3D Printing News Briefs: October 20, 2017


Ultimaker is. We have a lot of news to share with you in this week’s second edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, ranging from 3D printers and spinal implants to new filaments and facilities. View the entire article via our website.

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Floreon Announces Competition to 3D Print Spectacles for Footballer Ian Wright


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Win An Ultimaker From YouMagine and Change The World


YouMagine has opened an unusual 3D printing challenge, with the prize being an Ultimaker Original. It’s not a design contest, where, for example, the best earbud holder will be selected. Why an Ultimaker Original and not the most recent Ultimaker 2 model?

NYU Tandon Students Utilize Digital Fabrication and 3D Printing to Design Winning Concrete Canoe


From simple PLA to glass and metal, there are all sorts of interesting 3D printing materials being used these days. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Education 3D printed canoe 3d printing concrete American Society of Civil Engineering asce colorado school of mines competition concrete canoe digital fabrication laser cutting new york NYU Tandon School of Engineering stratasys 3d printers ultimaker 3d printers

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Presenting my eBay Ultimaker clone (part 1)


The Ultimaker I bought proved to be a (nice) clone ! I bought what was abusively called an Ultimaker on eBay on March, 2012. Moreover, he does not seem to be selling printer anymore, so I will probably not harm the real and only Ultimaker you should buy !

New eLearning Course Gets Users Up to Speed in 3D Printing

The Solidworks Blog

Back then, most printers featured an acrylic build plate, which most people quickly discovered was better replaced by a piece of tempered glass that was much flatter and allowed for better printed parts. Design for printing considerations.

TCTShow 2013 RepRap 3D printing - Community Hub and Show review


NopBotShop - I was so delighted that both Chris and Mary from the NopBotShop could make the show, and also bring along the stunning black Di-bond Mendel90 that Chris (Nophead) designed and developed from scratch. Slic3r TCTshow Think3DPrint3D Tinka Todd Grimm Ultimaker

What Material Should I Use For 3D Printing? – Advanced Materials Review #3 – ABS+ from Trideus

3D Printing for Beginners

According to Trideus, it has specially been designed to address the biggest problem you face when printing with standard ABS: warping. While loading the ABS+ into our Ultimaker Original, I noticed however that the filament itself is a little brittle.

3D Printers - Big printers, Small printers, Wide printers, Tall printers


You have tools you can use, you can design a 3D printer any way you choose :) - thanks for the positive thinking Dr Seuss. Much more information, design details and files are on the way, just fighting for time at the moment. Sketchup again for the design, what can I say.

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Best High-Resolution 3D Printers

3D Printing Hub

Ultimaker 3. Ultimaker 3. Ultimaker 3. When rounding up the best high-resolution 3D printers, it’s a sin not to include the Ultimaker 3. Only a select few desktop 3D printers can go head-to-head with the Ultimaker 3 in a convincing manner. Glass print bed.

Best 3D Printers Under $3,000

3D Printing Hub

Ultimaker 2+. Ultimaker 2+. Best Pick: Ultimaker 2+. The Ultimaker 2+ is one of the best 3D printers on the market and is the first product you should look into when shopping for the best 3D printers under $3,000. It’s relatively easy to set up the Ultimaker 2+.

Best Workhorse 3D Printers: The Most Reliable 3D Printers

3D Printing Hub

Ultimaker 2+. It’s loaded with convenient features designed to make 3D printing easy for everyone and prints really well in different settings. Default spool holders designed for FlashForge racks. In design, the M2 is similar to the TAZ 6. Ultimaker 2+.

DIY 3D Printing: BioFila Silk and Linen lignin based 3d printing.

DIY 3D Printing

3D design and printing software. You can see review and real life experiance with BiFila Linen on Ultimaker forum: [link]. How to design and 3d print an electric guitar. NVBots presents NVPrinter designed for schools wit. Wearable Arduino based display on 3d printed glass.

DIMENSIONEXT: Overview: Lulzbot TAZ 3 Home 3D Printer


Pitched as Lulzbot’s, highest quality printer to date TAZ 3 has been developed for inventors, entrepreneurs, design engineers and prototypers and can print with ABS , PLA , PVA, high-impact polystyrene and wood filament. Review: Ultimaker 2 3D Printer. Pages. SECTOR NEWS. REPORTS.

DIMENSIONEXT: Apple File 3DP Patents


According to Apple: 3D printing may be used to produce parts directly from computer-generated design data. 3D printing may be useful in design-related fields for visualization, demonstration, and mechanical prototyping. Selectively deposite molten bulk metallic glass (BMG).

Stick with it. 3D Printing - Print Bed Coating Materials. Part 1


To be honest this is fantastic for smaller machines like my 3DR design , Tantillus or the new Ultimaker 2 Go. you can often just use a clean sheet of glass as a suitable build platform. I use mirror glass. PLA sticks perfectly well to uncoated clean glass.

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Homemade heated bed


What is surprising to me is that Ultimaker still did not provide nor even recommend an "official" one ( update : now is a standard with the UM2). And not surprisingly, there are as many heated bed designs as hobbyists. Now, this design was simple and clean, for sure.

RepRap: Blog: Announcing AMRI: Advanced Manufacturing.

RepRap Blog

The summer fellowship program currently has two components: 1) engineering design challenge. optionally followed by: 2) fundamental scientific investigation (pending the success of the engineering design challenge). RepRap: Blog.

