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CRP introduces Windform P-LINE range for HSS 3D printing

3D Printing Industry

Italian 3D printing materials manufacturer CRP Technology, has introduced the first product in its P-LINE range of Windform materials for High Speed Sintering (HSS).

Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing in India – Challenges & Solutions

The world has always viewed India as a mystical, enigmatic land through stereotypes of snake charmers, cows on roads, abject poverty and what not. While some of it might have been true decades ago, View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3d print india 3d printer market in India 3d printers india 3d printing india additive manufacturing india india india 3d printer ril

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The Renaissance of CAD (webcast)

Tech Clarity

As our changing world impacts product design, how should CAD evolve? How can CAD support your efforts to adopt some of the latest technologies?

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China: Researchers Test Short Carbon Fiber/PEEK Composites in FDM 3D Printing

Chinese researchers are investigating the power of short carbon fibers combined with PEEK, in relation to FDM 3D printing, a method popular with users due to its power, affordability, and speed. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials carbon fiber catia v5 fdm 3d printing Funmat HT FDM 3D printer industrial 3d printing INTAMSUITE PEEK Short carbon fibers in 3D printing

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3D Medical Applications

Held in Baltimore, Maryland, this event will bring together thought leaders, experts, engineers, doctors, researchers, and regulators in the many medical methods for 3D technology.The 3D Medical Applications conference is the most comprehensive, game-changing, meeting of minds for the future of 3D in healthcare.

FIT acquires Hot Isostatic Pressing machine for post-processing 3D printed metal

3D Printing Industry

FIT Additive Manufacturing Group has acquired a Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) machine from Quintus Technologies, a Swedish high pressure technology expert. The HIP machine will ensure that after post-processing, 3D printed metal parts pass the quality assurance tests as smoothly as possible.

Biodiscoveries: CELLINK is bioprinting its way into the future

Back in 2015, Erik Gatenholm realized there was no place to purchase bioink for 3D bioprinting. So, blown away by this gap in the market, he quickly worked with co-founder Hector Martinez to create a. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3d bioprinter 3d printed bioink 3D printing bioink bioink bioprinters bioprinting cellink cellular bioink kits

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nScrypt and Sciperio Secure US Patent for Scalable Hybrid 3D Printing System

Florida manufacturer nScrypt develops high-precision micro-dispensing and direct digital manufacturing equipment and solutions for a range of industries. Just a few months ago, its research and. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3d printing patent direct digital manufacturing hybrid 3D printing invention inventor motion system nScrypt patent precision Sciperio sensors toolheads

Model-Based Enterprise Summit 2019

Modern Tech

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the Model-Based Enterprise Summit at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, MD.

Wisconsin: Zero Barrier Labs is Trying to Make Metal 3D Printing 17 Times Cheaper

While many companies are keenly interested in the advances 3D printing is encouraging today—along with additive manufacturing processes making use of a variety of different metal powders to create. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Metal 3D Printing 3d printing startups metal 3d printing University of Wisconsin Madison

Reviewing ASME Standards for Additive Manufacturing

Modern Tech

From an engineering perspective, if you’re looking into the world of Model-Based Design (MBD) or have already been shifting that way, you’ll want to start research some of the new standards that are being developed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Bioprinting with Frozen Cells: Multilayer Cryolithography for Better Cell Survival

UC Berkeley engineers may have finally found a realistic way to 3D print human organs. In their recently published paper, ‘A parallel multiple layer cryolithography device for the manufacture of. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Bioprinting 3d printed cells 3d printed food 3d printed organs Cryolithography tissue engineering uc berkeley

Austin trip to meet customers

SolidWorks Legion

Austin, TX has long been on my todo list for work travel. There are a lot of great SOLIDWORKS customers in the Austin region. Come last week, my long awaited plans came to fruition. This was a busy trip. Visited several customers in both San Antonio and Austin.

Tel Aviv University: Researchers 3D Print Cardiac Patches & Cellularized Hearts

Researchers at Tel Aviv University continue to try to meet the ongoing challenges in cardiac tissue engineering. In ‘3D Printing of Personalized Thick and Perfusable Cardiac Patches and. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Bioprinting 3D printed cardiac patches 3d printed heart bioprinting Tel Aviv University

[Podcast] How One Teacher is Changing mindsets, One Student at a Time, with STEM

The Solidworks Blog

When passion and purpose meet the world’s needs, great things happen. Cesar Gutierrez is a teacher whose purpose in life is changing not only his students’ lives, but changing his entire community through STEM.

Civil Engineering Applications: Researchers 3D Print Packaging for Fiber Optic Sensors

In a bustling world full of ever-expanding technology, there is much going on behind the scenes, in the air, and underground, that we don’t even think about. Fiber optics are a great example of this, View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3d printed packaging 3d printing research civil engineering customized fiber optics Formlabs 1+ 3D printer packaging sensors solidworks

WIN the 3D Printed Throne

DASI Solutions

The excitement for the final season of GOT has bubbled over at the DASI offices so we decided to share the fun with a CONTEST: Winner takes the (3D printed) Throne! 3D Printed Throne Contest: How to Enter To be … Continue reading →

Why can’t I send a Record to a Process in SOLIDWORKS Manage?

Javelin Tech Tips

When setting up a new process in SOLIDWORKS Manage , for instance, an Engineering Change Process to be used by a certain object type, it is common to see the screen below when trying to send your record to the new process. The drop-down is empty and you simply cannot select a process?

Biometric Authentication and Identification Technology – Revolutionizing Safety and Security Across Industries

BIS Research

On one hand, digitalization has successfully enhanced the factor of user convenience, on the other hand, it has also aggravated various concerns related to safety and security.

CRP Technology Welcomes Windform® P1, the Inaugural New-Born PA from the P-LINE Family of Materials for High Speed Production-Grade 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing

Italian-based CRP Technology , market leader in AM technology, launches a new range of materials for professional 3D printing: the Windform ® P-LINE. “ P stands for Production”, commented Franco Cevolini, VP and CTO at CRP Technology, “we created this new range of materials for High Speed Sintering, the new 3D printing process we integrated in-house: Windform ® P-LINE materials combined with HSS technology, allows for the manufacturing of small 3D printed production components.

More On The IVI Multifunction 3D Printer


A low-cost sample metal extrusion made for the IVI 3D printer [Source: IVI 3D]. Read the whole entry. » » printer

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Campden BRI launches research project to evaluate how 3D printing could benefit food industry


Campden BRI have begun a research project to evaluate how 3D printing could benefit the food industry. 3D Printing Applications

How 3D Printing Can Take On the Sustainability Challenges of Tomorrow


Large format printer spare parts printed on demand reducing excess inventory and transport emissions. Image: HP. Read the whole entry. » » ideas

30 Years In 3D Printing: A Chat With EOS


[Image: EOS]. This week, EOS celebrates its 30th anniversary. EOS North America. Read the whole entry. » » corporate history interview

Design of the Week: The Holdenator Mk. 7


The Holdenator Mk. 7 [Source: Thingiverse]. This week’s selection is the. Read the whole entry. » » design

Metal 3D Printing In Question After SpaceX Incident


SpaceX Dragon 2 capsule on a test stand awaiting firing [Source: Astronut099]. Read the whole entry. » » event

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