DIMENSIONEXT: 3DP Designers at MAD Museum


3DP Designers at MAD Museum. 3D-Printables Designers Exhibit at the MAD Museum. 3D Systems recent flurry of corporate acquisitions created a wide portfolio of cutting edge designers and manufacturing talent in the wider companies team. Labels: Design , Exhibition , Museum.

Second "Included Print File" Printed - Shoe

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

Here is the completed Macedonia Shoe that was printed in Delaware over the weekend, The top view does an excellent job of showing how smoothly the Cube prints contours. Macedonia Shoe Printed on Cube - Top From the side, we see how it deals with large areas and holes.

Taking 3D Printed Medical Solutions Farther Than Ever Before

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

3D4MD has designed and tested a solar-powered, plug-and-play, ultra-portable 3D printing system that can manufacture a range of hygienic, effective and low-cost medical supplies at the point of use. A Humanitarian Design Process.

Six Challenges Facing Modern Manufacturing Companies

Design 2 Part News

Danielle Iera is the Marketing Coordinator of TPC Wire & Cable Corp. ( [link] ) in Macedonia, OH. By Danielle Iera, TPC Wire & Cable Corp, Manufacturing.net. Manufacturing is an ever-changing industry, where manufacturers face new issues and concerns every year.

Irina Tosheva latest collection flaunts 3D printed pieces made on a Zortrax 3D printer


Macedonian fashion designer Irina Tosheva has used 3D printing to create unique pieces for her latest collection, “Riza", which has been showcased at events in Kosovo and Macedonia. The designer worked with MK3D, a Macedonian 3D printing service provider, to print the pieces on a Zortrax 3D printer.