How to 3D print nylon and trimmer line reliably: do not dry it too much and glue your bed!


Actually, I even had to design my YAZA adjuster because it was really tiring to adjust the bed height or level with the default Ultimaker design. Print Nylon on glass with no hassle: use solvent-free glue! How to 3D print Nylon reliably, cleanly and hassle-free.

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Best Large 3D Printers of 2018

3D Printing Hub

Ultimaker 3 Extended. It’s a solid 3D printer designed for those who want to step up their game but don’t want to overspend. Ultimaker 3 Extended. The Ultimaker 3 Extended is the successor to the Ultimaker 2 Extended+. It’s time to move on from your mini 3D printer.

Tribed: a fully automatic bed leveling and tool height adjustment, with FSR and 3 Z screws


A few months ago, someone came and talked to me about his wish to design a new, open source, user-friendly printer for the prosumer market. And since the new printer will also be opensource, here is the work, design and my analysis. My Ultimaker itself may eventually be ditched one day.

New Zmorph Multifunctional 3D Printer As Company. - dimensionext


Given the direction that leaders such as Stratasys / MakerBot, 3D Systems, Ultimaker, Solidoodle and similar have taken in the desktop 3D printer market, setting their eyes upon black, grey or white streamlined cubes with increasing uniformity, the Zmorph 2.0 Review: Ultimaker 2 3D Printer.

3D printer survival kit: a comprehensive set of 3D printer tools and tips.


All included, a nicely packed Ultimaker 100% ready for travel. Note that some people embed the hot end nicely with better and thicker material such as glass-insulated tape (4/5) , but it becomes cumbersome to swap nozzles or hot ends afterwards, so it may be good if you never change them.

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3D printing with cheap Nylon trimmer line/string


When you have a 1.75mm filament and an Ultimaker, you simply can slide a secondary thinner bowden tube in the primary one to guide it properly. Update : better use liquid glue on glass (see here ) This was printed at 255, 2.4mm, 100% feedrate, 50mm/s.

DIMENSIONEXT: An Overview Of 3D Printed Circuit Projects


The project source code, documentation, and example designs are open source, and available now. The crux of the key benefit of the Rabbit Proto is that it allows the user to easily print circuits inside of the plastic design itself with no interruption to the 3D printing process. Pages.

3D Printing Adventures Summer 2017 update


They are E3D and Ultimaker Olsson block compatible. When fitting any E3D nozzle I always leave a small gap with the nozzle because for the E3D V6 the stainless steel thermal break is designed to lock flat to the nozzle, not for the nozzle to seal against the heater block.

Parts of a 3D Printer

3D Printing Hub

There are also 3D printers designed to only accept proprietary filaments. millimeters, but there are some models that use filaments with a larger diameter, such as the Ultimaker 3 and the LulzBot TAZ 6. The Ultimaker 3 is a good example of a semi-enclosed 3D printer. In the case of the Ultimaker 3 and other similar 3D printers, the print bed is the one that moves. are examples of glass bed-equipped 3D printers.

3DR build tutorial Part4 Firmware


Another big machine is the Deltatower again a nice design. and above // 63 = Melzi // 7 = Ultimaker // 71 = Ultimaker (Older electronics. Try also to get the bed as level as possible, use a sheet of glass or Di-bond material as the print surface. 3DR Part 4 ! long awaited.

Sensors and issues for automatic bed leveling and height adjustment


I can drag my sturdy Ultimaker here and there and it will not change its calibration. In this design, the user moves the head over the bed at different places, tune the screw so that the nozzle almost touches the bed. An outstanding automatic tool changer for an Ultimaker.

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Thoughts and hints around hot ends


This post finally documents ideas and hints I had during the design of two hot ends I made last year. My extremely small "cheesy hot end" (all-metal and actively-cooled), here with an Ultimaker printed support.

How to Build a 3D Printer

3D Printing Hub

The Original Prusa i3 MK3 is an example of a 3D printer with a Cartesian XZ Head structure while the Ultimaker 3 is an example of a 3D printer with a Cartesian XY Head structure. There are two commonly used types of print beds: aluminum and glass. A glass print bed is easy to clean and has a flatter surface. In addition, a glass print bed is not prone to warping. You shouldn’t have issues finding designs for belt tensioners for both the X and Y axes on Thingiverse.

Qidi Tech X-one 2 Review

3D Printing Hub

The Design. Qidi Tech didn’t do much with the original X-one design. But while the core design is intact, the X-one 2 does feature one notable component its predecessor lacks: acrylic covers. In all, the X-one 2’s design is good but not exactly groundbreaking. For connectivity, the X-one 2, as mentioned in the design section, has a USB port and an SD card slot, which are both located on the side. The X-one 2 is the upgraded version of the X-one.

Monoprice Maker Select v2 Review

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If the design looks familiar to you, that’s because this 3D printer is a rebranded Wanhao Duplicator i3 , coming in with identical technical specifications and a similar setup. The Design. The overall design of the Maker Select v2 is solid but not exactly unique. But once you’re ready to step up your game and move on to high-temperature materials, you’re going to need an all-metal hotend and a glass bed, along with an enclosure for better temperature regulation.

Slic3r is Nicer - Part 3 - How low can you go?


Even though I''m also only using 8x micro-stepping on the extruder it''s a Wade style geared design so also has plenty of steps to ensure plastic is flowing at a constant rate even with very small levels of plastic extrusion. This post is about printing small layers in Slic3r.