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Download our 4 page ‘Introduction to 3T’ brochure here. Find out about the Additive Manufacturing (AM) services we can offer together with details of our machines, materials and in-house post-processing capabilities.

Do you design with TSLOTS? Download a FREE TSLOTS SOLIDWORKS Add-in

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You can represent them inside of SOLIDWORKS by creating profiles to use in a weldment environment OR I recently found out that you can download a library of TSLOT profiles from Here is how it works: Go to this website [link] and Download Design Pro.

ShareStation3D Features Free Downloadable Functional 3D Printing Projects

Graphene 3D Lab, developer of specialty conductive filaments, has just launched a new web portal that offers users free downloadable functional 3D printing projects. ShareStation3D will allow 3D. View the entire article via our website.

Top 10 3D Model Databases: The Best Sites to Download 3D Models for 3D Printing


There are tons of websites out there that offer (both free and premium) 3D models to download. Cults is a great place to find & download 3D models for 3D printing. 3D Shook offers fun 3D models to download. GrabCAD is all about downloading technical 3D models.

Top 10 3D Model Databases: The Best Sites to Download 3D Models for 3D Printing


There are tons of websites out there that offer (both free and premium) 3D models to download. Cults is a great place to find & download 3D models for 3D printing. 3D Shook offers fun 3D models to download. GrabCAD is all about downloading technical 3D models.

Top 10 3D Model Databases: The Best Sites to Download 3D Models for 3D Printing


There are tons of website out there that offer (both free and premium) 3D models to download. Cults is a great place to find & download 3D models for 3D printing. 3D Shook offers fun 3D models to download. GrabCAD is all about downloading technical 3D models.

3D Printing Resources: Stratasys Offers Four New Free White Papers for Download

3D Printing Business Education Sponsored 3D printed consumer goods 3d printing educational materials 3D printing online resources 3D printing skillset stratasys Stratasys White Paper white paperAt, we’ve been working to introduce more and more helpful educational resources alongside daily news and industry insights about 3D printing. These resources include white papers. View the entire article via our website.

New FDM & PolyJet Materials Released By Stratasys

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If you haven’t already heard, Stratasys has come out with five brand new FDM and PolyJet materials this quarter. Each material serves a different and unique purpose, from withstanding extreme temperatures to printing at speeds more accelerated than ever before. Download The Spec Sheet.

Return of Ctopher’s Custom Material Database

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Custom materials in SOLIDWORKS are important if you are using materials not included in the default set. Around a decade ago, Chris Saller compiled a bunch of such custom materials from varies sources based on requests and submissions from many different people. This list is informally known as Ctopher’s Custom Material Database, “ctopher” being Chris’ more ».

What Material Should I Use For 3D Printing? – Advanced Materials Review #2 – Taulman 618 and Taulman 645 Nylon

3D Printing for Beginners

Welcome to another post in our Advanced 3D printing materials review series. Keep on reading to find out how these materials can benefit your 3D printing projects. Click here to download the 3D model files. . Click here to download the 3D model files. . Materials

World PM2016 Technical Programme Now Available to Download

Additive Manufacturing

Hard Materials and Diamond Tools. New Materials and Applications. Over 450 papers will feature in a packed 4-day programme covering all areas of powder metallurgy. Welcome to the World’s Largest Dedicated Powder Metallurgy Technical Event.

Material can change shape with 4D Printing


Programmable materials are able to change shape without complex stimulation. 4D Printing project is a part of their Programmable Material field of research. ” Just like 3D Printing, 4D Printing work as a combination between Software + Material + Printer.

3D Printing Tutorial: How to Embed and Print Parts with VeroClear Material

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VeroClear is a transparent material that simulates PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), commonly known as acrylic. Like PMMA, VeroClear material is used as an alternative to glass and is ideal for concept modeling and design verification of clear parts such as eye wear, light covers and medical devices. In this blog post we will explain the steps to properly embed and 3D print parts using VeroClear material. Download a copy of the SOLIDWORKS sample and STLs shown above.

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Re-distributing materials supply chains for 3D printing

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The final project report from the University of Oxford 3DP-RDM feasibility study “Re-distributing material supply chains for 3D printing” is now available to download. In the second stage a stakeholder survey was conducted in which participants were asked about perceived barriers to the use of local materials for 3D printing, and to identify potential solutions to these barriers.

