Design for Additive Manufacturing with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Topology Study

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Topology Study produces organic geometry that is optimized for its intended application. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 introduced Topology Study , an exiting new study type that utilizes goals and constraints to optimize geometry for its design requirements.

Product Design: GoPro Mount Accessory [Case Study]

3D Innovations

3D INNOVATIONS CASE STUDY. Our 3D Innovations team worked closely with a group of young entrepreneurs during Startup Weekend Honolulu 2015 in the product design and development of a hands-free GoPro mount accessory. Results: Designed and developed a functional prototype in 54 hours.

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Introducing the 3DP-RDM Feasibility Studies: A feasibility study of mass customisation governance

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Following the recent feasibility study competition, the 3DP-RDM network is funding four projects in 2016. In this series of blog posts we introduce the four studies. The feasibility study will assess the impacts of existing legal regimes on RDM in 3DP.

3DP-RDM Feasibility Studies – Call for Proposals 2016

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The first call for feasibility studies then led to four studies being funded in 2015: The enabling role of 3DP in redistributed manufacturing: A total cost model Dr Martin Baumers, University of Nottingham, and University of Oxford. The presentation slides from the 3DP-RDM Dissemination workshop on 13th January 2016 and reports from this first wave of feasibility studies will soon be available on this blog. Feasibility study competition – 2016. Background.

Study 100

Creatz3D Case Study Shows How 3D Printing Improved Design of Multi-Axis Suction EOAT Robot

3D Printing Robotics 3d printing and robotics case study Creatz3D EOAT Fortus 450mc polycarbonate Stratasys FDM 3D printing stratasys fortus 450mc tooling Universal Robots3D printing solutions provider Creatz3D, which operates in Singapore and Vietnam, was founded in 2012 and works to bring awareness to the fact that 3D printing adoption needs to be accelerated in. View the entire article via our website.

Research topics from 3DP-RDM feasibility study proposals

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As previously mentioned in the post on the close of the 3DP-RDM feasibility study competition , a huge diversity of discplines and approaches were represented in the 34 proposals we received. Design methods. 3d printing 3DP-RDM additive manufacturing feasibility studies re-distributed manufacturing 3D printing feasibility study competition proposals research topics

Study 100

Researcher Presents Case Study on Partially 3D Printed Lace-Like Dress

Researcher Lushan Sun recently presented her case study about a 3D. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3D modeling 3d print fashion 3d printed apparel 3d printed garments 3D printed lace 3d printed textile 3D printing nylon Adobe case study conference elastic materials fdm flexible filament research paper Rhino textile design textilesLace isn’t just for wedding dresses or your grandmother’s doilies anymore, especially not when 3D printing is involved.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 Topology Study Intermediate Results

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 now allows Topology Studies to be stopped during intermediate iterations and keep its results. NOTE : If you terminate the solver before reaching convergence, rerunning the study will need to start from the beginning.

Product Design: FOG Safe [Case Study]

3D Innovations

3D INNOVATIONS CASE STUDY. The challenge: Design and development of a prototype mold for final product testing and market integration. The FOG Safe is an environmentally conscious product designed to keep fat, oil and grease from drains and ultimately our environment.

Study shows 3D printing improves design thinking skills in primary schools

3D Printing Industry

Researchers at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, have conducted a year-long study into the benefits of 3D printing and 3D design in primary school makerspaces. While the study maintains that there is much work yet to be done to help support teachers and pupils integrate 3D printing into schools, the preliminary findings prove promising.

My Highlights of SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018: the New Toplogy Study

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 introduces a new study type, the Topology Study, which enables designers and engineers to develop innovative minimum mass components. Let’s dig into this new study by considering a simple example that I carried out recently.

Study 110

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 Topology Study Constraints

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Topology studies in SOLIDWORKS Simulation give you insight to help determine the best design for a set of constraints (included in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional and Premium packages). The post SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 Topology Study Constraints appeared first on The Javelin Blog.

3D Innovations: Product Case Studies

3D Innovations

We are sharing product case studies over on the 3D Innovations website. Within these case studies you will see the type of projects we have partnered on and how customers have leveraged our design and manufacturing expertise to reduce time to market.

3D Scanning & 3D Printing Used in Digital Workflow to Design & Build Custom Neck Orthosis

Custom orthotics made through conventional manufacturing methods require casting, sculpting, molding, and fitting to be completed before they’re ready for the patient to wear. It can take up to. View the entire article via our website.

How to study for a SOLIDWORKS Certification Exam with MySolidWorks

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One of the most common questions regarding SOLIDWORKS certification is ‘What is the best way to study for an exam?’. A free online solution to SOLIDWORKS users is MySolidWorks – a resource library of tutorial videos designed to help you prepare for a Certification exam.

Product Design: Custom Electronic Sensor [Case Study]

3D Innovations

3D INNOVATIONS CASE STUDY. 3D Innovations was contacted to assist in the product design and development of a custom circuit board sensor device prototype. A production ready design was then delivered for manufacturing.

