Shapeways integrates Zverse software to accelerate 3D design solutions

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Shapeways, a New York-headquartered 3D printing marketplace and service bureau, has partnered with ZVerse to integrate its CAD as a Service (CADaaS) platform. Driven by AI, CADaaS will enable the design of new 3D models and the optimization of existing 3D files all within the Shapeways website. 3D Platforms CAD as a Service John Carrington shapeways ZVerse

How Hasbro is Dealing with IP through Partnership with Shapeways

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Since anyone can ostensibly scan a copyrighted design and then 3D Print it on their home machine, large companies with strong brands and their legal counsel are grappling with how to protect themselves in this new fabrication world. Legal retail Toys Hasbro Shapeways

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Shapeways expands 3D printing services with additional $30 million funding

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New York headquartered 3D printing marketplace Shapeways has announced a further $30 million in Series E funding. Each of the investors are making a return from the prior round in 2015 which also saw Shapeways […]. 3D Platforms 3d modeling Andreessen Horowitz Design with Shapeways Gregory Kress INKEF Capital jewelry Lux Capital shapeways Shapeways funding Spring & Wonder Union Square Ventures

Shapeways X Carbon

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Shapeways first launched with one guiding directive: to make 3D printing technology available to every creator who had a vision or idea. These powerful, multipurpose materials greatly expand our ability to meet even the most detailed and unique design challenges.

Unlock Your 3D Printing Potential and Design With Shapeways!

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At Shapeways, it is our genuine belief that anyone can be a creator. We are passionate about helping all of our users, no matter their experience, t ap into their creative potential and design their own perfect product. Or you just might not have the time to develop a model from the design stages all the way to when it’s ready to print. The newly improved Design with Shapeways service connects users directly with our first-rate team of 3D designers and modelers.

Shapeways at Dutch Design Week 2016

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Dutch Design Week is here! Based in Eindhoven (Shapeways’ hometown), this annual nine-day festival draws designers and design-lovers from around the world. Each year, we join forces with our community of independent designers to showcase their amazing creativity.

Shapeways Designers – The Laser Girls – In The Press!

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Keep in mind that press is always checking out the Shapeways marketplace for interesting and unique products. Making your designs available for purchase and pairing them with gorgeous product shots, you significantly increase visibility for your shop.

Give the Gift of Shapeways

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Giving a Shapeways gift card to your loved ones gives them the chance to explore the world of 3D printing, either from the Shapeways marketplace or by creating something beautiful and personal. Although it may be late to order a 3D printed gift before the holidays, giving a gift card will allow your gift recipient to design or purchase any time of the year. Whatever their design skills are, consider giving the gift of Shapeways this season.

Shapeways + Fashion

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Below are some of our favorite pieces that have come from the Shapeways factory: Victoria’s Secret Snow Angels. The corset and wings were designed to look like fractal snowflakes and were adorned with thousands of Swarovski crystals.

Shapeways Fall 2016 EDU Grant Contest Winners Announced

Shapeways has announced the winners of their Fall 2016 EDU Grant contest, and the results are predictably amazing with innovation springing from all directions as college students and professors. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D printed product design 3D printed student projects 3d printing contest shapeways shapeways contest Shapeways EDU Shapeways Education Shapeways Education Grant Shapeways Fall 2016 EDU Grant contest


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One of the best examples is Netherlands-based Shapeways, a company that is a part of the Philips Electronics incubator program. The company, which launched in Q2 2008, allows customers to upload a design that Shapeways will manufacture using a method of AM. This may sound similar to a conventional AM service provider, although Shapeways focuses entirely on the consumer market. Shapeways handles the sales transaction, manufacturing, and shipment to the customer.

Greg Kress to lead Shapeways ‘design, make, and sell’ ethos as new CEO

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3D printing marketplace and service bureau Shapeways has officially announced the appointment of Gregory Kress as the company’s new CEO. Former CEO Peter Weijmarshausen, and co-founder of Shapeways, stepped down from the position in August 2017. Business 3D printing markeplace Albert Wenger Greg Kress Peter Weijmarshausen Service Bureau shapeways Tom Finn Union Square Ventures

Sixense launches MakeVR 3D design tool for HTC Vive with Shapeways integration

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California software company Sixense has launched a 3D design platform for virtual reality. 3D Software HTC Vive MakeVR Oculus Oculus Medium shapeways Sixense Virtual Reality vr VR designMakeVR has been developed solely for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset.

Give the Gift of Shapeways

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Giving a Shapeways gift card to your loved ones gives them the chance to explore the world of 3D printing, either from the Shapeways marketplace or by creating something beautiful and personal. Although it may be late to order a 3D printed gift before the holidays, giving a gift card will allow your gift recipient to design or purchase any time of the year. Whatever their design skills are, consider giving the gift of Shapeways this season.

Announcing the Shapeways Dota® 2 3D Printing Contest on Polycount!

