Empowering Mass Customization: How ‘Digital Forming’ Is Creating Unique Products with 3D Printing


London-based firm Digital Forming enables customers to co-design their own 3D printed products – anything from a mobile phone case to an espresso cup or a silver ring. Digital Forming’s apps allow users to tweak the shape, size, color, design and material of a pre-defined basic object.

Lowe’s offers bespoke 3D printed designs

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bodyTop Consumers 3DShook Bespok3Designs Digital Forming Lowe's retailAmerican retailer giant Lowe's is offering something new to its Chelsea store customers - customized 3D printing. The flagship store in Manhattan is now offering.

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UK Retail Giant, Argos, Offers Customizable 3D Printed Jewellery Line


Argos is the UK’s leading digital retailer, receiving abour 430 million website visits annually, and... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D printed jewellery 3D Printing 3d printed jewelry 3d printing Argos argos 3d printed jewelry digital forming home retail group If you live in the UK and like to shop online then you’ve no doubt heard of Argos LTD.

Lowe's Offers New 3D Customization Options With Bespok3Designs Platform


3D Design 3D Printing 3D Scanning Business 3d print lowe's 3D printing platform 3dshook digital forming exone lowe's Lowe’s Innovation Labs mass customization SaaS solutions for 3D printing Voodoo ManufacturingBig-box home goods chains such as Lowe’s, Home Depot and Target are great in that they allow you to find just about everything you need for a refurbishing or decorating project in one place. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing at CES – Part One: The Content


3dplusMe CES CES 2016 Dassault Systèmes Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS digital forming solidworks source3 Syfy Syfy Labs whitecloudsI’m back from CES, and am just starting to feel normal again. Maybe it’s all the people? Over 170,000 attended this year. After a while it starts to weigh on you. Lines at the airport, lines for a. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing Startup Pzartech Offers Mass Customization Services with Keter Plastic

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In a way, Pzartech’s represents the custom manufacturing side of the enterprise customization services introduced by startups such as Digital Forming, Leopoly and Kwambio.… By Davide Sher.

3D Printing Startup Pzartech Offers Mass Customization Services

3D Printing Industry

In a way, Pzartech’s represents the custom manufacturing side of the enterprise customization services introduced by startups such as Digital Forming, Leopoly and Kwambio.… By Davide Sher.

Argos Takes 3D Printed Designer Jewelry to the Masses

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Although it mostly works in the background of 3D printing, Digital Forming is one of the most interesting digital platforms for its ability to offer tools which can help any designer and retailer take personalized digital products to their customers. By Davide Sher.

Virtual Archaeology

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Thankfully new tools can capture these physical sites in digital form. CyArk trains groups around the world to help identify vulnerable sites and embark on the process of digital preservation. Virtual Reality Compass digital preservation sustainability

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The Formlabs Form 2 Brings The 3D-Printing Magic (Again)

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When Formlabs first launched their Form 1 it was a true hack. If Makerbot is Canon and the big guys like 3D Systems are Hasselblad, Formlabs is Leica – and the Form 2 is their M-Series. The Form 2 uses a special photosensitive resin and a laser system to print objects.

Join Our Next 3D Printing Meetup for Jewelry Designers on June 17th!


Jewelry designs by Digital Forming. Please complete our application form and we will respond to your request as soon as possible: Register to our Waitlist. 3D printing brings your virtual jewelry designs to real life.

“Future Testing” for Civil Engineering

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Future Testing bridges the digital gap. It provides the ability for all stakeholders to collaborate on and visualize a virtual mockup of the project from start to completion in digital form, improving speed and building trust that the desired outcomes will be met.

GRANTA MI™ Version 12 – Materials-Enabling the Digital Twin

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Engineering enterprises are increasingly investing in Digital Twin strategies to enable decision-making and support innovation with an accurate virtual representation of the real product. To be meaningful, the Digital Twin must accurately represent the materials from which the product is made.

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Post-Digital Era in AEC

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The post-digital era. Digital technology has transformed AEC to the extent that the current era is now commonly described as “post-digital.” Communication of all forms have become digital. Digital project information has exploded.

3D Hubs Supports Bitcoin


Bitcoin, if by some strange reason you haven’t heard, is an alternative digital currency. The key advantage of Bitcoin is that it provides the anonymity of cash in a digital form. 3D Hubs, the world’s largest 3D printing community network, now supports Bitcoin.

The Carnegie Mansion’s New All-Access 3D Pass

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The fact that the Carnegie mansion is now available in digital form with full details, full color, and full 3D printability means that the building’s historical past is now linked to an exciting, technological future.

Why choice is important in the fashion industry

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She secured her client’s loyalty by offering her a wider range of options (shown in digital form) and proposing a solution (“yes, we have the black bathing suit and we can send it to your home”). Making choices makes us feel secure about ourselves.

Objects That Couldn’t Be Made Before 3D Printers Existed

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That’s when a material, like glass or metal or plastic, is poured into a mold that forms the product. 3D printing isn’t just for making unique stuffed animals or weird fake meat. It allows us to fabricate objects we never could with traditional manufacturing.

Nuclear, a dusty industry? (Part 2)

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By adopting new methodologies supported by digital tools, they can undergo the fundamental transformation so desperately needed to invigorate this industry anew. By digitally transforming their business, companies accelerate innovation and agility while remaining relevant to younger generations of engineers. However, there is a difference between transformation and digitization. See part 1.