Tyr3D: 3D Printing Replacement Car Parts in the Backside of Ireland


3D Design 3D Printing 3D Scanning Business Exclusive Interviews 3D printed automotive components 3d printed automotive parts 3d printed car parts 3d printed replacement parts 3d scanning custom 3d printed car parts custom car parts formlabs ireland PEEK PEI Raise 3D Raise3D replacement parts Tyr3D ultimakerWhen I first came upon the Tyr3D website it was not very confidence inspiring. And I was not exactly a fan of Tyr3D logo either.

Beautiful Map of Ireland Is 3D Printed Using Digital Topographic Data


3D Design 3D Printing 3D printed Ireland map 3d printed map 3d printed maps 3D printed tactile maps 3D printed topographic models 3d printed topographical maps 3d printed topography 3d printing topographical maps cocoon create Cokane Conor O'Kane ireland Shuttle Radar Topography Mission thingiverse US National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

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Currys PC World Now Selling Robox 3D Printers to the UK and Ireland

3D Printing Industry

Developed by expert industrial designers and engineers, the Robox was the first (and may be the only) desktop 3D printer to combine two differently-sized print nozzles to combine speed and fine features in a single machine. By Michael Molitch-Hou.

I-Form and Gallomanor launch the ‘3D Printing a Sustainable World’ competition

3D Printing Industry

I-Form, a Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Research Centre for Advanced Manufacturing, and Gallomanor, an online science platform, have launched a 3D printing competition. Design Dermot Brabazon Gallomanor I-Form Science Foundation Ireland University College DublinDubbed “3D Printing a Sustainable World”, this competition aims to ‘Shape the Future’ through environmentally-friendly ideas which replace conventionally made parts, pieces of art, or energy-based processes.

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Have a 3D Printed St. Patrick’s Day with These Downloadable Designs!


3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed drone accessories 3d printed gifts 3d printed holiday decorations 3d printed jewelry 3D printed shamrocks holiday 3d prints ireland shapeways St. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, all! It’s one of my favorite holidays – my giant Irish family always has a giant Irish dinner and to me, it signifies the real start of spring no matter. View the entire article via our website.

Dublin’s Trinity College Receives Funding from ESA to Develop Cold Spray 3D Printing Technology


When you think of Ireland, you might think of leprechauns, tall glasses of Guinness beer, and thick wool sweaters. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d printing materials 3d printing metal awards cold spray technology ESA European Space Agency ireland Irish Times Rocco Lupoi Trinity College You most certainly think of the color green. But what about a new green 3D... View the entire article via our website.

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These 3D Printed Modular Clothing Embellishments Look Like They Came Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Movie


We’ve already seen 3D printing play a major role in upcoming fashion design, and although we likely won’t see individuals strolling down the street fully clad in 3D printed gear any time soon, the... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d print dress 3d print sci-fi 3d printed fashion fashion design futuristic dress ireland National College of Art and Design Sarah O'Neill

Incredible 3D Printed Batman: Arkham Origins Suit Will Blow You Away, Quite Literally


Back in January of this year, we reported on an incredible 3D printed Batman suit that was created by Gauntlet FX, Crimson Coscrafts and Tundra Design. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed batman suit 3d printed cosplay arkham origins batarangs batman batman arkham origins batman gauntlet batman suit cosplay fire gun fire shooter fireball ireland

Heart Transplant Surgery Performed With Help of Color Coded 3D Printed Model


3D Design 3D Printing Health 3D Printing 3d print heart model 3d printed heart 3d printed medical model dublin heart heart failure heart surgery ireland medical model physiological society surgeryThere comes a day in everyone’s life when they realize that the human heart bears no resemblance to that double lobed drawing that shows up on Valentine’s Day cards and cheap tattoos. For most of... View the entire article via our website.

Irish Startup GaraGeeks Touting 3D Printed Business Signs


3D Design 3D Printing Business 3d printed sign 3d printed signs 3d printing businesses business 3d printing Garageeks ireland signageNiccolò Gallarati and Davide Viganò are the co-founders of Dublin startup GaraGeeks–the company behind Kickstarter success ClampHero–and they say some market research revealed a bit of a surprise in a lack of companies making business signs with 3D printers.... ... View the entire article via our website.