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3D printing with flexible materials – FlexPLA tests

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I’ve already written about the sustainability of 3D printing with biodegradable materials like PLA or 3D printing with wood, but there is a huge amount of articles based on the eco-friendly 3D printing materials researches.

SOLIDWORKS User-Defined Materials

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If you use a material from the SOLIDWORKS database, you are limited in how you can change the material properties. However, SOLIDWORKS User-Defined Materials allow you to apply custom material properties. How to define a new material. Copy a Material.

How to add materials to the SOLIDWORKS Material Database [VIDEO]

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Since the SOLIDWORKS 2014 release you are able to download additional materials for your SOLIDWORKS Simulation Material Database from the Matereality website which has a much broader range of advanced material properties that have been physically tested.

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Smart International Launches Material Partnership Program to Meet Demand for Easy-to-Print, High-Quality Engineering Materials

Additive Manufacturing

Delaware, USA, January 14, 2019] Smart International today announces the launch of it Materials Partnership Program designed to provide customers with a repeatable 3D printing experience, no matter the required material.

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DIY 3D Printing: NASA makes 3d models of spacecraft and other.

DIY 3D Printing

You can now download for free many 3d models in.stl or Blender format from NASA-s official repository. Matrix of all 3d print materials and their propert. Matrix of all 3d print materials and their properties. DIY 3D Printing. Manufacturing revolution on your desktop. Pages.

Extensive Materials Library: AKA Golden Nuggets for Product Engineers

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Then this question often arises; “ where can I find the material properties for my virtual simulations” ? Good news: SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Simulation provide every user with an extensive list of pre-defined materials properties. It lists all material matches in a matrix format.

Case Study: 3DEXPERIENCE Enables KKAA to Renew Its Focus on Materials

3D Perspectives

Renew Focus on Materials @3DSAEC [link]. Computerized Architecture Helps Bring Out the Beauty of Natural Materials. At the same time, we rely more and more on actual organic materials to get the job done. Download the case study: 3DEXPERIENCE for Kengo Kuma and Associates.

50% of product failure is due to Mechanical Fatigue! How can you predict & avoid it?

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While it may be difficult or even impossible to model such defects in FEA, variability in materials is a constant, and small defects are very likely to exist. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Fatigue SOLIDWORKS Download White Paper

Tabletop Games: The Next Dimension

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To date, he’s got over 500 models on his creations tab available for download, and shows now signs of slowing down. 3D Printed 3D Printing Materials Downloadable Games Geek 3D printed gaming accessories DIY gamers tabletop gaming

DraftSight 2019 Packaging and Pricing Changes You Need To Know About

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PLEASE NOTE : If you decide to download and install the free 30-day trial of DraftSight 2019 Professional, or if you purchase any version of DraftSight 2019, you will not be able to redownload any previous free version of DraftSight (2018 or earlier).

3D Printing Content Trends: MyMiniFactory Releases New Monthly Report

It’s no surprise that we love to check out the latest in reports and trends regarding 3D printing, but usually the concern is with what fancy hardware, software, and mindblowing new materials. 3D Design 3D Printing Business 3D printable museum 3d printed toys and games 3D Printing Content Trends Report 3D printing industry reports myminifactory popular 3D downloads scan the world top MMF 3D designers

7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a 3D Printing Technology and Material


Today there are a plethora of 3D printing processes and materials to choose from and it’s only growing. To help you start to filter out certain processes and materials, we put together a selection methodology: Application – What is the purpose of the end product?

Measuring Environmental Impact with SOLIDWORKS Sustainability– Custom Materials

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One of the environmental impact factors is the material used to make your parts. SOLIDWORKS Sustainability comes with numerous materials that you can use. But what if you want to use a different material? Find out how you can add sustainability data to a custom material.

Using Support Material

Tales of a 3D Printer

Today, some students wanted to print a helmet from a design they downloaded on SketchUp (the printing of which is of questionably copyright-legality, but I digress). This gave us the chance to learn about support material.

New Things to Print in the New Year


Nylon is typically a good material to start branching out into. Basically, you take pellets of the plastic you want to work with and feed them through an extruder nozzle at the glass temperature of the material.

