3D Printed Antenna Knowledge Base

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Since I''m getting more involved with communal WiFi mash networks and open source smart city project in my town, I decided to research and make a small knowledge base on 3d printed antennas. They recently published that they also use 3d printers to make some designs.

Knowledge Based Machining using SOLIDWORKS MBD and SOLIDWORKS CAM

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You’ve probably heard about Model Based Definition by now , MBD easily allows users to add all of their Manufacturing Information or PMI directly to their 3D Model opposed to 2D Drawing creation. What is Knowledge Based Machining?

Enabling Flow: Knowledge Based Construction

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The production system looks more like the image depicted below where every work stream is affected, and managing buffers and the four knowledge flows (Information, Design, Supply Chain / Logistics, and Site Assembly) are critical. Production System Knowledge Flow.

Announcing SolidPractices for all SOLIDWORKS Customers on Subscription

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Much of the knowledge for the SOLIDWORKS family of products is already documented in the form of Help, Tutorials, and Knowledge Solutions. Today we are announcing the release of first set of these documents as listed below, all available through the online Knowledge Base.

Intelligent 3D Façade Templated Design

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If you think back to your first days in a design office, in a new industry, fresh from college, you’ll remember that there was always a designer who’d been there many years. taking a templated approach to design. Click to Tweet: With templates, #AEC designers can.

Coding for 3D Part 3: Tools of Choice


This is an in-depth article explaining the plan of attack for learning parametric design through code. I will be consulting various online resources as well as books to strengthen my knowledge base. 3D Design 3D Printed Art Editorials / Opinions Education Science & Technology 3D geometry 3D modeling algorithms design efficiency grasshopper mathematics NURBS programming python rhinoceros

Maintaining SOLIDWORKS Design and Data Efficiency While Working From Home

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To help you maintain efficiency throughout your design and data management activities, the Technical Support Experts from our Global SOLIDWORKS team have compiled information to help optimize your experience with SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD and SOLIDWORKS PDM from home.

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Why Choose Advanced Design Concepts (ADC)?

Advanced Design Concepts

Many steps go into a successful product, and at ADC we design with manufacturing in mind from the start. We are a fully integrated engineering design and prototype development studio. Tool design and tool path output. Are you seeking a specific knowledge base?

NY Conference Takes 3D Printing from Prototyping to Production

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For those of us in manufacturing, however, these events just scratch the surface of the knowledge base we need for making informed decisions about bringing additive manufacturing to the factory floor.

Sigmund: Seven Steps to Guaranteed Product Quality in Design

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Today, 3D CAD technology has matured to high levels of building complex designs. Validating the design for Fit, Form and Function ( F 3 ) are now completed with great care, upfront. 3D CAD designs live in an Ideal World of congruence. Objective Driven Design Process.

Nothing Short of Amazing: The 3D Printed Heart Library at Jump Trading Center Benefits Everyone


Regarding the power of 3D printing—which has led to an entire heart library—it seems safe to say that the surgeons behind it are certainly pleased as their knowledge base continues to grow and be. 3D Design 3D Printing Business Health 3D Printing 3D Heart Lab 3D Heart Library 3d printed anatomical models 3d printed heart models 3d printed medical models Jump Trading Center of OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

New Online SOLIDWORKS CAM Training Courses Now Available

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SOLIDWORKS CAM is a fully integrated, Knowledge Based Machining (KBM) technology that allows you to integrate 3D design and manufacturing processes under one system; to evaluate designs earlier in the process to avoid unexpected costs and delays in finishing products on time.

Can we make electronics energy self-sufficient?

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They are using the 3D EXPERIENCE platform on the cloud for Chemistry, Simulation and Design solutions, giving them a knowledge based design tool to integrate in device, translate styling inputs into predictable energy, and create production data.

Get Twice as Many Free Exams When You’re on Subscription

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With it you can access the customer portal, the knowledge base, the forums, and of course MySolidWorks where we host hundreds of hours of online training materials. SOLIDWORKS customers who have an active subscription service in place are entitled to many benefits.

