Importing Legacy Designs into SOLIDWORKS Electrical

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With SOLIDWORKS Electrical, design engineers have the ability to import DWG or DXF legacy designs from another electrical CAD tool. With SOLIDWORKS Electrical, engineers can reduce design time. SOLIDWORKS Electrical Design

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SOLIDWORKS Design Table From File

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I’m a fan of SOLIDWORKS Design Tables when creating multiple configurations. I think it is an efficient way to design and especially if you are a fan of Microsoft Excel you will like it too. Check out our recent blog post on how to create a design table.

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Problem Exiting Design Tables in SOLIDWORKS?

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There is currently a compatibility issue between Microsoft Excel based Design Tables in SOLIDWORKS and some versions of Microsoft Excel. SOLIDWORKS is actively working on a permanent solution for these issues. The post Problem Exiting Design Tables in SOLIDWORKS?

How I Used SOLIDWORKS to Design the Cars You’ve Seen in Movies

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If so, how long is production sidelined? Do you save all of the ‘bad’ (‘bad’ for the car, good for the viewers) scenes, where the car suffers extreme damage, for the end of shooting? Who exactly designs the cars we see in movies? I can make what I design.

SOLIDWORKS Cloud Design Tools on 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS Platform

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Recently you may have been hearing more about 3D EXPERIENCE WORKS for SOLIDWORKS users and discovering that there are new SOLIDWORKS design tools available on the cloud. 3D EXPERIENCE Design Roles from SOLIDWORKS. Perform design work across multiple sites.

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Designing a Homemade Workout Bench with SOLIDWORKS Weldments

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SOLIDWORKS to the rescue! Workout Bench Design. Here’s a design with the drawing. I used a custom SOLIDWORKS weldment lumber profile along with some basic and advanced mates all learned in the SOLIDWORKS Essentials class that we deliver live online.

Maintaining SOLIDWORKS Design and Data Efficiency While Working From Home

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Many SOLIDWORKS users are now working from home due to restricted access to office locations. You can find these tips and suggestions, clicking this link or by visiting the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal , logging in, select “Knowledge Base,” and then searching for S-077757.

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SOLIDWORKS 2018: How Great Designs Get Built

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SOLIDWORKS 2018 is an exciting release that has been designed to address customer needs, including: New innovations to address the flexibility, changing, and evolving nature of product design. The ease of use and implementation is very similar to SOLIDWORKS PDM.

Using SOLIDWORKS for Plant Layout Design

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SOLIDWORKS Plant Layout design is a breeze! Whether it’s a simple building layout or a more complex multi-building layout, SOLIDWORKS 2017 large assembly tools can help: Easily organize equipment and space with new Magnetic Mates. SOLIDWORKS Routing.

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Large Design Review now has Editing Capabilities

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The SOLIDWORKS Large Design Review mode is essential when working with large assemblies. New in SOLIDWORKS 2019 is the ability to work directly in Large Design Review to insert/move components, add/edit/delete mates or delete top level components.

Master and Expand Your SOLIDWORKS Skills with LIVE Design series

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It is with that purpose in mind that our SOLIDWORKS team has launched a new initiative named LIVE Design – you may have read this introductory blog about it. In it Toby Schnaars showed the audience how to design a coffee mug while giving away a myriad of helpful tips and tricks.

SOLIDWORKS PCB 2020 Duplicate Designators from ECAD to MCAD

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In SOLIDWORKS PCB 2020 , duplicate pad designators can now be pushed through the PCB connector from ECAD to MCAD. Duplicate pad designators are created: SOLIDWORKS PCB 2020 Duplicate Designators.

Vermeer Corporation Accelerates Large Machinery Development with SOLIDWORKS

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In 1939 Gary Vermeer, a 21-year-old farmer with a passion for doing things, better, and faster, and easier, designed and built a cab for a John Deere tractor. To accomplish its goals, Vermeer needs to develop new equipment and machinery designs more efficiently.

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Mate to Reference Geometry in SOLIDWORKS 2020 Large Design Review

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New in SOLIDWORKS 2020 , you can create mates that use reference geometry as their reference in the Large Design Review mode. By creating your mates in the Large Design Review mode, you can save time and resources without having to open the assembly in the normal mode.