3D Printing advice for materials. Tips & tricks - Advent 2017 review of models


For the background and i ntroduction - Day #1 Post click here Christmas Advent 2017 Download on Thingiverse here - designed by Tom Van den Bon @geekc0der With some help for each day by the South African Makers team.

Christmas Advent 3D Printing #Day 15 Advice using 3DFilaprint PLA and selecting material samples


Christmas Advent 2017 Download on Thingiverse here - designed by Tom Van den Bon @geekc0der With some help for each day by the South African Makers team. Support material enabled for this one.

The Top 10 Reasons to move from 2D CAD to SOLIDWORKS 3D Software

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3D design generates time, cost, and material savings ; improves workflows, processes, and product quality; and fosters creativity, inspiration, and innovation. Download our white paper using the form below and you will learn how moving from 2D to 3D CAD is easier than you think!

Saving Costs with Virtual Prototyping

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Not optimizing product design can increase expenses, for example, the use of excessive amounts of materials, that could be trimmed by implementing design analysis and optimizing designs. SOLIDWORKS Simulation optimize SOLIDWORKS Download White PaperLeveraging the combined powers of 3D solid modeling and design analysis software, engineers can now test a design on the computer instead of using prototype-test iterations for design.

CATI Tech Notes: Stratasys Adds Flexible Color Materials To The.

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Stratasys Adds Flexible Color Materials To The Objet500 Connex3 3D Printer. Earlier this year, Stratasys introduced the world to the first and only full color multi-material 3D printer - the Objet500 Connex3. This leaves six print heads for three model materials. CATI Tech Notes.

Extend your Design Capabilities with our SOLIDWORKS Add-in Promotion

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2D Drawings and Automatic Bill of Materials (BOM). SolidWorks 3D Design Tech Tips SolidWorks Download SOLIDWORKS PromotionExtend your Design Capabilities with our SOLIDWORKS Add-in Promotion.

Objet Prime Head Filling Timeout/Material Suddenly Not Being Accepted

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Objet Prime Desktop units are capable of running Tango material. Tango and materials are a bit thicker and have a different filter system that had to be developed. When a filter clogs it prevents material from reaching the print head causing a head filling timeout.

What is Aras PLM and how does it solve Product Management Challenges?

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To help create tomorrow’s new products, PLM must adapt to this changing environment to efficiently manage enterprise bill of materials (BOM), supply chain processes, embedded software, quality, and more, from the conceptual design phase and out into the field.

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Our Newest 3D Tool: Scaling Your Models for 3D Printing

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Simply download the model like this from Sketchfab, upload it to Shapeways, scale it down – and we will 3D print it! 3D Modeling 3D Print 3D Printed 3D Printing 3D Scan Community Customization Design Downloadable Education How To New Features Shop Owner

3D Systems Expands Class VI Certified Materials To ProJet??? Series

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3D Systems Expands Class VI Certified Materials To ProJet Series - Expands Its Healthcare Solutions Reach With Biocompatible Materials Rock Hill, South Carolina  June 27, 2012 - 3D Systems Corporation (NYSE: DDD) announced today that several of its VisiJet  materials have met the rigorous requirements for USP Class VI certification, including biocompatibility for healthcare applications.

3D Printed Stopgap Face Mask


The mask consists of two main components (the mask body and the filter cover) and contains features for attaching two elastic straps and receiving a patch of filter material. This way you can cut up a single mask and use its filter material multiple times. Download Link.

The Stratasys Sessions: 3D Printing Industry Webinars

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The temptation is with such well-defined benefits, all it takes to make additive work within a business is to buy a machine and materials. Download Webinar. Topics covered include: materials, best practices for design, and examples of success in the industry. Download Webinar.

3D printing and sustainability article published in Journal of Cleaner Production

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As our project is funded by the EPSRC, the article is open access so free to download. So please download and read the paper and then let us know what you think. Benefits are found to exist across the product and material life cycles through product and process redesign, improvements to material input processing, make-to-order component and product manufacturing, and closing the loop. Download the paper here.

M&N: Creating Custom Bathroom Accessories

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Download The Case Study. The FDM material will easily stand up to wear and tear over time. Blog Case Study FDM FDM Materials FDM Technology Printed By Purple Purple PorcupineThe Goal.