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Mcor 3D Prints Incredibly Realistic Rana Plaza Brick Replica From Tragic Building Collapse


3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed bricks 3D printing with paper arup ireland Irish Design 2015 mcor mcor technologies paper 3d printing Rana Plaza building collapseBesides the countless ways that 3D printing technology has changed and will continue to alter the landscape of manufacturing, it also has the capacity to improve and even save lives. In the process, the... View the entire article via our website.


Irish Digital Art Student Creates Sea Monster with i.materialise 3D Printing


3D Design 3D Printed Art 3D Printing 3D Software 3d printed creatures 3D printed monster 3d printed sculpture 3D printed sea creature 3D printing dublin 3d printing service bureau 3DS Max Amy Doran Avatar 2 digital art i.materialise ireland Mudbox Paintable ResinAs members of the human species, we all know that our imagination can sometimes wander to fantastical and frightening places. For every hero we see draw a weapon or save a city, there’s usually a.

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Designer Creates 3D Printable, Wearable Cities Through Shapeways


After graduating from college, I spent a year pursuing a Master’s Degree in Dublin, Ireland. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed city 3d printed jewelry 3d printed ring 3d printed rings amsterdam Berlin new york city Paris shapewaysWhile I loved the city, the highlights of my time overseas were the inexpensive flights that allowed me to... View the entire article via our website.

Competitors explore how to create a perfect 3D printed heat sink

3D Printing Industry

and Ireland recently gathered at the 18th Intersociety Conference on Thermal and Thermomechanical Phenomena in Electronic Systems, in Las Vegas, Nevada, to innovate the design of heat sinks using 3D printing. Academics from the U.S

Henkel Opens European Hub for 3D Printing Technology

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Düsseldorf / Germany, June 26, 2018 – Henkel today opened its Innovation and Interaction Center (IIC) for 3D Printing at its Tallaght site near Dublin, Ireland. New Innovation and Interaction Center in Dublin.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day


Not to mention we even got you covered when you intend to make an Irish inspired design. News 3D Printing free green Ireland Irish polyamide Saint Paddy Saint Patrick Saint Patrick''s Day It seems winter is finally over and spring is right around the corner.

Designed with Love. Made with Robots.

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We at Love & Robots are looking at how 3d printing will revolutionize the design and fashion industries. To mark the year of Irish Design 2015 Love & Robots were asked to create a collaborative piece. It is currently on tour in Ireland. The post Designed with Love.

Interactive 3D Model Shows Detailed Topology of California's Oroville Dam Before Spillway Damage


The wonders of 3D modeling can help people create all sorts of things, including topographical maps and puzzles, like this TopoTopo puzzle from HUSH and a 3D printed map of Ireland, created using. 3D Design 3D Software Science & Technology 3d model 3D modeling 3D printed topographic models 3d printed topography california interactive Oroville Dam sketchfab topography

Design of the Week: Europe Map


We’re interested in this design because it overcomes a limitation in 3D printed flat puzzles: no color textures are required for each piece. design This week’s selection is Martin Figeac’s “Europe Map puzzle with Great Britain”. Like puzzles? Why not print one out on your 3D printer?

The ‘Painter 3D Printer’ Launches on Kickstarter to Automatically Paint 3D Printed Objects


Keith Redmond of Wexford, Ireland, says he’s “just a normal guy with a passion for hard work and honesty and putting a smile on everyone’s face.” Redmond says he’s just completing the design of... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3D Software 3d model finishing 3D Model Painter Keith Redmond

3D Printing Helps Lucky Dog Walk on All Four Legs


The Irish Retriever Rescue (IRR) is a collaboration between dog lovers in the UK and Ireland who are committed to rescuing abandoned, unwanted or abused golden retrievers. 3D Design 3D Printing Medical 3D Printing 3d printed animal prosthetic 3D printed animal prosthetics 3D printed dog prosthetic 3d printed prostheses 3d printed prosthetic 3d printed prosthetic leg 3d printed prosthetics animal prostheses dog dogs pet prosthetics prosthetics

Seatricity Now Testing the Oceanus 2 Wave Energy Generation System with 3D Printed Models


Seatricity says they’ll spend a week in July tank-testing a 3D printed model of the Oceanus 2 device in Ireland and the generators will have an estimated life cycle of 20 years. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D Kernow 3d printed prototypes 3d printed wave power generator energy Oceanus 2 power generator renewable energy Seatricity sustainable energy uk

What Hardware Should I Choose for my CAD applications?