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Enter your Radiant and Dire designs before April 29th, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST to be eligible to win! Submission Guidelines: 4 steps to follow: Design a Dota® 2-themed model to be printed. Using your favorite 3D modeling software, design a character, product or hardware based on Dota® 2.

Exclusive Interview: Shapeways Introduces New CEO, Vision to Bridge the Gap in 3D Printing and Design

Back in August, Shapeways co-founder Peter Weijmarshausen stepped down as the company’s CEO. Featured Stories 3d printing executives 3d printing interview 3d printing interviews CEO exclusive interview Greg Kress Peter Weijmarshausen shapeways shapeways 3d printing Shapeways designers Shapeways marketplace Shapeways Shop OwnersDuring the transition phase, COO Tom Finn has served as interim CEO. Today, the company announces.

Shapeways in Seattle This Saturday

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We’re hosting two awesome design events in Seattle this Saturday, April 22. Whether you’re interested in learning about creating scale models for 3D printing or sharing your designs on our new community site, Shape.JS , we’d love to meet you! Design-Sharing Community. Learn how you can create scripted products and sell these at Shapeways with Shape.JS. The post Shapeways in Seattle This Saturday appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.

Shapeways Releases Its New Porcelain Material to All 3D Designers

3D Design 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d print porcelain 3d printed porcelain porcelain porcelain 3d printing material shapeways shapeways material shapeways porcelainThe types of materials available for 3D printing continue to expand at an amazing rate. Glass is the latest development to get everyone excited, as researchers continue to work on printing glass. View the entire article via our website.

Valve + Shapeways: Now, Design for Games Like DOTA 2, CS: GO, Portal, Half-Life, and Team Fortress 2

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We’re incredibly excited to announce that, thanks to a first-of-its kind program, Valve and Shapeways are partnering up to empower our communities of creators to make and sell 3D printed, gamer-created merchandise and accessories based on Valve’s games and hardware.

Shapeways’ Pendant and Keychain Creators Make 3D Design Simple

3D Design 3D Printing shapeways Shapeways keychain creator Shapeways pendant creatorWhen I mention to people that I write about 3D printing, I often get impressed looks and comments like, “Wow, that’s really high-tech!” ” or “I have no idea how that stuff. View the entire article via our website.

Create, Repair and Optimize Your 3D Files With Shapeways & ZVerse

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Over the years, we’ve worked to refine that process, offering design services that paired our users with expert designers who could bring their ideas to life. We’ve taken that idea even further and are happy to announce our new 3D File Design service, powered by ZVerse’s CAD as a Service (CADaaS) platform! Through our new partnership with ZVerse, every Shapeways user will now have access to expert 3D design solutions for any project. Lattice Design.

10 Years Ago, Shapeways Was Sparked

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Ten years ago today, Shapeways was just an idea. ” It was March 1, 2007 – Co-Founder & CEO Pete Weijmarshausen’s first day working full-time on Shapeways, and the unofficial birthday of the company. Pete opens Shapeways’ New York office, 2010.

Welcome to Shapeways Magazine

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The Shapeways Blog has always been a place to celebrate our community. Your work has become so varied, your designs and your projects so compelling, that we felt they deserved a better publishing platform — a place where we could elevate your stories, and join them with the bigger story of 3D printing innovation. So, with input from dozens of Shapies, and in response to the work of thousands of community members, we conceived of Shapeways Magazine.

VECTARY and Shapeways Are Making 3D Design a Lot Easier

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But what if you could cut it short — by building on others’ designs, and using a simple, intuitive interface to create 3D printable objects? And, the most exciting part for us: now you can order a 3D print from Shapeways without leaving VECTARY.

The Coolest Dota® 2 Products on Shapeways

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That, dear reader, is when they need to open up a Shapeways store. So, without further ado, here are some of the coolest Dota® 2 products on Shapeways. The first time, by the way, was when the designer brought us full color sandstone Grumpy Cat.

3 Reasons to Print Your Next Creation on Shapeways

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At Shapeways, we want to make 3D printing accessible to everyone who wants to do it. Shapeways uses a huge fleet of cutting-edge industrial 3D printers with capabilities light years beyond desktop 3D printers. All you need is a design to print and you’re good to go.

Pratt Fine Arts + Shapeways Create a Groundbreaking Jewelry-Making Course

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You open the Shapeways box, and inside, a shiny, solid version of your jewelry design appears, almost as if by magic. Like many of our jewelry designers, a piece of 3D printed jewelry is not the final stop to a completed ring, necklace, earring, brooch, or bracelet.

Shapeways Goes to India: Maker Fest Ahmedabad

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This past weekend Shapeways attended the three-day event which welcomed over 30,000 attendees from Gujarat and around the world. Lauren Slowik (Shapeways Design Evangelist) and I represented the Shapeways community at the event.

