SOLIDWORKS 2019 – Design and Manufacturing just got Easier, Faster and Smarter

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SOLIDWORKS 2019 contains many exciting improvements and new capabilities that help you design, present, and communicate your ideas faster and easier. SOLIDWORKS 2019 is significantly faster when working with large assemblies. Easier way to experience your designs in AR/VR.

SOLIDWORKS 2018: How Great Designs Get Built

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SOLIDWORKS 2018 is an exciting release that has been designed to address customer needs, including: New innovations to address the flexibility, changing, and evolving nature of product design. The ease of use and implementation is very similar to SOLIDWORKS PDM.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018: Designer to Analyst

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As I meet new and experienced simulation users, the more I realize that the difference between a designer and an analyst is that the analyst knows the complexity of the analysis problem at hand, and they can describe the physics and analysis procedures required to solve it.

SOLIDWORKS xDesign Mini Design Challenge: The Story Behind the Challenge – Part 1

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One of the bigger conversations at SOLIDWORKS World 2018 was around the availability of SOLIDWORKS xDesign. SOLIDWORKS xDesign, an easy-to-learn and use application, is available via a browser, making it accessible on the go–anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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Fogg Filler Designs Complex Machines with SOLIDWORKS

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With less time spent on the day-to-day tasks, you can focus more on inventing new technologies and creating better designs. According to Fogg Filler Owner, Ben Fogg, “We believed that SOLIDWORKS represented the best available design solution.”

From SOLIDWORKS Design to Manufacture using the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace

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SOLIDWORKS is now directly connected to the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace. Download the SOLIDWORKS add-in today here. Make is the most seamless way to get your designs produced from directly inside SOLIDWORKS.

WHAT IF Thomas Edison used SOLIDWORKS?

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I would figure that the patents would reach much higher numbers, as he could design and develop his ideas much quicker. He could also hire a staff of engineers and collaborate with these people on designs…in SOLIDWORKS, of course. appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog.

Using SOLIDWORKS for Plant Layout Design

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SOLIDWORKS Plant Layout design is a breeze! Whether it’s a simple building layout or a more complex multi-building layout, SOLIDWORKS 2017 large assembly tools can help: Easily organize equipment and space with new Magnetic Mates. SOLIDWORKS Routing.


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For me, this means lots of exciting things: college football, family holidays, SOLIDWORKS 2019 and IMTS 2018 in Chicago. This year SOLIDWORKS will be at the event talking about what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2019 and explaining our Smart Manufacturing technology to attendees.

Got Mad Design Skills? Enter SOLIDWORKS World T-Shirt Design Contest!

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Are you an avid SOLIDWORKS user? Do you have mad design skills? If you answered “yes” to any of those three questions, you need to enter the SOLIDWORKS World T-Shirt Design Contest. Create a design for the front of a t-shirt.

SOLIDWORKS LIVE Event: SOLIDWORKS for Electrical Engineers

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If you are an electrical engineer, or anyone who designs electro-mechanical products then this is the SOLIDWORKS event for you. We will spend 40 minutes (or less) discussing “What’s New” in SOLIDWORKS for electrical engineers.

SOLIDWORKS 2018: the Tools to Unlock Your Design Potential

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More importantly, it’s paramount that SOLIDWORKS provides these design tools on your terms. SOLIDWORKS is committed to matching your enthusiasm with the most powerful and accessible tools in the industry. If you teach a person to design, they’ll be an inventor for life.

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Understand Generative Design – 1 minute read

To make you comfortable: If you know Inventor, Fusion 360, SolidWorks or any of the other mainstream CAD packages, you know that everything starts with a 2D sketch that then gets extruded into a 3D shape. Design and Manufacturing Fusion 360 Autodesk Design Generative Design Manufacturing

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Kinder Design Creates Innovative Products Faster with SOLIDWORKS Premium

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At SOLIDWORKS, we love hearing stories of how our users create innovative products. In today’s customer story highlight, we introduce Kinder Design Inc. , a leading design and engineering services consulting firm based near Toronto, Canada.

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Can SOLIDWORKS be used for Architectural Design?

