using Stratasys Fortus 450mc to build tooling, functional and prototyping parts for aircraft. Aerospace Chris Botting Hercules Integrated Operational Support Lockheed Martin Marshall ADG Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group Rolls Royce Royal Air Force C-130J Royal Netherlands Air Force Stratasys Stratasys Fortus 450mc Swedish Air Force UK Ministry of Defence ULTEM 9085

Introducing Fortus 450mc & 380mc

Studio Fathom

Leverage State-of-the-Art Ease of Use and Speed The all-new Fortus 380mc and 450mc 3D Production Systems available from FATHOM give designers and engineers optimal performance and a user-friendly interface for quick … Read More. The post Introducing Fortus 450mc & 380mc appeared first on FATHOM - 3D Printer Sales, Rapid Prototyping, Design.

3D Scanning & 3D Printing Used in Digital Workflow to Design & Build Custom Neck Orthosis


Custom orthotics made through conventional manufacturing methods require casting, sculpting, molding, and fitting to be completed before they’re ready for the patient to wear. It can take up to. View the entire article via our website.

Stratasys Announcements Bring Objet1000 Plus to Market and Expand Fortus Material Options


The design and manufacturing industry has a new 3D printing option when it comes to producing large PolyJet parts. For both new and seasoned Stratasys Fortus Production Series users, the new Xtend500 system makes operation of your machine much more efficient.

Siemens Mobility Turns to 3D Printing for Digital Maintenance


3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed replacement parts 3d printed tooling Fortus 450mc Fortus 450mc Production 3D printer railway transportation Siemens Siemens Mobility Division stratasys stratasys fortus 450mcMore and more railway systems are finding that digital inventories and 3D printed replacement parts are an effective way to save money and time and to combat obsolescence. Siemens Mobility is the. View the entire article via our website.

Stratasys-New High-Volume FDM Material Box Increases Unattended Run Time for Stratasys’ Fortus 3D Production Systems

Additive Manufacturing

Xtend 500 Fortus Plus delivers more than five times the output of standard canisters. Nasdaq: SSYS ), aleading global provider of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions, introduced Xtend 500 Fortus Plus , a high-volume filament package for Fortus 3D Production Systems.

University of Warwick Uses Stratasys Fortus 3D Printer to Build “Most 3D Printed Vessel on the Grid” for Upcoming European International Submarine Race

Additive Manufacturing

The ‘Godiva 2’ submarine features numerous 3D printed parts designed to withstand the harsh ocean environment, including the fins, feet, propeller, interior steering components and many other fixings. Stratasys and Fortus are registered trademarks of Stratasys Ltd.

Spring s.r.l., Stratasys’ Largest Italian Service Bureau, Expands Direct Manufacturing Offering with Purchase of Fourth Fortus 900mc Production 3D Printer

Additive Manufacturing

Investment in Spring’s fourth Fortus 900mc Production 3D Printer will increase production hours output by over 11% (Photo: Business Wire). We purchased our fourth Fortus 900mc to increase our production hours.

Stratasys Cuts Automated Dynamics’ Tooling Costs by 60-70% In Production of Helicopter Blades


3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed aerospace components 3d printed helicopter parts 3D printing to create soluble molds Automated Dynamics CADimensions fdm soluble core stratasys Stratasys Direct Manufacturing Stratasys Fortus 3D Production System Stratasys Fortus 400 mc Stratasys Fortus 400mc3D printing offers substantial benefits to the manufacturing sector–by this point, that’s certainly not news in itself.

Brazilian Air Force Uses Stratasys 3D Printers to Manufacture Aircraft Components


3D Design 3D Printing Aerospace 3D Printing Business 3d printed aircraft parts 3d printed airplane components 3d printing in brazil air force brazil brazilian air force Fortus 900mc stratasys Stratsys Fortus 900mcThe Instituto de Estudos Avançados (IEAv), the Brazilian Air Force’s Institute of Advanced Studies, has partnered with 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys to efficiently create robust aircraft. View the entire article via our website.

