3D-Printed Car: More Than Just High-Tech Transportation

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The Strati, Local Motors’ 3D-printed car, has been buzzing all over the internet since one was printed right on the floor at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this past January. The IMTS Strati was the “mid-model refresh.” 3D Modeling 3D Print Contests

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In 2007, explains David Burns, ExOnes president and chief operating officer, the company was struggling as a manufacturing technology incubator, and shifted into 3-D printing  a process by which a special printer creates a three-dimensional digital model that is then layered with a special powdered material and a binding product to create various solid products, like compressor pump castings.

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Detroit emerged from bankruptcy last year and has leveraged manufacturing growth as a pathway to continued recovery. He stresses the importance of encouraging more kids to enter the trades and proposes a “European model” of testing and moving certain students into the trades.