Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software – Digitalizing the Manufacturing Industry

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The digitalization of the manufacturing industry has helped overcome several challenges associated with manual drafting of designs. The introduction of computer-aided design (CAD) software packages has added a whole new dimension to the manufacturing and 3D printing industry.

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Industrial Design: Many Solutions, One SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

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Today industrial designers use many tools to get their job done. There is no ‘one tool fits all approach’, rather the tools that industrial designers use are many and varied. Lets take a look at each step a little bit closer: Design Proposal.

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2019 3D Printing Industry Awards Trophy Design Challenge returns with Protolabs

3D Printing Industry

Now in its third year, the 3D Printing Industry Awards will return to London on Thursday, 9th June, 2019. Not only is it now time to cast your vote to decide this year’s winners, we are also proud to announce the launch of this year’s Trophy Design Challenge. Design 2019 3D Printing Industry Awards 3D printing industry awards myminifactory Protolabs Remove term: 2019 3D Printing Industry Awards 2019 3D Printing Industry Awards Design Challenge Ultimaker Ultimaker 3

Protolabs 2018 3D Printing Industry Awards design challenge update

3D Printing Industry

The 2018 3D Printing Industry Awards trophy design challenge is sponsored by Protolabs. The design challenge is held to find a trophy to award the leaders of the 3D Printing Industry at our May 17th gala dinner. You can enter the design competition here. To showcase the possibilities of additive manufacturing, we prepared a brief […].

Industry Experts Interview Naomi Kaempfer

Naomi Kaempfer Naomi Kaempfer is the Creative Director of Art, Fashion and Design for Stratasys. 3D Design 3D Printed Art 3D printed fashion Exclusive Interviews 3D designer 3d printed fashion art customization design fashion fashion industry geometry Iris van Herpen materialise Polyjet technology stratasys tech technology wearablesShe has a wide background of experience within the 3D printing and fashion realm. Kaempfer specialises.

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer Workflow [VIDEO]

Javelin Tech Tips

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer (SWID) is an amazing tool for designers to easily create objects of complex geometry. With help of the Wacom Tablet sketching in SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer is as intuitive and simple as ever. Two toaster designs.

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How to Modernize your Industrial Design with a Stratasys J55 3D Printer

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Product and Industrial design has been modernized in the last few years with the introduction of professional 3D printers that are designed specifically for designers to quickly and easily produce concept models for fit, form, function, and aesthetics testing of their industrial design.

Q2 2020: Industry Trends

Purple Platypus

With innovative, easy-to-produce designs, additive companies have deployed thousands of face shields and prompted machine owners to create thousands more. The CoVent Challenge was created to prompt the additive community to develop and design a rapidly deployable mechanical ventilator.

3D Printing Industry Awards winning design announced

3D Printing Industry

The 3D Printing Industry Awards are fast approaching and we’re pleased to announce the winner of the design competition to create our trophy. caption id="attachment_112402" align="aligncenter". Event 3DPI Awards myminifactory scan the world The Virtual Foundry

3D Printing Industry Awards 2019 – Protolabs Trophy Design Competition winner announced

3D Printing Industry

The 3D Printing Industry Awards will take place next month. So far we have received over 55,000 votes, making this the largest survey of the 3D printing industry. Design 2018 3D Printing Industry Awards Daniel Cohn Ferran Sánchez Monferrer Fundació CIM-UPC myminifactory Polytechnic University of Catalonia Protolabs UltimakerAt our black-tie dinner in London the winners will be announced.

3D Printing Industry News Sliced: BMW, America Makes, Additive Industries, Airwolf3D

3D Printing Industry

In this edition of Sliced, the 3D Printing Industry news digest, we collect stories about a 3D printing tent sale, changes to the IN(3D)USTRY fair, as well as a new funding operation for America Makes and an update on how Brexit will affect manufacturing.

Accelerating Industrial Design Concept Development with SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

The Solidworks Blog

Marc McCauley and Jesse Hahne, co-owners of the Center for Advanced Design (CAD), never know what projects are going to come through their doors. What really hooked us on Industrial Designer was a three second video of a surface being moved.”.

Moving Industrial Design In House

The Solidworks Blog

While Pellenc used 60 licenses of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation for product development, most of the cosmetic and ergonomic design was outsourced. Moving the industrial design work in house would also allow the company to more easily innovative and respond to market needs.

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design: Simplify industrial design and expand innovation for your business advantage

The Solidworks Blog

Today at SOLIDWORKS World 2015, Gian-Paolo Bassi (SOLIDWORKS CEO) and SOLIDWORKS customer Parrot gave a detailed first look of SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design (SWID) to the watching world. Simplify and Amplify your Industrial Design Process.