Designing and Working With Decals in SOLIDWORKS

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They are the little details that truly elevate your design from good to great and most models aren’t complete without them. So, what are decals and how do you use them in SOLIDWORKS ? SOLIDWORKS 3D CADDecals make all the difference with your models.

How SOLIDWORKS Design Tables work and why they are still relevant.

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For those who have been using SOLIDWORKS for a while you may remember how Design Tables were used to create configurations. Of course this can now be done more efficiently using Modify Configurations in SOLIDWORKS. As mentioned earlier, in some cases Design Tables are required.

Get 50% Off SOLIDWORKS Certification Exams

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For the remainder of April 2020, we are offering a discount code that will get you 50% off all of our exams EXCEPT for the Expert Mechanical Design exam, and the Expert Simulation exam. Become a Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional or Expert today!

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018: Designer to Analyst

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As I meet new and experienced simulation users, the more I realize that the difference between a designer and an analyst is that the analyst knows the complexity of the analysis problem at hand, and they can describe the physics and analysis procedures required to solve it.

Revision Control in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

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When it comes to designing a project, it is important to use revision management to track and control any changes that were done. Revision notes are important in the design process because they will specify who designed, approved and validated each revision in the project.

SOLIDWORKS Design Intent: what is it, and why should I care?

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Ever hear of the term “design intent” and wonder what it means, or how it pertains to design? In SOLIDWORKS, we refer to design intent as your plan as to how the model should behave when it is changed. Four different design intents.

2015 SOLIDWORKS Designer Challenge


So you think you've designed some pretty neat stuff? Would you like to demonstrate and show off your work to other SOLIDWORKS users? Want to make some quick cash for your innovative utilization of SOLIDWORKS? SOLIDWORKS Ultimate Designer Challenge.

Can SOLIDWORKS be used for Architectural Design?

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Can SOLIDWORKS handle Architectural Design? Yes, SOLIDWORKS has tools that can be applied to an architectural design process, and will give you more control over your architectural model: 2D-3D conversion. The post Can SOLIDWORKS be used for Architectural Design?

Technology Preview: SOLIDWORKS 2021

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One of the longstanding traditions at WORLD is to deliver a TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW to show off some of the new functionality that is under development for SOLIDWORKS Desktop products. Each session was recorded and is available for you to watch on SOLIDWORKS LIVE.

Patent Trending: Cambridge Design Partnership Blazing Trail in Product Design with SOLIDWORKS

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You may not know about Cambridge Design Partnership yet. But with the help of SOLIDWORKS they are breaking new ground in product design, with a list of patents to prove it. Here’s a quick guide to one of the UK’s most progressive product design specialists.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Design Automation

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical Design Automation caters to various types of user experience. As the system design increases in complexity, users can then leverage automation features available within the software. Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

Create and Edit Component Patterns in SOLIDWORKS 2020 Large Design Review Mode

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New in SOLIDWORKS 2020 , you can create assembly component patterns in the Large Design Review Mode. Also, other component patterns including pattern driven pattern and sketch driven pattern can be edited in the large design review mode.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Hardware Recommendations

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Here is an overview of our current recommended SOLIDWORKS 2020 hardware. SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2020: NVIDIA Quadro P4000/5000 or AMD Radeon Pro WX 8200/9100. File Storage : SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard or SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. support ended with SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP5.

Importing SOLIDWORKS files into SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

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As a follow-up to my recent blog article about how to export from SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer to SOLIDWORKS , I’m now going to show you how to take the process the other way (i.e: importing a file from SOLIDWORKS into Industrial Designer).

Go BIG and BOLD! Enter the SOLIDWORKS WORLD T-Shirt Design contest!

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Are you an avid SOLIDWORKS user? Do you want to see your very own design worn by the thousands of attendees at SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2019? Then enter the SOLIDWORKS WORLD T-Shirt Design contest and show off your best work! Create a design for the front of a t-shirt.

