Virginia Tech Students to Launch Experimental 3-D Printer on NASA Rocket Ship from Wallops Island

Additive Manufacturing

Ever the Hokies , the student designed, built and tested machine will 3-D print a plastic Virginia Tech “ VT ” logo. The team, comprised of 20 students, will launch a self-designed and built 3-D printer into suborbital space on August 11 from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility.

SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering Series – Carmen Graves

The Solidworks Blog

Joining the team her senior year, Carmen fell in love with the design process. “I I love digging deep into a design problem and figuring out the solution through multiple iterations and prototypes. The final design is the ultimate reward,” she said.

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Materials Explainer: 3D Printing in Strong & Flexible Plastics

Shapeways Blog

The material guidelines will give you a good basis for designing in XSF, but it’s always good to hear from an expert, so we reached out to a member of our community, Roolz , who shared some pro tips.

Lockheed Martin Opens New Facility to Support F-35 Production Growth

Design 2 Part News

In 2017, the F-35 program is reported to have had more than 1,500 suppliers in 46 states and Puerto Rico, employed more than 194,000 people (direct and indirect), and generated an economic impact of over $31 billion.

Getting Technical: Students Study Up and Choose Afinia for 3D Printing


Well-Rounded, in Technology and Culture A student designs a piece to be printed on the Afinia 3D Printer. We build technology labs in places like South Africa, Puerto Rico, and Nicaragua. They usually cost around $80 to replace, but now the girls design them and print them out.”

MEPs are Essential to Rebuilding American Manufacturing…

Design 2 Part News

Department of Commerce agency…MEP is built on a national system of centers located in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. OHIO Design is a builder of custom, made-to-order, modern furniture and interiors. By Michele Nash-Hoff, Last month, President Trump submitted a “Skinny Budget” with the goal of removing some of the “fat” within Washington DC. Unfortunately, one of the programs eliminated in his budget is not “fat.”

Medical Machining Tightens Up

Design 2 Part News

More recently, he said, the machines sold to Johnson & Johnson have been sent to Ireland and the Zimmer machines sent to Puerto Rico. The line is designed for tight-tolerance work,” Walker said, and features XYZ positioning accuracy of 0.001 mm.