Patent Trending: Cambridge Design Partnership Blazing Trail in Product Design with SOLIDWORKS

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You may not know about Cambridge Design Partnership yet. But with the help of SOLIDWORKS they are breaking new ground in product design, with a list of patents to prove it. Here’s a quick guide to one of the UK’s most progressive product design specialists.

SOLIDWORKS 2018: How Great Designs Get Built

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SOLIDWORKS 2018 is an exciting release that has been designed to address customer needs, including: New innovations to address the flexibility, changing, and evolving nature of product design. The ease of use and implementation is very similar to SOLIDWORKS PDM.

Go BIG and BOLD! Enter the SOLIDWORKS WORLD T-Shirt Design contest!

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Are you an avid SOLIDWORKS user? Do you want to see your very own design worn by the thousands of attendees at SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2019? Then enter the SOLIDWORKS WORLD T-Shirt Design contest and show off your best work! Create a design for the front of a t-shirt.

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Four SOLIDWORKS-Designed Bots Duke it Out in BattleBots Final

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I know I’m excited, as I have been following this event for many years now, however, this year is especially exciting as we have an ALL-SOLIDWORKS Final four. All four bots were designed using SOLIDWORKS: Lock-Jaw, Bite Force, Whiplash and Minotaur.

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SOLIDWORKS 2019 Preview Blocks in the Design Library

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The SOLIDWORKS Design Library is a great tool to keep all of your common parts, features, tools, etc. A SOLIDWORKS 2019 enhancement provides thumbnail previews of blocks in the Design Library. SOLIDWORKS 2019 Thumbnail Preview of Blocks in Design Library.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018: Designer to Analyst

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As I meet new and experienced simulation users, the more I realize that the difference between a designer and an analyst is that the analyst knows the complexity of the analysis problem at hand, and they can describe the physics and analysis procedures required to solve it.

Fogg Filler Designs Complex Machines with SOLIDWORKS

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With less time spent on the day-to-day tasks, you can focus more on inventing new technologies and creating better designs. According to Fogg Filler Owner, Ben Fogg, “We believed that SOLIDWORKS represented the best available design solution.”

New SOLIDWORKS 2019 Simulation and Data Management Solutions are Unveiled Live

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Be sure to tune in Wednesday, December 5th starting at 1:00pm ET to watch as we announce what’s new in the SOLIDWORKS 2019 Distributed Data Management and Designer to Analyst solutions. Deeper integration with the SOLIDWORKS Design environment.

Unveiling the SOLIDWORKS Path to the Future of Design

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In 2016, SOLIDWORKS delivered 12 percent revenue growth, well above the PLM industry average. In the same year, SOLIDWORKS represented around 20 percent of Dassault Systèmes’ total revenues. Author information Gian Paolo Bassi Gian Paolo is CEO of Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS.

Using SOLIDWORKS for Plant Layout Design

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SOLIDWORKS Plant Layout design is a breeze! Whether it’s a simple building layout or a more complex multi-building layout, SOLIDWORKS 2017 large assembly tools can help: Easily organize equipment and space with new Magnetic Mates. SOLIDWORKS Routing.

SOLIDWORKS xDesign Mini Design Challenge: The Story Behind the Challenge – Part 1

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One of the bigger conversations at SOLIDWORKS World 2018 was around the availability of SOLIDWORKS xDesign. SOLIDWORKS xDesign, an easy-to-learn and use application, is available via a browser, making it accessible on the go–anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2019

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SOLIDWORKS Visualize is now faster than ever!! No one is faster than SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2019. Maybe you’ve attended a Reseller Rollout event, seen some blogs online or know a few things about what we released as new features in SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2019? Red alert! Red alert!

From SOLIDWORKS Design to Manufacture using the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace

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SOLIDWORKS is now directly connected to the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace. Download the SOLIDWORKS add-in today here. Make is the most seamless way to get your designs produced from directly inside SOLIDWORKS.

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SOLIDWORKS 2018: the Tools to Unlock Your Design Potential

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More importantly, it’s paramount that SOLIDWORKS provides these design tools on your terms. SOLIDWORKS is committed to matching your enthusiasm with the most powerful and accessible tools in the industry. If you teach a person to design, they’ll be an inventor for life.

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Got Mad Design Skills? Enter SOLIDWORKS World T-Shirt Design Contest!

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Are you an avid SOLIDWORKS user? Do you have mad design skills? If you answered “yes” to any of those three questions, you need to enter the SOLIDWORKS World T-Shirt Design Contest. Create a design for the front of a t-shirt.

Understanding Plastic Part Design

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Plastic parts are now commonplace in consumer product design, and for good reason. For the engineering and design team at URB-E, it was a no brainier to utilize plastic components for the fenders and battery hub in order to ramp up its production.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Mechanism Design

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Designing mechanisms is a comparatively challenging task and needs fair amount of expertise. Normally designers use past experience, existing designs or manual sketches to conclude on a working mechanism.

WHAT IF Thomas Edison used SOLIDWORKS?

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I would figure that the patents would reach much higher numbers, as he could design and develop his ideas much quicker. He could also hire a staff of engineers and collaborate with these people on designs…in SOLIDWORKS, of course. appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog.

What to Look for When Hiring a SOLIDWORKS Engineer or Designer

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With the economy picking up in the Gulf Coast region as well as in other parts of the country, we’ve received many questions from companies that use SOLIDWORKS, wanting to know how to find and hire the right engineers and designers to feed their growing demand.

Can SOLIDWORKS be used for Architectural Design?

