“Future Testing” for Civil Engineering

3D Perspectives

Future Testing bridges the digital gap. It provides the ability for all stakeholders to collaborate on and visualize a virtual mockup of the project from start to completion in digital form, improving speed and building trust that the desired outcomes will be met.

Post-Digital Era in AEC

3D Perspectives

The post-digital era. Digital technology has transformed AEC to the extent that the current era is now commonly described as “post-digital.” Communication of all forms have become digital. Digital project information has exploded.

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GRANTA MI™ Version 12 – Materials-Enabling the Digital Twin

Additive Manufacturing

Engineering enterprises are increasingly investing in Digital Twin strategies to enable decision-making and support innovation with an accurate virtual representation of the real product. To be meaningful, the Digital Twin must accurately represent the materials from which the product is made.

Creo 56

Nuclear, a dusty industry? (Part 2)

3D Perspectives

By adopting new methodologies supported by digital tools, they can undergo the fundamental transformation so desperately needed to invigorate this industry anew. By digitally transforming their business, companies accelerate innovation and agility while remaining relevant to younger generations of engineers. However, there is a difference between transformation and digitization. See part 1.

Alexis Walsh APEX SERIES combines traditional craft with 3D printing and simulation


Alexis Walsh, who specializes in 3D printed fashion, has unveiled her latest collection: the APEX SERIES that marries handcrafted embellishment and generative digital form. Made in collaboration with designer Justin Hattendorf, the six piece collection incorporates traditional craft with a custom physics simulation to generate 3D printed hardware for garments.