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Ricoh Turns to Stratasys 3D Printing for 2D Printer Production


3D Design 3D Printing Business 3d printed fixtures 3D printed jigs 3d printed tooling 3d printed tools Fortus 900mc ricoh stratasys Stratsys Fortus 900mcLike many other producers of traditional office equipment, Ricoh has made clear its intentions to enter the 3D printing market. The reasons for doing so are clear; the demand for equipment like 2D. View the entire article via our website.

Stratasys announces Rail Industry Solution for 3D printing spare train parts

3D Printing Industry

The company has created a “Rail Industry Solution” package designed to help the maintenance of passenger trains using 3D printing.

Proto3000 Teams Up with Red Bull for 3D Printed Surfboard


3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed sports equipment 3d printed surfboard ABS-M30 Fortus 900mc proto3000 Red Bull stratasys Stratasys ABS-M30 Stratsys Fortus 900mc surfboardFor surfing enthusiasts, Australian pro surfer Mick Fanning’s 2014 Trestle surfboard is among the best out there – it’s “effectively the ocean equivalent of an F1 car,” View the entire article via our website.

Michigan Engineering Develops New Cyber Manufacturing System to Quickly Design and 3D Print Custom Orthotics and Prosthetics


3D Printing 3D Scanning Education Medical 3D Printing 3d printed orthotics 3D printed student engineering 3d scanning altair america makes Fortus 400mc full body 3d scanning Manufacturing USA medical 3d scanning National Science Foundation (NSF) orthotics Standard Cyborg stratasys Stratasys Fortus 400mc University of Michigan University of Michigan Orthotics and Prosthetics Center

Korean Researchers 3D Print Korean Head Forms for Respiratory Protection Against Pollution


3D Printing 3D printed head forms 3D printed respiratory protective devices Design X Fortus® 450mc™ 3D Printer Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development The Catholic University of KoreaIn ‘Development of Korean Head forms for Respirator Performance Testing,’ authors Hyekyung Seo, Jennifer Ivy Kim, and Hyunwook Kim from The Catholic University of Korea have created a unique. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printed Front Row Cam Allows ESPN Viewers to Get the Most Out of Baseball


3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed camera 3d printed electronics 3D printed sports camera baseball ESPN Fortus 900mc Front Row Cam Fujinon Major League Baseball MLB sony sports stratasys Stratasys Fortus 900MC 3D printer VERThe greatest innovations are often created by those who are most motivated by need. And sports enthusiasts certainly fit into that category. Whether you are in the stands or watching from home on the. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing Startup Fluxaxis Launches Along with Competition Seeking Artist in Residence


3D Design 3D Printed Art 3D Printers 3D Printing Business 3d printing service bureas Fluxaxis Fortus 250mc Fortus 900mc HP Jet Fusion HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 Massivit 1800 Poseidon 5-Axis CNC Machining Center Stage One Steinbichler Steinbichler Comet L3D scanner York MedialeAs the 3D printing industry continues to expand, 3D printing service bureaus are becoming not only more numerous but more specific, catering to certain markets in particular. The latest such service.

Made to Take a Hit — 3D Printed Glucose Monitor Case from Stratasys and R&D Technologies


3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed cases 3d printed glucose monitor customization Fortus 250mc R&D Technologies Inc stratasys Stratasys ABSPlus Stratasys Fortus Ten-year-olds have a tendency to treat expensive objects just like they treat cheap toys; with a complete lack of respect for their ability to take a hit and keep working. When it comes to... View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing News Briefs: April 24, 2019


3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business Education 3D design course 3d printable lighting 3d printed lighting 3d printing helps animal 3d printing reddit airbus consortium crp technology design for additive manufacturing DfAM dog wheelchair doggie wheelchair fortus 900 germany Lighting Research Center (LRC) olaf diegel pet wheelchair polyamide reddit Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute windform WINDFORM material Windform P1 Wohlers Associates zal techcenter

Skorpion Engineering Uses Stratasys 3D Printing to Create Fast, Lightweight Automotive Prototypes


3D Design 3D Printing Business 3d printed automotive applications 3D printed automotive prototypes 3D printing case study automotive 3D printing Fortus 900mc Fortus 900mc Production 3D Printer Object500 Connex3 Objet350 Connex3 3D Printer Skorpion Engineering stratasysWhile 3D printing has found a place in nearly every industry and business niche today, some of its uses are making more headway than others, such as the innovations springing from the automotive.