Win an Ultimaker 3 with the 3D Printing Industry & Protolabs trophy design competition

3D Printing Industry

The 2019 3D Printing Industry Awards are less than two months away and we are on the hunt for this years trophy. If you think you have a winning design then submit your idea for the chance to see it become the official trophy given out at this years award ceremony. Design 2019 3D Printing Industry Awards Levi Giesbrecht MJF MyMiniFactorty Protolabs SLA Sruthi Venkatesh Tobias Reckinger trophy design competition Ultimaker 3

Zortrax Cracks Top 25 Polish Best Industrial Designs

3D Printing Industry

Recently, the Institute of Industrial Design in Poland compiled a list of the 25 Best Polish Industrial Designs. … The original post Zortrax Cracks Top 25 Polish Best Industrial Designs appeared first on 3D Printing Industry. By Evan Chavez.

Design Refinement in SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

The Solidworks Blog

But designs may require more detail to fully convey design intent and ensure manufacturability. In this post, we will see how SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer takes your concepts to the next level. Sometimes we have existing models we need to design around.

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Importing SOLIDWORKS files into SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

Javelin Tech Tips

As a follow-up to my recent blog article about how to export from SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer to SOLIDWORKS , I’m now going to show you how to take the process the other way (i.e: importing a file from SOLIDWORKS into Industrial Designer).

How an Industrial Mindset Helps SHoP Speed Its Design Process

3D Perspectives

John Cerone, Director of Virtual Design & Construction at SHoP Architects, delivered a keynote address on Design Delivery to the ArchiFuture conference attendees on October 23, 2015 in Tokyo. Click to Tweet: “We’re thinking about #design in.

3D Printing Industry and Protolabs design competition winner announced, 2018 Awards update

3D Printing Industry

Voting in 2018 3D Printing Industry Awards closes in one week. Then on May 17th, leaders in the 3D printing industry will meet in London for the announcement of the winners. Design 3D printing industry awards 3DPIAwards autodesk Autodesk Netfabb Bartlett School of Architecture Devin Montes fusion 360 Giorgio Garbujo Make Anything myminifactory Protolabs Sruthi Venkatesh Tadashi Hattori University College

Industry Experts – David Calderon

3D Design 3D Printing 3D Software Business Exclusive Interviews Science & Technology 3D printing entrepreneurs 3d printing startup artificial intelligence automation cad CASTOR ERP IOT Stanley+Techstars AcceleratorThis is an interview with David Calderon of the startup CASTOR that is based in Tel Aviv. We are highlighting them and their product which may become a well known name in times to come. View the entire article via our website.

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Innovative Child Safety Product design with SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

Javelin Tech Tips

Javelin customer Inertia Engineering + Design, Inc. (IE+D) IE+D) is a leading supplier of fast-tracked, streamlined product design and engineering services to the medical, defense, and consumer product industries. Child Safety Product Handle Design.

3 Things You MUST Know About SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

The Solidworks Blog

It’s all about industrial design. The industrial design process is very different from the traditional mechanical design process. Industrial design is all about form , mechanical design is all about function.

“Edison Cup” Students Industrial Design Competition highlighted the SDB

3D Printing Industry

Recently, the "Edison Cup" Students Industrial Design Competition has highlighted the ongoing Shanghai Design Biennial. Design Event Edison Cup industrial designThis competition is jointly held by the Shanghai foreign exchange.

Industry Experts – Tom Yang of Febtop

3D Design 3D Printers 3D Printing Business Exclusive Interviews Science & Technology 3d printers 3D printing entrepreneurs cnc Febtop industrial machine laser cutter makers OPTIMUSThis is an interview with Tom Yang, the CEO of Febtop. He and his team have created a novel device that has great implications for makers. View the entire article via our website.

Freeform Modeling in SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design

The Solidworks Blog

Conceptual design of stylized products often starts with hand sketches, and may involve several disconnected software applications for sketching, surface modeling, and sharing the concepts with others. They need our help designing a new body for this electric carving knife.