Simulation Study: Empowering Innovation

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How do leading companies empower design engineers with simulation? We are conducting new research on simulation and exploring questions such as how does simulation help design engineers? What are the best ways to help design engineers adopt simulation tools?

Introducing the 3DP-RDM Feasibility Studies: Redistributing Material Supply Chains for 3D printing

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Following the recent feasibility study competition, the 3DP-RDM network is funding four projects in 2015. In this series of blog posts we introduce the four studies. Today we introduce the third study, “Redistributing Material Supply Chains for 3D printing”, which is being led by Prof.

Study 141

Case Study: Senior Flexonics Saves 95% on New Heat Exchanger Design with ANSYS 3D Simulation Software

3D Printing 3D Software Metal 3D Printing 3D printing cooling devices 3d printing simulation software 3d simulation ANSYS case study heat conduction heat exchangers industrial applications prototyping Senior Flexonics stainless steel stainless steel 3d printingIn order to remain competitive on the market, businesses need to be able to develop innovative products, while keeping costs low and efficiency high. Illinois-based Senior Flexonics recently worked.

Product Design: Making Dental Care Fun [Case Study]

3D Innovations

3D INNOVATIONS CASE STUDY. After assessing this project we knew that 3D Design and 3D Printing technology would be the most flexible method for producing this product. Having these prototypes to validate the design and hand out to their target market for testing proved to be invaluable.

Civil Design Case Study: Yanggao South Road Tunnel

3D Perspectives

The following article is excerpted from Civil Design Innovation , a whitepaper developed by Dassault Systèmes and SMEDI. Click to Tweet: “[CASE STUDY] SMEDI uses #BIM. platform to design & deliver Yanggao South Road Tunnel” Yanggao South Road Tunnel.

Study simplifies 4D printing process for self-assembling objects

3D Printing Industry

A study published in Science Advances demonstrates a way of creating 3D printed shapes that assemble when exposed to heat. The study proposes a simplified process. Dunn School of Aerospace Engineering self-assembly Singapore University of Technology and Design Skylar Tibbits smart material smart materials Tiejun Wang Xirui Peng Zhejiang University Zhen Ding

Study 87

Studying the Process: Students Design Self Balancing Scooter Using 3D Tech

3D Printing 3d processes Agilus30 Connex3 fdm Fortus 900mc germany nylon6 Objet500 Connex3 Color Multi-material 3D Production System ravensburg research and development scooter self balancing scooter self study stratasys thinking additively university of applied sciences ravensburg-weingarten university researchThe development and continued integration of 3D print technology into nearly every aspect of life is exciting.

Study 54

Case Study of YSoft 3D Printing Classroom in Czech Republic Yields Important Results

3D Design 3D Printers 3D Printing Education 3D modeling 3d printing 3d printing education 3d printing in school 3d printing solutions case study Czech Republic drawing STEM education Technical School Prosek YSoft YSoft be3D eDee 3D printer YSoft SafeQIt’s pretty clear by now that 3D printing in the classroom is extremely beneficial to students; they enjoy learning and using the technology, and it helps prepare them for the future, as 3D.

Obz Medical Case Study

The Solidworks Blog

Obz Design is a non-profit organization focused on improving healthcare through revolutionary medical devices and data-based solutions. Now Fox and Obz Design are poised to take on anemia, which affects 2 billion people and causes 1 million deaths annually.

Introducing the 3DP-RDM Feasibility Studies: Investigating the Impact of CAD Data Transfer Standards for 3DP-RDM

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Following the recent feasibility study competition, the 3DP-RDM network is funding four projects in 2015. In this series of blog posts we introduce the four studies. Today we begin with t he first study, “Investigating the Impact of CAD Data Transfer Standards for 3DP-RDM”, which is being led by Dr Eujin Pei (pictured) at Brunel University. The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of CAD data transfer standards within the 3DP-RDM landscape.

Data 109

Reduce Costs with Optimization Studies in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

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When completing structural designs, it is common practice to “over-design” our materials. Why are we designing with heavier, more robust materials than we need to?

Case study: How SOLIDWORKS Laid a Solid Base for Baser

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German designer Baser knows a thing or lots about parasols. Their patented design has made securing an umbrella sunscreen a far simpler process than ever before. Not so Baser’s design. It’s a design that the team has adapted to include attachment to balconies.

Introducing the 3DP-RDM Feasibility Studies: The enabling role of 3DP in redistributed manufacturing: A total cost model

Capturing the Value

Following the recent feasibility study competition, the 3DP-RDM network is funding four projects in 2015. In this series of blog posts we introduce the four studies. Today we introduce the second study, “The enabling role of 3DP in redistributed manufacturing: A total cost model”, which is being led by Dr Martin Baumers at the University of Nottingham. ” This feasibility study is his first as a principal investigator.

