3D Printing News Briefs: December 1, 2017


Happy December! Rather than worrying about how much you have left to do in the few short weeks before the holidays, why not use that time in a more productive way and check out this month’s. View the entire article via our website.

One of These is Not Like the Other

Design 2 Part News

Instead of using a traditional cast of a patient’s foot, Sols allows each patient to scan their foot in minutes, upload the data to the company’s design center, and receive a 3D printed custom insert that fits every curve and angle of their foot. Photo courtesy Kablooe Design.

The Reshoring Challenge: Why and How CEOs are Moving…

Design 2 Part News

Walmart is finding that the Made in USA initiative makes solid business sense because it can move production closer to its customers, allowing its suppliers to respond faster to new designs or new trends. Others, like NCR, found that locating production closer to customers improves the company’s ability to innovate because customer needs can be more rapidly communicated to engineers and others who design products.