Protolabs launches 3D design competition for the 2018 3D Printing Industry Awards

3D Printing Industry

The 3D Printing Industry Awards returns to London on May 17th 2018. This year, our annual 3D Printing Industry Awards trophy design challenge is hosted by MyMiniFactory and advanced digital manufacturing enterprise Protolabs. Design brief 2017 3D […]. Design 3D printing industry awards 3DPIAwards design competition Desktop Metal Greg Thompson MMF Morgan Morey my mini factory myminifactory Protolabs rob lindsay

The Virtual Foundry 3D design competition for the 3D Printing Industry Awards

3D Printing Industry

The 1st Annual 3D Printing Industry Awards take place in just a few months time and to create trophies for each of the 20 winners, Design 3d printing competition 3D printing industry awards bronze Filamet Filamet The Virtual Foundry

Accelerate Design and Inspire Innovation with SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

Javelin Tech Tips

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer Collaboration. How do you accelerate design? Where do you get your design inspiration? Industrial designers need to capture ideas whenever and wherever they strike and easily share them with relevant stakeholders.

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Freehand Sketching with SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer Software

Javelin Tech Tips

We have done quite a few demonstrations of SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer and every time we do I get more excited about the impact this new technology will have on the Industrial Design process. Freehand Sketching in SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer software.

Getting to Know Collaborative Industry Innovator

The Solidworks Blog

The Collaborative Industry Innovator role, on the 3D EXPERIENCE® platform, enables you to manage product design data and documents on the cloud in a collaborative environment connected with SOLIDWORKS®. Your designs can now be stored online, easily reused, and securely managed.

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Industry-Changing Forces Shaping Mobility

3D Perspectives

After a successful, content-packed day in Milan yesterday focused on Living in a Sustainable World , Design in the Age of Experience today featured another pivotal focus: Moving in a Sustainable World – an integral part of the event’s overall theme: Design for Life. Design Revolution.

Advancing Speed and Flexibility in Industrial Design

The Solidworks Blog

Carl Design AB is a leading Scandinavian industrial design firm that helps its clients develop and mass-produce creative, compelling products. Owner and Lead Designer Carl Öjerstam founded the company in 1995 after spending several years as a principal designer at IKEA.

Designer Portrait: How Industrial Designer Elise Luttik Uses 3D Printing for Interior Design Objects


Industrial Designer Elise Luttik from Amsterdam, founder of design studio eli5e , creates stunning interior design objects, product designs, and furniture. You can learn more about her designs and her brand on Elise’s website. Featured Designs

New features in SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design 2016

Javelin Tech Tips

With the newest release of SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design , our friends at Dassault Systemes have added some new features to help you create more accurate freeform models as quickly as possible. Final version of the glasses made using symmetry in SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design.

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Twist Light Reinvents the Lighting Industry

Shapeways Blog

What started out as an exploration into the flexible properties of different materials soon became a revolutionary product for Boston-based industrial designer Evan Gant. His design, the Twist Light, is a pendant light that transforms to adjust the brightness with a simple twist.

SolidWorks Industrial Designer Favourites – Freehand Sketching

Javelin Tech Tips

We have done quite a few demonstrations of SolidWorks Industrial Designer and every time we do I get more excited on the impact this new technology will have on the Industrial Design process. Additional Details about Industrial Designer: [link].

Industrial Design Apprentice mentors local FIRST Robotics Team

DASI Solutions

When Jason Link from Aptek Inc.

EcoWash: Combining Industrial Design & 3D Printing

Modern Tech

Our engineering intern Chris Brewer, a senior at Appalachian State University, recently collaborated with TriMech's application engineers to bring a design studio project to life with 3D printing.

How I Used SOLIDWORKS to Design the Cars You’ve Seen in Movies

The Solidworks Blog

If so, how long is production sidelined? Do you save all of the ‘bad’ (‘bad’ for the car, good for the viewers) scenes, where the car suffers extreme damage, for the end of shooting? Who exactly designs the cars we see in movies? I can make what I design.

Generative Design, Digital Twin, WAAM 3D Printing Used to Optimize Industrial Robot Arm

3D Printing 3D Software Metal 3D Printing Robotics 3D printing and generative design abb altair beta software digital twin formnext 2019 MetalXL software MX3D robot arm stainless steel WAAM WAAM technology Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing3D printing specialist MX3D has been working on a metal AM technology to create large items, such as bicycles and bridges, using robots. Now, the Dutch startup has partnered up. The post. View the entire article via our website.

Master Class: Chuck Hull on the 3D printing industry

Leslie's Blog

An important way to gain mastery is to learn from the master developers or users, those who developed a technology or an industry, or those who took a technology to a new level. 3D printing has cut that time down to as little as a few hours, depending on the design. Design choices.

How 3D Printing is Changing the Fashion Industry

Modern Tech

Technological advancements in 3D printing and scanning have opened up so many possibilities to revolutionize the fashion industry. Stratasys has teamed up with innovative designers to produce 3D printed clothing that goes beyond traditional fabrics.