North Carolina A&T University Professors Evaluate Summer 3D Printing Workshop for High Schoolers


US engineers and mathematicians explore the values of 3D printing in education further, outlining their findings in ‘Teaching High School Students Design Process and 3D Printing: Lessons Learned.’. 3D Printing 3d printing education 3D printing summer camp autodesk inventor CREO Fortus 400mc 3D printer North Carolina A&T University STEM education

3D Printing News Briefs: December 12, 2017


Today’s 3D Printing News Briefs features some of the latest happenings in medical, business, and education 3D printing news. Nanoscribe is celebrating its 10 year anniversary, while an industry. View the entire article via our website.

Studying the Process: Students Design Self Balancing Scooter Using 3D Tech


3D Printing 3d processes Agilus30 Connex3 fdm Fortus 900mc germany nylon6 Objet500 Connex3 Color Multi-material 3D Production System ravensburg research and development scooter self balancing scooter self study stratasys thinking additively university of applied sciences ravensburg-weingarten university researchThe development and continued integration of 3D print technology into nearly every aspect of life is exciting.

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Stratasys Announces Winners of Its 2014 Southern Asia & Pacific '3D Print Your Design for FREE' Competition

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

We are pleased to announce the winners of Stratasys’ first “3D Print Your Design for FREE” competition held in the Southern Asia and Pacific (SA&P) region. Our Applications team was excited to 3D print the designs, turning ideas into reality! Fortus Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM

Asia 106

3D Printed Robotic Gripper: Smarter Design, Faster Delivery, Better Value for Customer

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

3D printed gripper produced by Digital Mechanics AB of Sweden with the Fortus 3D Production System from Stratasys. The hoseless design was both prototyped and produced using additive manufacturing. However, this design would be costly to produce with traditional machining.

Sweden 107

Qatar University Prepares for 2022 World Cup with 3D Printed Stadium Models


3D Design 3D Printing 2022 World Cup 3d printed stadium 3D-printed architectural models Fortus 400mc qatar Qatar University Stratasys Fortus 400mc Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy wind tunnel world cupWe’ve seen, and written about, many cases of architects turning to 3D printing to generate models of planned buildings. The benefits are numerous – 3D printing produces models much faster. View the entire article via our website.

Qatar 56

Cimquest 3D Prints Colorful, Blue Man Group-Inspired Tubulum


3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed instrument 3d printed instruments 3d printed musical instrument 3d printed musical instruments 3D printed tubulum asa ASA 3D printing material asa filament ASA thermoplastic Blue Man Group Cimquest Fortus 400 fortus 900 Inside 3D Printing New York musical instrument stratasysIf you’ve ever watched the Blue Man Group perform, you may have wondered about the series of tubes they strike to create percussive yet melodic notes.

Stratasys Releases New Video Offering Tips and Tricks for Using Their FDM Materials


3D Design 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business 3d printing guide 3D printing tips ABS-M30 asa FDM materials Fortus Fortus 900mc Acceleration Kit nylon 12 stratasys ULTEM 1010 ULTEM 9085While metal 3D printing technology is becoming more commonly used in a wide range of industrial applications, it is still a very small segment of the professional 3D printer market. Currently, about. View the entire article via our website.

Stratasys Showcases New 3D Printing Solutions Designed to Reduce Time and Cost of Composite Tooling at SAMPE

Additive Manufacturing

Nasdaq:SSYS), the 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions company, presented its new 3D printing solutions for composite tooling at SAMPE 2016, introducing composites manufacturers to new operational efficiencies, greater design freedom and faster time to market.