Study 116

InSilixa Uses Advanced FEA to Study Real-World Gasket Behavior

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A quarter section of a microfluidic device was created, in order to study the behavior of a soft rubber gasket under compression. The gasket was squeezed well beyond the design intent, in order to fully understand the shape the gasket might take, and the force required to achieve compression.

Study 88

6 Planet-Friendly 3D-Printed Designs


For instance, a study by Southern Cross University found that 87% of respondents make an effort to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. James Novak designed this 3D-printed concept bike to fit his proportions perfectly. What are your design plans?

Virginia Tech 3D print the unprintable in Kapton material study

3D Printing Industry

Materials and Education for Additive Manufacturing Systems laboratory aramid Christopher Williams Design DREAMS DREAMS Lab Kapton mask-projection micro-stereolithography micro-stereolithography research Timothy Long Virginia TechGelatinous, 3D printed honeycombs and rooks are more resilient than they appear in recent materials research from Virginia Tech. The project has 3D printed, “the highest temperature polymer that has ever been printed before.”

Case Study: 3DEXPERIENCE Enables KKAA to Renew Its Focus on Materials

3D Perspectives

The company therefore adopted the 3D EXPERIENCE platform on the cloud—and the Design for Fabrication industry solution experience—to accurately manage a wide variety of parameters in real-time, across multiple disciplines, during the development of architectural projects.

Square Robot: Designing Tough Robots that Go Where No Human Can

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Square Robot found it easier to communicate with one another about key strategic changes, design flaws and challenges, and much more via the cloud-based collaboration solution; 3D Component Designer.

Prototype Development Using 3D Printing Technology [Case Study]

3D Innovations

CASE STUDY. Similar products were thermoformed to produce the commercial products, but as with any new product being developed, avoiding any type of tooling was going to accelerate the design and prototyping processes. This project required creating a new design and also a prototype. The design required the part to maintain this thin wall so that it would function properly. The Challenge: Develop Functional Prototypes To Mimic A Molded Part.

MIT Tangible Media Group Conducts ‘Materiable’ Study Using Haptics with Shape Changing Interfaces

I perk up whenever I see a new project or study emerging from an MIT lab regarding 3D printing. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D deformable materials 3D material interface 3D shape changing interfaces haptic in 3D material study Materiable MIT’s Tangible Media GroupTheir researchers take an already fascinating subject but always put a unique spin on the technology. View the entire article via our website.

Study 57

Sustainability Series Case Study Snapshot: Industrial Equipment-Food for thought

3D Perspectives

Designers can digitally store and test their designs, and mechanical, electrical and hydraulics engineers can collaborate to make any necessary adjustments in a digital environment. Click here for the full case study.

Ames Lab research 3D prints practical catalytic objects for chemical study

3D Printing Industry

By adding this quality to the material, researchers can make devices that facilitate the study of chemical reactions, practical to the synthesis of new chemical products, sensing […]. Sebastián Manzano lab equipment microfludics millifluidic device optimized design SLA Zachary B. Adding to the potential of 3D printed objects, research at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory has proved the ability to make objects with instilled catalytic potential.

Case Study: How SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE is Driving World-class Innovation

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It’s the crucial factor in delivering the goods to a client – and few industries demand such stringent discipline as product design. You name it, the multi award-winning designers have made it. Put simply, SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE is a platform centred around familiar 3D CAD design.

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019: Topology Study – Constraints

DASI Solutions

Written by: Shaun Bentley, Application Engineer The Topology Study in SOLIDWORKS Simulation now allows users to enter Frequency and Stress/FOS constraints. For example, if you want your first vibration mode of your optimized design to be greater than 100Hz, simply turn on … Continue reading → New Features SOLIDWORKS 2019 factor of safety frequency constraint solidworks simulation stress constraint topology study What's new what's new 2019

Study 40

Betatype and nTopology Use Metal 3D Printing and Intelligent Design to Increase Productivity

3D Printing Metal 3D Printing 3d design software 3d model 3D printed rocket nozzles 3D printing with titanium Betatype case study collaboration nTopology partnership Renishaw AM250 3D printer topology optimization3D printing consultancy company Betatype specializes in optimizing metal AM production applications to deliver functional components for customers in many industries, including consumer goods, View the entire article via our website.

What’s New in 2018 – The Topology Study

DASI Solutions

SOLIDWORKS 2018 has seen the addition of many great features, but … Continue reading → New Features design analysis optimize design solidworks 2018 solidworks simulation solidworks simulation 2018 topology topology study what's new in 2018Written by: Jared Spaniol, Elite Application Engineer SOLIDWORKS has done a great job of adding more value to the software year over year and SOLIDWORKS 2018 is no exception.

Study 40

Study Shows Benefit of 3D Printing to Indigenous People

3D Design 3D Printing 3D printed tag indigenous communities OpenSCAD reindeer reindeer herders RepRap 3d printersRemote communities often face challenges in obtaining the supplies necessary for daily life, for the obvious reason of being isolated from traditional supply chains and manufacturing facilities. View the entire article via our website.

Study 59