The Solidworks Blog

Designing a large assembly, simulating a complex scenario or rendering a photo-realistic image all have varying demands. Visit the Solid Solutions website for more information on SOLIDWORKS workstations in the UK and Ireland or to find a reseller in North America, click here.

Mcor’s New ARKe 3D Printer Ushers in Full-Color Desktop 3D Printing for All

3D Printing Industry

You might have been wondering what Mcor Technologies, the Ireland-based leading manufacturer of paper lamination full color 3D printers, has been up to lately. Design Consumers Education Events 3D Printers Color 3D PrintingBy Davide Sher.

Schooled in SOLIDWORKS Series: Quick tips from our UK Technical Manager

The Solidworks Blog

You will learn to use our product not just as a design tool, but as a means to ease business challenges and ignite rapid progress towards your strategic goals. Sit back and power-up your knowledge of the world’s most advanced 3D design software.

3D printing proves ancient ‘spear butt’ is a musical instrument

3D Printing Review

One researcher from the Australian National University decided to put this to use to test out an enigmatic artifact called the Conical Spear Butt of Navan, from Ireland’s Navan Fort archaeological site.

Most Read 3D Printing Articles – February 20, 2016

3D Printing Industry

In April of last year, Autodesk first announced its partnership with legendary toy manufacturer Mattel, saying that they would be powering the toy company’s design apps. By 3D Printing Industry. Autodesk & Mattel Release New $299 3D Printer for Families.

Taking First-World Problem Way Too Seriously and Solving it with xDesign

The Solidworks Blog

I began by modeling my car’s existing sun visor, and designed the extension as three separate parts in a bottom-up assembly. I was very happy to see my design assembled together and working!

ArtSystems appointed UK distributor for MakerBot 3D printers

3D Printing Review

Nottingham-based ArtSystems has been appointed as the United Kingdom and Ireland distributor for MakerBot, the global leader in desktop 3D printing. MakerBot Replicator – one of the products set to be distributed by D&H in the U.S.

HP Expands 3D Channel Programme in the UK with GoPrint3D Partnership

Additive Manufacturing

Ripon UK, 12 August, 2019 – GoPrint3D , the 3D printing arm of Express Group Ltd , has joined HP ’s UK channel partner programme to offer HP Jet Fusion 3D technology to its extensive customer base across the UK and Ireland.

Irish Digital Art Student Brings a Sea Monster to Life – With 3D Printing


Meet Amy Doran , the designer of a stunning sea creature that was made with a mix of clay sculpting, 3D scanning, 3D modeling and printing with i.materialise’s biggest resin printers. Meet Amy Doran, the designer behind the sea creature. in Dublin, Ireland. Wicklow, Ireland.

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101 Mendels


I have shipped parts to England, Scotland, Isle of Man, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Tenerife, USA, Canada, Australia and Singapore. His first design is way more sophisticated that anything I have managed so far.

Innovative Paper-Based 3D Printer Maker Mcor Technologies Opens New Boston-Area U.S. Headquarters

Additive Manufacturing

May 29, 2015 – Mcor Technologies Ltd , the Ireland-based manufacturer of the world’s only photorealistic-color, paper-based 3D printers, expanded its global presence today by opening a U.S. Manufacturers who use lots of prototypes during product design and development. TAUNTON, Mass.,


NumberSix's 3D Printing Blog: Extruder wiring connections.

Number Six's 3D Printing Blog

A dimension of the prescribed design utilises a ribbon cable to bring power to the hot-end, extruder motor and fan(s) and carries the hot-end thermistor reading back to the printers motherboard. Location: Limerick, Ireland. NumberSixs 3D Printing Blog.

GE Additive and Stryker Announce Additive Manufacturing Partnership

Additive Manufacturing

GE and Stryker share a similar vision and both of us understand the transformative power of additive design and manufacturing,” said Vice President and General Manager of GE Additive, Mohammad Ehteshami. “We

The Week in 3D Printing

Shapeways Blog

As Gizmodo reported , scientists at University College in Ireland tried to think as American as possible, and explored how (scientifically) processed cheese might be altered when put through a 3D printing process.

Mcor Technologies to Inform RAPID 2015 Attendees How to Save 80% on 3D Printing and Prototyping Costs

Additive Manufacturing

This low cost enables wider accessibility of the technology and therefore, greater innovation and better designs. The company operates internationally from offices in Ireland, the UK, America and APAC.