3D printing helps USA Luge team sled for gold at 2018 Winter Olympics

3D Printing Industry

With the 23rd Winter Olympic Games underway in PyeongChang, South Korea, 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys is helping the USA Luge team go for gold by incorporating 3D printing into the design of their sleds. Materials CAPitA Chris Mazdzer FDM Fortus 900mc FUS3D Luge Materialise Pyeongchang Stratasys Tailored fits TeamUSA Winter Olympics

Latécoère cuts lead times by 95% with switch to 3D printing

3D Printing Industry

Latécoère, a French aerospace manufacturer that makes parts for the likes of Airbus, Bombardier and Dassault Systèmes has embraced Stratasys FDM 3D printing in its design and production process. Aerospace airbus Airbus A380 Andy Middleton Bombardier Dassault systemes Fortus 450mc Greg Reynolds Latécoère Simon Rieu Stratasys ULTEM 9085

SABIC introduces breakaway support material for 3D printed PEI

3D Printing Industry

Made as a support for the company’s AM9085F PEI filament, AMS31F is a solution designed to alleviate the manual effort required in post processing. Materials 3NTR AM9085F AMS31F Breakaway supports Davide Ardizzoia Fortus PEI Rapid Prototype + Manufacturing LLC RP+M SABIC Stratasys Tracy Albers ULTEMGlobal chemicals producer SABIC, headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has launched a breakaway material for FFF 3D printers.

Oreo the Dog Running Again Thanks to His 3D Printed Kneecap


3D Design 3D Printing Health 3D Printing 3d printed patella biomedical Canada dogs fdm oic Orthopaedic Innovation Centre patella stratasys Stratasys Fortus veterinary health Every dog has its day, and Oreo is one dog with some good days going for him.

Canada 114

Project Pyra: 3D Printed Smart Oven Cooks Your Dinner; Incubates Cells in the Lab


They have mastered digital design with the use of electronics. They have a Stratasys Fortus 900mc 3D printer, and they know how to use it. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d printed smart oven 3d printed thermal device FATHOM Project Pyra Stratasys Fortus 900MC 3D printer Stratasys ULTEM 1010 ULTEM 1010Fathom has harnessed thermal heat. And with years of... View the entire article via our website.

Catapulting Into the Skies: 3D Printed UAV Soars With Electric Ducted fan Engines


3D Design 3D Printing Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre AMRC boeing EDF rapid manufacturing technology Stratasys Fortus UAV university of sheffield

FATHOM and Athena Studios Use 3D Printing to Create Animated Cheetos Halloween Short Film


3D Design 3D Printed Art 3D Printing 3d printed animation 3d printed film 3d printed Stop Motion animation Athena Studios FATHOM FATHOM Studio Fortus 450mc Frito-Lay Kubo and The Two Strings Object500 Connex3 stratasys Studio FATHOM urethane casting Victoria MostWhen looking at the impact that 3D printing has had on the world around us, the industry typically likes to focus on the innovation that has taken place within a wide range of industrial and.

Personalizing New Daihatsu Copen Robe Roadster Design with Stratasys 3D Printing

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

Designers Kota Nezu and Junjie Sun used the Daihatsu Copen Roadster , a car that was totally redesigned and re-introduced to the market in 2014, as their base to introduce customized elements such as Stratasys 3D printed decorative frames in their “Effect Skins” project.

Japan 92

Architectural Design Principles Can Be Applied to Jewelry with 3D Printing

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

The intricately-detailed Tangens necklace has interlocking elements 3D printed using the Stratasys Fortus 400mc 3D Production System. Stratasys has collaborated with architect and designer Jenny Wu , of Oyler Wu Collaborative, on her first 3D printed jewelry collection.

Lowering the Costs of 3D Printing through a Marriage of Nature & Mathematics


Nature is the ultimate designer; what else can we imagine could design something that is self-replicating, converts the energy of the sun to food, creates oxygen, and can last for hundreds of years? 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printing costs Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre AMRC bio inspiration biology fortus 900 insect wings mathematics nature Support Material uk university of sheffield wing structure

Food 87

Paralympian Gets Needed Support from 3D Printed Back Brace


3D Design 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Medical 3D Printing 2016 Paralympics 2016 Rio Paralympics 3d printed back brace 3d printed brace athletes back brace Baltic3D brace fencing nylon 12 olympics Paralympics Polina Rožkova RIO Rožkova stratasys stratasys fortus 450mc wheelchair fencing WiDEBeing a Paralympian often means that people focus more on your stunning athleticism rather than any disability you possess.