India 79

Shapeways Launches Pilots Hub & New Pilot Materials — Aluminum, Black Nylon & More

Shapeways knows this well, which is why the service has... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d printing materials aluminum ShapeJS Cocreators shapeways shapeways aluminum shapeways black nylon 11 shapeways interlocking metal shapeways materials Shapeways Pilots shapeways rushIf you 3D print you know how important materials are.

Shapeways Releases Their 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

While the weather has been unseasonably warm this fall in the Northeast, things are heating up at Shapeways. In preparation for the upcoming holidays, the hard working team at Shapeways has been. 3D Design 3D Printed Art 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 2016 Holiday Gift Guide 3D animal models 3d printed holiday gifts 3D printed pendants 3d printed porcelain bacon mobius strip earrings games gift guide jewelry Mobius strip pendants rings shapeways Shapeways 2015 Gift Guide

It’s Finally Here: The Shapeways 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

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It’s the most exciting time of the year for us to share all of our independent designers’ amazing work from around the globe — in the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide ! What also makes Shapeways gifts so special is that you can Say You Made It.

Letter from the CEO – Changes to Shapeways Pricing

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Shapeways Community: This is an exciting time at Shapeways. We are committed to providing the community with the leading platform to design, make and sell with the most innovative technologies. This includes the recent announcement of the Fulfilled by Shapeways Shopify integration and the Stratasys J750 multi-material color 3D printing. CEO of Shapeways. The post Letter from the CEO – Changes to Shapeways Pricing appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.

FDM=ASAP but SLS=OMG: Home 3D Printing vs. Shapeways

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But, unless you’re hiding a refrigerator-sized $300,000 SLS machine in your garage, there are going to be times when it’s worth sending your prints to a professional 3D printing service like Shapeways (SLS = Shapeways Strong & Flexible Plastic ).

Exciting Updates are Coming Soon to Shapeways

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Set a context for our services now and those rapidly coming that will enable the end-to-end experience surrounding 3D manufacturing to design, make, and sell. New Logo and Design. CEO of Shapeways.

Shapeways Holiday 3D Printed Wishlist Contest Will Award Grand Prize of a $500 In-store Credit

It’s the season of giving, and while you are busy doing that for others, Shapeways may have something very nice in store for... View the entire article via our website. There is one thing better than wishing — and that’s winning.

Shapeways Explains What Happens When a Design Patent is Infringed

When it comes to copyright law involving 3D design work, no one seems to grasp the perplexing and unhinged infringement rules quite like the 3D printing and law expert Michael Weinberg. 3D Design 3D Printing Business 3d design 3d model copyright issues 3d model patents 3d printing law copyright law design patent ip copyright issues Michael Weinberg patent shapeways Shapeways blog United States Copyright Office US Supreme Court

Valve + Shapeways Tutorial: 3D Print Your Video Game Models

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Valve+Shapeways: Converting 3D assets for video games into 3D printable design files. This tutorial is designed to help you asses 3D video game models and adjust aspects of them to make them successfully printable in the various materials Shapeways offers.

Make, Market & Sell Online–All in Your Very Own Shapeways 3D Design Shop!

3D Design 3D Printing Business 3D design shop 3d printing community Google Analytics shapeways Shapeways community Shapeways designers Shapeways marketplace Shapeways Shop OwnersIf you remember the feeling of using a 3D printer for the first time and showing off what you made, you know exactly how contagious the whole process can be. The technology is already fascinating to. View the entire article via our website.

Better with Shapeways – Minna Kao

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Today’s Better with Shapeways video comes from Minna Kao of Dream of Songs. While her immense talent shows through her work, she is always trying to better herself as a designer. As she says: “I was always designing, whether it was clothes or jewelry.

You’re Invited: Join Shapeways’ HP Early Access Program Today

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So far, your designs for the HP printer (and your excellent feedback) are not only impressive, they’re also helping us challenge the HP Multi Jet Fusion printer and calibrate it for the unique and ever-growing needs of our community. High-Detail Designs That “Don’t Look 3D Printed”.

Why Shapeways Supports the Net Neutrality Day of Action

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Today, Shapeways is proud to join in the Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality. Without an open internet, there would be no Shapeways. When we founded Shapeways back in 2008, very few people had heard of 3D printing and almost no one thought that there would be interest in an online platform to bring it to everyone. Fortunately, I didn’t need permission from internet service providers to launch Shapeways. Shapeways net neutrality Shapeways News

How to Design Snap-Fit Ball Joints for 3D Printing With Shapeways

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Find out why below: When designing an action figure to be 3D printed, the best way to create articulated components that are pose-able is with snap-fit ball joints. The post How to Design Snap-Fit Ball Joints for 3D Printing With Shapeways appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.

Designer Creates 3D Printable, Wearable Cities Through Shapeways

3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed city 3d printed jewelry 3d printed ring 3d printed rings amsterdam Berlin new york city Paris shapewaysAfter graduating from college, I spent a year pursuing a Master’s Degree in Dublin, Ireland. While I loved the city, the highlights of my time overseas were the inexpensive flights that allowed me to... View the entire article via our website.