Sun.May 17, 2020

Investigating Properties of Virgin, Sieved, and Waste 316L Metallic Powder for SLM 3D Printing

We often see metal 3D printing used to make steel parts, so plenty of research is being done regarding the material properties. Researchers from VSB – Technical University of Ostrava. View the entire article via our website.

SLM 49

3D Printing High Temperature Production Parts


Check out this video showing a part printed on a Figure 4 Standalone 3D printer using the HI TEMP 300-AMB material being tested for high temperatures. This combination of 3D printer and material opens up opportunities to quickly manufacture end use production parts which need to withstand extremely high temperatures. Stuff like HVAC components, parts for consumer appliances, motor enclosures, stators, molds, etc.

Wayland Additive’s NeuBeam Metal 3D Printing Process


Wayland Additive has introduced a new form of metal 3D printing they call “NeuBeam” that should be superior to laser or electron beam processes. The post Wayland Additive’s NeuBeam Metal 3D Printing Process appeared on Fabbaloo. printer ebm laser metal pbf powder wayland wayland additive