Software-Born Kikai Labs Launches New M11 3D Printer with Filament Detection

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Unlike other companies that entered the desktop 3D printer arena from some areas of the manufacturing business, Buenos Aires-based Kikai Labs began as a software company. 3D Printers 3D Printing Design FDM/FFF Makers South AmericaBy Davide Sher.

Getting started with SOLIDWORKS CAM

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What is special about SOLIDWORKS CAM is that it uses Knowledge Based Machining with Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR). Having this power directly in SOLIDWORKS gives designers and machinists unparalleled versatility, consistency and speed within an integrated production environment.

Upload STL files to 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace with eDrawings 2020

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Try hiding them in the source model, or review SPR-567023 in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base for other options. 3D Printing & Design Consulting.

2014 3D Printing Korea: A Get-Together to See How Far Korean 3D Printing Tech Has Come

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The exhibition forum was shared with the 22th Korea International Sign & Design Show (KOSIGN 2014) and took place over four days last week. By Park Hyeong Yeol (David).

Stay Current and Ahead of the Competition with SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services

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NEW SOLIDWORKS software releases to give you competitive advantage and help you create designs faster and more accurately. The latest SOLIDWORKS service pack upgrades to help you stay current and enhance your SOLIDWORKS designing experience.

Virtual Singapore: A Platform to Solve Emerging and Complex Challenges

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Research, innovation and enterprise are central to Singapore’s development as a knowledge-based economy and society as it helps to provide solutions to improve people’s lives, create job opportunities, and enter new industries.

Beyond BIM Symposium – Innovations in Geometry and Collaboration

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Current practice in architectural and engineering design involves workflow methods that can have many stages and steps that challenge the efficacy and quality of the design and construction process. Unnecessary costs accrue through design collaboration delays and redesign or rework at any stage which challenges the business model of all participants. Beyond BIM Symposium and case studies on workflow methods in architectural design, engineering and fabrication.

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Harnessing the Power of Cloud-Based Collaboration on an Architecture Project

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For an architectural firm like New York-based SHoP Architects, expressing innovation means harnessing the power of diverse expertise in the design of buildings and environments to improve the quality of public life. See Also: Industry Process Experience: Façade Design for Fabrication.

MySolidWorks Professional now includes ALL SOLIDWORKS eCourses

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Mold Design Using SOLIDWORKS. These courses employ professional-quality design, guided practice, offline exercises, and highly interactive content. Access to the SolidWorks Customer Portal , explore and search Advanced Forums, and the Knowledge Base.

What a Startup Accelerator Can Mean for Your Business

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There are four distinct factors that make a startup accelerator unique: they are fixed-term, cohort-based, and mentorship-driven, and they culminate in a graduation or “demo day.”. Frequent seminars will expand your knowledge base and motivate you to develop and grown your startup idea.

Announcing MySolidWorks

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New training content includes SOLIDWORKS Essentials, Advanced Part Modeling, Sheet Metal Design, Assembly Modeling, and more. MySolidWorks Drive – Connects cloud-based file storage services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive with MySolidWorks.

Watermark Indicates SOLIDWORKS Files from Educational Version

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In the design tree of such 3D models, beside file name, we see the icon that looks like a graduation hat. SOLIDWORKS knowledge base solution S-040508 includes a macro that detects files created in educational version of SOLIDWORKS.

New SOLIDWORKS Ecosystems Help Accelerate Innovation, Improve Bottom Lines

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With SOLIDWORKS 2018, we are addressing four ecosystems that customers can leverage right away: Design to Manufacturing, Data Management, Simulation and IoT. MBD is transformational in reducing manufacturing errors, accelerating design to manufacturing, and reducing communication gaps.

SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP4 Stability Hotfix

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This is a hot fix that has been released from SOLIDWORKS as documented in the knowledge base. In SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP4, it is possible that some users may see SOLIDWORKS experience delays when saving files, hangs when clicking in the graphics area after zooming or rotating a model, or intermittent shutdowns after adding a configuration or after performing FeatureManager Design Tree selection and rebuild.

Introducing SOLIDWORKS CAM: a Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem

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Components of this ecosystem, such as Costing, Inspection, and Model-Based Definition (MBD), have been a priority to take the next logical step that will improve efficiency for our users.

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Jumpstart SOLIDWORKS 2020 with Subscription Services

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Here you’ll find MySolidworks Training , search through an extensive technical Knowledge Base , join the community through Discussion Forums , and so much more! With Subscription Services, you’re entitled to the latest and greatest SOLIDWORKS technology.

5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity and Improve Your Time Management

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Have you ever been so bogged down with meetings or emails that you had no time to work on your design projects? Block off time to work on specific sections of your design or drawing. Also, silence your cell phone when you are working on critical design tasks.

Announcing MySolidWorks Professional

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New training content includes SOLIDWORKS Essentials, Advanced Part Modeling, Sheet Metal Design, Assembly Modeling, and more. MySolidWorks Drive – Connects cloud-based file storage services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive with MySolidWorks.

New MySolidWorks Online Services and Packages Released Today

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120 new online training modules have been added, the modules are tailored to meet SOLIDWORKS users’ needs which includes a SOLIDWORKS Certification prep courses, and short lessons for SOLIDWORKS Part Modeling, Sheet Metal Design, Assembly Modeling, and more.

Turn Your SOLIDWORKS Hack Into a Key Feature with Enhancement Requests

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Although some of these offer only minor help to your day-to-day design work, some of them can have a major impact both now and in the future. How about some strange functionality that you have crafted up that could be useful to the SOLIDWORKS design community?

Maximize Your Investment with SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services

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Here you’ll find MySolidworks Training , Search through an extensive technical Knowledge Base , Join the community through Discussion Forums , and so much more! In this age of streaming, there are so many services out there; it’s hard to keep track of what’s included with each one.

Optimize your SOLIDWORKS Experience

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Product design has evolved over the past few years to incorporate new technologies such as 3D printing, rapid prototyping, design for manufacturing, and model-based definition. Using MySolidWorks through Subscription Service.

Improving Drug Development Efficacy Through Operational Efficiency

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To achieve new levels of productivity, Life Science companies must learn to capture and build-upon their existing knowledge base by harvesting and sharing the data that already exists within their organizations.

Creating a Perfect Custom Insole with 3D Printing

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The industry is moving ahead from a plaster cast based orthotics solution that take weeks to deliver to 3D printed custom-fit precision orthotics delivered in days. After the partnership with Peacocks Medical was established, we began work on the design and development of Podfo right away.

[Podcast] How the User Forum Changed the Course of SOLIDWORKS Software

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If you are a passionate SOLIDWORKS user, listen to this Born to Design podcast and hear this short story about how our users truly changed the future of SOLIDWORKS software. What do you picture when I say “starting a movement?”

Moving from DriveWorks Xpress to DriveWorks Solo

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DriveWorks Xpress is the design automation tool included with every seat of SOLIDWORKS. The Xpress edition allows you to get to know this easy to use tool, but is limited to only a portion of what is possible in the world of knowledge based engineering.

Which is Right For You, Perpetual or Term Licenses?

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SOLIDWORKS has different licensing options designed to meet the varying needs of our customers and users. SolidWorks products are easy to learn and use, and work together to help you design products better, faster, and more cost-effectively.

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Why join the SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service Program?

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To enhance your current and future opportunities, it’s paramount to maintain an up-to-date design and development environment that helps keep you competitive and improve your operational efficiency.

5 Ways to Celebrate 3D Printing Day


3D Printing Day might be the best moment to start learning about each fascinating 3D printing technology, or to add on to your existing knowledge base. To begin with, read our tutorials on the different aspects of 3D printing : from design to 3D scanning and materials.