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Can SOLIDWORKS handle Architectural Design? Yes, SOLIDWORKS has tools that can be applied to an architectural design process, and will give you more control over your architectural model: 2D-3D conversion. The post Can SOLIDWORKS be used for Architectural Design?

SOLIDWORKS xDesign Hackathon in Milan

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SOLIDWORKS xDesign Public Lighthouse Program was in full swing last few weeks through xDesign Your Way to Milan Challenge! Among the frenzied and fun-filled moments, five xDesign users made their way to participate in SOLIDWORKS xDesign hackathon.

SOLIDWORKS Distributed Data Management

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With the release of SOLIDWORKS Manage the SOLIDWORKS Distributed Data Management process solution is becoming a reality for a long time SOLIDWORKS customer ENVE Composites. See the full Rachel Joyce-Ready video featured at SOLIDWORKS World 2018 here.

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SOLIDWORKS Self-Paced eCourses: Free* for a Limited Time

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Starting June 21st through September 21st, 2018 SOLIDWORKS eCourses are free* for customers on active SOLIDWORKS CAD Subscription. SOLIDWORKS eCourses include everything from the SOLIDWORKS instructor-led training manual. Mold Design Using SOLIDWORKS.

The Magic Behind Holywood Blockbusters Using SOLIDWORKS

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Every designer knows that careful attention to detail on their designs is important to ensure the manufacturing team can build the best product possible. What if they are just designing for the digital world? Should designers still be focused on details too?

Dassault Systèmes launches SOLIDWORKS 2018 for 3D design and engineering

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3D Printing Industry recently attended the launch of SOLIDWORKS 2018. The new release of the 3D design and engineering software aims to integrate design into the manufacturing process. 3D Software 3DEXPERIENCE Dassault systemes solidworks SOLIDWORKS 2018 SOLIDWORKS CAMWith a simplified product development workflow, Dassault Systèmes (Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) believes users with be able to innovate faster with improved business outcomes.

Create Your Own Ring With SOLIDWORKS Sell

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Thanks to SOLIDWORKS Sell and its team, you can now create your own custom jewelry directly online on the website of Maison TOURNAIRE. Some collaborative work to refine SOLIDWORKS Sell and the mobilization of many different skills were required to develop this customization platform.

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3D Design: Inside SOLIDWORKS 2018

User-favorite SOLIDWORKS recently announced software updates to the frequently-used platform for the 2018 edition. Featured Stories 3d printing interviews Dassault Systèmes Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS DfAM Gian Paolo Bassi Kurtis Anliker simulation SIMULIA solidworks SOLIDWORKS 2018 topology optimizationWith several big themes and myriad projects bundled into these updates, a quick. View the entire article via our website.

WHAT IF Alexander Graham Bell used SOLIDWORKS?

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Back in 2014, I wrote an article asking this question of Leonardo daVinci: What if Leonardo da Vinci had SOLIDWORKS? For example, electrical and mechanical engineers currently use different tools, and hand designs back and forth using common formats.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Design Automation

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical Design Automation caters to various types of user experience. As the system design increases in complexity, users can then leverage automation features available within the software. Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

3D printing generative design tool from Desktop Metal makes waves at SOLIDWORKS World

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Award winning metal 3D printer developer Desktop Metal has announced Live Parts, a new generative design platform to help customers get the most out of additive manufacturing. 3D Software 3D printing design Andy Roberts CAD Celestino Soddu Dassault systemes Design for Additive Manufacturing Desktop Metal DfAM generative design Jonah Myerberg solidworks Solidworks world SOLIDWORKS World 2018 topology optimization

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SOLIDWORKS xDesign Launch Announced at SOLIDWORKS World 2018

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On day one of SOLIDWORKS World 2018, SOLIDWORKS CEO, Gian Paolo Bassi took the stage to announce launch of SOLIDWORKS xDesign. The announcement was followed by conversation with SOLIDWORKS User Group Leader Edson Gebo.