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Top 10 Solidworks alternatives


Solidworks is definitely a top-shelf professional produ […]. The post Top 10 Solidworks alternatives appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo. 3D Design Tips & Software

Dassault Systèmes launches SOLIDWORKS 2018 for 3D design and engineering

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3D Printing Industry recently attended the launch of SOLIDWORKS 2018. The new release of the 3D design and engineering software aims to integrate design into the manufacturing process. 3D Software 3DEXPERIENCE Dassault systemes solidworks SOLIDWORKS 2018 SOLIDWORKS CAMWith a simplified product development workflow, Dassault Systèmes (Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) believes users with be able to innovate faster with improved business outcomes.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Beta is Live!

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We are excited to announce that SOLIDWORKS® 2020 Beta is live and ready for your feedback! Improved Performance – improvements in drawings, assemblies and simulation help you significantly speed up the design of large assemblies and validation analyses. ?

3D Design: Inside SOLIDWORKS 2018

User-favorite SOLIDWORKS recently announced software updates to the frequently-used platform for the 2018 edition. Featured Stories 3d printing interviews Dassault Systèmes Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS DfAM Gian Paolo Bassi Kurtis Anliker simulation SIMULIA solidworks SOLIDWORKS 2018 topology optimizationWith several big themes and myriad projects bundled into these updates, a quick. View the entire article via our website.

Landscape Forms Improves Productivity by Designing Outdoor Products with SOLIDWORKS

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Landscape Forms designs and builds beautiful site furniture and lighting, primarily for public spaces and college, corporate and health care campuses. Bringing lighting design in-house. SOLIDWORKS model of the 16th Street Mall lighting.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize: Seeing is Believing

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To effectively pursue new business opportunities with non-technical clients, EM Dynamics Metal Fabrication , a leading Canadian product development consultancy and contract manufacturer, must effectively and realistically showcase design concepts in 3D.

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer Workflow [VIDEO]

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SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer (SWID) is an amazing tool for designers to easily create objects of complex geometry. With help of the Wacom Tablet sketching in SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer is as intuitive and simple as ever. Two toaster designs.

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Four SOLIDWORKS-Designed Bots Duke it Out in BattleBots Final

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I know I’m excited, as I have been following this event for many years now, however, this year is especially exciting as we have an ALL-SOLIDWORKS Final four. All four bots were designed using SOLIDWORKS: Lock-Jaw, Bite Force, Whiplash and Minotaur.

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Fogg Filler Designs Complex Machines with SOLIDWORKS

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With less time spent on the day-to-day tasks, you can focus more on inventing new technologies and creating better designs. According to Fogg Filler Owner, Ben Fogg, “We believed that SOLIDWORKS represented the best available design solution.”

SOLIDWORKS 2019 – Design and Manufacturing just got Easier, Faster and Smarter

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SOLIDWORKS 2019 contains many exciting improvements and new capabilities that help you design, present, and communicate your ideas faster and easier. SOLIDWORKS 2019 is significantly faster when working with large assemblies. Easier way to experience your designs in AR/VR.

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Preview Blocks in the Design Library

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The SOLIDWORKS Design Library is a great tool to keep all of your common parts, features, tools, etc. A SOLIDWORKS 2019 enhancement provides thumbnail previews of blocks in the Design Library. SOLIDWORKS 2019 Thumbnail Preview of Blocks in Design Library.

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Faster Product Development Cycle Times with SOLIDWORKS Solutions

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CP Manufacturing’s initial migration from 2D to SOLIDWORKS 3D design resulted in 200 percent faster development cycles. SOLIDWORKS PDM API has enabled CP Manufacturing to automate many of its product development and manufacturing workflows and tasks.

Design for Additive Manufacturing with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Topology Study

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 introduced Topology Study , an exiting new study type that utilizes goals and constraints to optimize geometry for its design requirements. The post Design for Additive Manufacturing with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Topology Study appeared first on The Javelin Blog.

Unveiling the SOLIDWORKS Path to the Future of Design

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In 2016, SOLIDWORKS delivered 12 percent revenue growth, well above the PLM industry average. In the same year, SOLIDWORKS represented around 20 percent of Dassault Systèmes’ total revenues. Author information Gian Paolo Bassi Gian Paolo is CEO of Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS.