Oklahoma Air Force Implements 3D Printing for Airplane Repair

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Oklahoma State Students Embrace 3D Printing With Fishing Reel, Rocket, QuadCopter & More


Do you remember spending days and weeks on school projects that involved an end design or prototype that had to be just perfect, and once it was handcrafted and produced there was no turning... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed hexapod 3D printed quadcopter 3d printed rocket ENGR13x2 fishing reel oklahoma state university STEM education student design student project students

US Air Force Developing Strategy Increased Role for 3D printing in Aircraft Design & Maintenance


Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma is the home of the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center (OC-ALC), the center of the Air Force Materiel Command’s (AFMC) aircraft, engine, missile, software and. 3D Design 3D Printing Business 3d printing air force air force air force 3d printing B-52 Stratofortress Dr. Kristian Olivero OC-ALC Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center Tinker Air Force Base us air force

Mathematician Employs Shadows and 3D Printed Sculpture to Help Visualize 4D World


As if we weren’t functioning well enough with high-tech progress in our 2D world, along came 3D design and 3D printing as we outdid ourselves—and continue to do so—with a multitude of inventions and indeed, a... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed hypercube 4d world Oklahoma State University at Stillwater shapeways

Presentation on design of 3D printed mathematical art by Henry Segerman

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One hour worth watching of Henry Segerman from Oklahoma State University giving presentation on design of 3D printed mathematical art during Symposium on Computational Geometry 2014.

3D Printing News Briefs: April 25, 2017


In today’s edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, we’re covering everything from business to 3D printing, scanning, modeling, and design. EOS joins a manufacturing alliance, while a 3D. View the entire article via our website.

Designer Spotlight: Cady Carlson

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Shapeways designer Cady Carlson’s shop is a fun mix of whimsical and lighthearted products (a “I Love You More Than Bacon” bracelet, anyone?), Because of this philosophy, she makes a conscious effort to trust her instincts when designing. Click Here For More Of Cady’s Designs.

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The New MendelMax 3.0 3D Printer Returns to Market

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The MendelMax is one of the best known open source RepRap designs based on the Prusa Mendel. By Davide Sher. Version 2.0 came out in early 2013, in what now seems like an entirely different era.

UTA’s FSAE Texas Autocross Weekend 2014 Supported by SolidWorks VAR GoEngineer

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Dave Schaller and the GoEngineer Texas team provided training to FSAE teams to help students be more successful in the design and analysis of their cars.

Tutorial Tuesday 16: Mathematica Brings the Mathematical Bling

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Structure, form, geometry, and symmetry are secret keys to beautiful 3D designs. For example, this stunning Rhombic star earring by Mathematical Creations: This design was created with Wolfram’s powerful software Mathematica. Want to learn how to make designs like these?

Our favorite customizable phone cases

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Talking to cadycarlson , who designed one of of favorites, had this to say about making her design for the challenge: “This was a really fun project for me. I mainly design jewelry but have made a few accessory items in the past, so making a phone case was a great challenge!

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US Air Force and GE’s Collaboration on Metal Additive Reaches First Technology Milestone with 3D Printed Sump Cover for F110 Engine

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Melanie Jonason, chief engineer for the propulsion sustainment division at Tinker Air Force Base (AFB) in Oklahoma was keen for her division to be a part of the program from the outset. “Re-engineering

Machine Tool Distributor Inks Partnership with Industrial 3D Printing Company to Meet Customer Demand

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EOS technology is the best and most advanced in the market, and partnering with them allows us to rethink manufacturing and design as we, and our customers, know it.”. EOS and Hartwig Inc. partnership brings full-line distribution of additive manufacturing equipment possible. Novi, Mich.

FABTECH Engages Prominent Industry Influencers to Amplify Attendee Experience

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FABx Tech Talks, designed to emulate the popular TED-style concept, will feature a powerful lineup of visionary veterans. Another business owner, Richard Day of 42Fab in Oklahoma, specializes in signs and custom furniture.

Stryker Spine Division’s Tritanium® C Anterior Cervical Cage Gains Momentum With Surgeons

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The Tritanium C Anterior Cervical Cage is the newest addition to Stryker’s expanding line of spinal implants constructed from its proprietary Tritanium Technology, 1 a novel, highly porous titanium material designed for bone in-growth and biological fixation.

NAMRI SME Puts the Spotlight on Industry Researchers at 45th Annual North American Manufacturing Research Conference

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NAMRC is the premier international forum for applied research and industrial applications in manufacturing and design. Don Lucca, PhD, FSME, CMfgE, regents professor and Herrington chair in advanced materials at Oklahoma State University, presented the NAMRI/SME Founders Lecture.

America Makes Awards $8 Million to UDRI for Additive Manufacturing R&D to Support Air Force Efforts Toward Safe, More Efficient Sustainment

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Rice said the answer lies in additive manufacturing – commonly known as 3D printing – which uses a computer-driven printer to deposit successive layers of polymer, metal or other media – from the bottom up – to create simple or complicated and intricate objects, as dictated by a three-dimensional, digital design file of the object.

How Does America “Reshore” Skills That Have Disappeared?

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With 3-D printing, for example, “you can come up with a design, print it out in an hour, and then test it in an engine that runs at 2,000 degrees.” Oklahoma recently developed a whole new trade school program devoted to the next wave of automation.

FDI & Reshoring Lead to U.S. Manufacturing Growth

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economy with a new world-class facility featuring custom-designed kitchens to reach its fastest-growing market — American consumers — as well as select export markets. Sofidel also recently announced a project in Oklahoma that will include two tissue technology machines producing a total output of 120,000 metric tons a year. Both the Ohio and Oklahoma Sofidel facilities are expected to boost the economy for years to come. By Stephen Gray, CEO, Gray Construction.

US Air Force to integrate 3D printing into almost all aspects of aircraft design and maintenance


The Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex, located in the Tinker Air Force Base, is a major US Air Force Base and worldwide manager for a range of aircraft engines, missiles, software and avionics.

Drone Privacy and Security Issue Solutions

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In a petition submitted by EPIC to the FAA, they cited how drones presented a unique threat to privacy due their design, which allowed them to operate virtually undetected in urban and rural environment. Oklahoma has considered passing a bill that will authorize homeowners to shoot down drones, while some other lawmakers have proposed allowing only drones without cameras to fly over private property.

Sink your teeth into this mechanical 3D printed Saber inspired by Disney Research


Disney Research, the scientific arm of the movie giant, last year developed a 3D printable robotic design tool, which enabled users to quickly design animatronic “creatures” with realistic gaits. Inspired by the 3D printing endeavors of Disney Research, particularly its 3D printable “Cyber Tiger” model, Oklahoma based maker Greg Zumwalt set about designing his own 3D printed mechanical creature.