Taking on New Design Challenges with SOLIDWORKS

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A sudden shift to a new product or work assignment can require a designer to get up to speed on long-forgotten SOLIDWORKS functionalities that were covered in the classroom but never used. Mike Spicer, CAD Administrator at Kavlico came across SolidProfessor at SOLIDWORKS World 2012. “I

The Dawn of the Mechatronics Product Designs

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Product performance and capabilities are evolving exponentially, design and technologies are becoming more challenging, and market/business pressure are constantly mounting. Having purpose-built collaborative tools is critical to tackling today’s complex designs.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Mechanism Design

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Designing mechanisms is a comparatively challenging task and needs fair amount of expertise. Normally designers use past experience, existing designs or manual sketches to conclude on a working mechanism.

SOLIDWORKS World 2018 “Shop Floor” Implementing MBD with SOLIDWORKS

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SOLIDWORKS is turning the spotlight on manufacturing. Parts will be manufactured and inspected from part designs produced in SOLIDWORKS 2018 complete with embedded Model Based Definition (MBD). This year’s event will feature, for the first time, a 40 x 70 ft.

Palatov Motorsports Revs Up High-Performance Auto Design with SOLIDWORKS

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Palatov Motorports is a specialty car manufacturer that designs and produces high-performance cars that are primarily used on recreational tracks across the country. I design complete cars, featuring tight tolerances, from scratch by myself, and we assemble the cars with a team of four.

SOLIDWORKS Saves Cambridge Industrial Design from Getting in a Flap

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Successful products marry innovative answers to intuitive design. Cambridge Industrial Design knows all about that, with a varied range of illustrious clients including Fender, AGA, Philips, and Wharfedale. Who is Cambridge Industrial Design? How does SOLIDWORKS help?

Empower the Model-Based Enterprise with SOLIDWORKS MBD 2019

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MBD needs to catch up on both the authoring and consumption sides, which is why SOLIDWORKS MBD 2019 focuses on the following key aspects. One frequent use case is sheet metal designs, widely used in computer enclosures, automotive, consumer electronics and so on.

Importing SOLIDWORKS files into SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

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As a follow-up to my recent blog article about how to export from SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer to SOLIDWORKS , I’m now going to show you how to take the process the other way (i.e: importing a file from SOLIDWORKS into Industrial Designer).

SOLIDWORKS Packages Comparison

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A common question we receive is “What is the difference between SOLIDWORKS ® Standard, Professional and Premium 3D CAD software?” ” In this post I’ll provide a SOLIDWORKS Packages Comparison and outline the features included in each of the three SOLIDWORKS offerings. SOLIDWORKS Packages Comparison. SOLIDWORKS Standard. SOLIDWORKS Standard delivers robust 3D design capabilities, performance, and ease-of-use.

SOLIDWORKS PCB Design and beyond for Industry 4.0

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If you have used SOLIDWORKS PCB , you already know of the vast array of mechanical design tools and collaboration available from SOLIDWORKS 3D , but where do we go from there? With access to the entire SOLIDWORKS ecosystem we can leverage our mechanically intelligent PCB design with any SOLIDWORKS product. Circuit board for a handheld game console created in SOLIDWORKS PCB. SOLIDWORKS Electrical. SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer Workflow [VIDEO]

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SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer (SWID) is an amazing tool for designers to easily create objects of complex geometry. With help of the Wacom Tablet sketching in SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer is as intuitive and simple as ever. Two toaster designs.

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Designing Large Assemblies Faster and More Easily with SOLIDWORKS 2017

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As designs of machinery, processes, and systems get larger and more complex, it is increasingly important to have powerful yet flexible tools for layout and assembly construction. Author information Eric Leafquist Eric is a SOLIDWORKS Senior Product Manager.

Harness the Power of SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical has gained notoriety for its design applications in power systems, user controls, cabinet layout, and electric machines, but what about as a wire harness design tool? ATV light bar wiring harness designed in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D.

My First Experience using SOLIDWORKS xDesign

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I aspire to design airplanes, and hence have invested myself into honing my CAD skills these past four years of engineering school. Before I talk about SOLIDWORKS xDesign, let me share my feelings about 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Now more about SOLIDWORKS xDesign!