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Can SOLIDWORKS handle Architectural Design? Yes, SOLIDWORKS has tools that can be applied to an architectural design process, and will give you more control over your architectural model: 2D-3D conversion. The post Can SOLIDWORKS be used for Architectural Design?

Understand Generative Design – 1 minute read

To make you comfortable: If you know Inventor, Fusion 360, SolidWorks or any of the other mainstream CAD packages, you know that everything starts with a 2D sketch that then gets extruded into a 3D shape. Design and Manufacturing Fusion 360 Autodesk Design Generative Design Manufacturing

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Kinder Design Creates Innovative Products Faster with SOLIDWORKS Premium

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At SOLIDWORKS, we love hearing stories of how our users create innovative products. In today’s customer story highlight, we introduce Kinder Design Inc. , a leading design and engineering services consulting firm based near Toronto, Canada.

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Our SOLIDWORKS 2019 On-Demand Videos - Episode 3: Design Ecosystem

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SOLIDWORKS 2019 includes new software updates and features that make the design process a breeze. SOLIDWORKS

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SOLIDWORKS xDesign Feature Hightlight: FabConnect- From Design to Digital Fabrication

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If you are still curious, a Fab Lab is a community space that provides its members—makers and hobbyists—with off-the-shelf, industrial-grade fabrication tools such as laser cutters, milling machines, scanners, 3D printers and software design tools.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Design Automation

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical Design Automation caters to various types of user experience. As the system design increases in complexity, users can then leverage automation features available within the software. Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

2015 SOLIDWORKS Designer Challenge


So you think you've designed some pretty neat stuff? Would you like to demonstrate and show off your work to other SOLIDWORKS users? Want to make some quick cash for your innovative utilization of SOLIDWORKS? SOLIDWORKS Ultimate Designer Challenge.

SOLIDWORKS LIVE Event: SOLIDWORKS for Electrical Engineers

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If you are an electrical engineer, or anyone who designs electro-mechanical products then this is the SOLIDWORKS event for you. We will spend 40 minutes (or less) discussing “What’s New” in SOLIDWORKS for electrical engineers.

SOLIDWORKS Distributed Data Management

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With the release of SOLIDWORKS Manage the SOLIDWORKS Distributed Data Management process solution is becoming a reality for a long time SOLIDWORKS customer ENVE Composites. See the full Rachel Joyce-Ready video featured at SOLIDWORKS World 2018 here.

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SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design: New Name, New Innovations

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At all SOLIDWORKS World conferences, we make many significant announcements and this year no different. Last year we announced SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual , our first design solution based on the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Industrial Design: Many Solutions, One SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

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Today industrial designers use many tools to get their job done. There is no ‘one tool fits all approach’, rather the tools that industrial designers use are many and varied. SOLIDWORKS, other parametric CAD tools. SOLIDWORKS Simulation, other simulation tools.

Design for Game of Thrones with North Design Works

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At North Design Works there is never really a normal day at the office. Previous extremes of project randomness include designing sports bras, automotive research in waste heat recovery, architectural staircases and all manner of sports equipment, from soccer to equestrian.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Component Types

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In SOLIDWORKS Electrical, the options to specify a component type is given to allow users to better classify and search for different components in their design: SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic. For example, a contactor would be defined as a base component in a design.

The Magic Behind Holywood Blockbusters Using SOLIDWORKS

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Every designer knows that careful attention to detail on their designs is important to ensure the manufacturing team can build the best product possible. What if they are just designing for the digital world? Should designers still be focused on details too?

Importing SOLIDWORKS files into SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

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As a follow-up to my recent blog article about how to export from SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer to SOLIDWORKS , I’m now going to show you how to take the process the other way (i.e: importing a file from SOLIDWORKS into Industrial Designer).

Taking on New Design Challenges with SOLIDWORKS

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A sudden shift to a new product or work assignment can require a designer to get up to speed on long-forgotten SOLIDWORKS functionalities that were covered in the classroom but never used. Mike Spicer, CAD Administrator at Kavlico came across SolidProfessor at SOLIDWORKS World 2012. “I

Palatov Motorsports Revs Up High-Performance Auto Design with SOLIDWORKS

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Palatov Motorports is a specialty car manufacturer that designs and produces high-performance cars that are primarily used on recreational tracks across the country. I design complete cars, featuring tight tolerances, from scratch by myself, and we assemble the cars with a team of four.

SOLIDWORKS xDesign Hackathon in Milan

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SOLIDWORKS xDesign Public Lighthouse Program was in full swing last few weeks through xDesign Your Way to Milan Challenge! Among the frenzied and fun-filled moments, five xDesign users made their way to participate in SOLIDWORKS xDesign hackathon.

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer Workflow [VIDEO]

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SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer (SWID) is an amazing tool for designers to easily create objects of complex geometry. With help of the Wacom Tablet sketching in SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer is as intuitive and simple as ever. Two toaster designs.

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SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional 2019 Adds Rest Machining to VoluMill

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SOLIDWORKS 2019 is out and available for download. If you haven’t had a chance to attend a Reseller rollout head over to our what’s new page on the SOLIDWORKS website. SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional is where you will find VoluMill. It’s finally here!

Designing Large Assemblies Faster and More Easily with SOLIDWORKS 2017

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As designs of machinery, processes, and systems get larger and more complex, it is increasingly important to have powerful yet flexible tools for layout and assembly construction. Author information Eric Leafquist Eric is a SOLIDWORKS Senior Product Manager.