August, 2019

G-Code Hack for Removing Prints by Make Anything

DIY 3D Printing

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Smooth operation eliminates FDM stair-stepping in University of Hamburg study

3D Printing Industry

Researchers at the University of Hamburg in Germany, have proposed a novel way of slicing 3D printed objects to create smoother results. By 3D printing nonplanar layers close to the horizontal, this slicing method removes the stair-stepping effect typical to FDM surfaces.

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Reviving an Early 20th Century Printmaking Practice With Modern Technology

Shapeways Blog

The mission of thepostdigitalprintmaker community, founded by Phyllis and Victor Merriam, is to share the work of printmakers who have taken up the challenge of incorporating emerging technologies into their artistic practices.

What is the 3DEXPERIENCE platform?

The Solidworks Blog

“Time Out Market Boston Opens in the Fenway – A Food Paradise Steps from South Campus,” Boston University, [link] June 28, 2019. Here at the SOLIDWORKS office in Waltham, MA, the food aficionados among us were all awaiting one big opening event this summer.

3D Medical Applications

Held in Baltimore, Maryland, this event will bring together thought leaders, experts, engineers, doctors, researchers, and regulators in the many medical methods for 3D technology.The 3D Medical Applications conference is the most comprehensive, game-changing, meeting of minds for the future of 3D in healthcare.

Design Rules for AM

Wohlers Talk

Little by little, companies are learning that it can be very different to design for additive manufacturing (DfAM). To make AM economical for production quantities, DfAM is usually necessary.

3D Printing Heading Towards a More Sustainable Future

3D Innovations

3D printing, also referred to as additive manufacturing, has captured the imagination of consumers, product designers and manufacturers alike over the last decade. We have witnessed the technology go through a hype cycle and come out the other side a more mature and grounded technology.

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Electronic Alchemy develops multi-material electronics 3D printer for NASA

3D Printing Industry

3D printer manufacturer Electronic Alchemy has developed a system capable of additive manufacturing fully functional electronics. Named eForge, NASA intends to use the system during planetary space missions to 3D print chemical sensors on demand.

The sea: a boundless source of renewable energy

3D Perspectives

This article appeared in our 2018 annual report. Click here to read the full document. The marine industry is changing rapidly and is paying greater attention to alternative energy sources.

The Most Important Part of a Start-Up [Podcast] with Josh Aviv

The Solidworks Blog

Twenty percent of new companies fail in their first year, and only 50 percent survive through their fifth year. So why does everyone want to be an entrepreneur or work for a start-up if so many fail? Maybe a better question is: What is the secret to success for a start-up?

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Materialise Acquires Engimplan, Enters the Medical Device Market

Materialise is the leader in 3D printing software. Additionally, the firm has a 3D printing service bureau. By leveraging its learnings in manufacturing it can improve its software; while. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3d printed orthopedic braces 3D printed orthopedic implants 3d printed orthopedics 3D-CMF CMF Digital Orthopedic Laboratory engimplan ortho orthopedic

The Search for a “Perfect” Manufacturing Partner

3D Innovations

Manufacturing a new product is a challenge but finding the right manufacturing partner doesn’t have to be. Finding the perfect manufacturing partner for your hardware startup is going to take a bit of upfront research but, trust us, it will make the entire process much smoother later on.

Nonplanar Smoothing of 3D Prints

DIY 3D Printing

Project page: [link] Project GitHub: [link]. slic3r smoothing

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Formula One and FIA use additive manufacturing to test 2021 car

3D Printing Industry

Formula One (F1), the premier world championship for motor racing and its governing body the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), have used additive manufacturing to help determine the design, rules and regulations of its 2021 cars.

Elements of 3D Printing in the Classroom


Daniel Aktas is an art and technology instructor, also known as the “3D Printing Teacher” within his district. He incorporates 3D printing into most of his courses and he works with the 4 elementary schools in the district to facilitate an annual 3D printing immersion event.

Reality Check: the Astonishing Future of VR

The Solidworks Blog

What image does the phrase ‘virtual reality’ conjure? Chances are it’s someone in an oversized helmet, clumsily navigating their way through a videogame. Is that right? Well, adjust your expectations. VR has made generational leaps in a very short space of time.

Successes In 3D Printing Spinal Implants in Two Complex Cases

In the recently published ‘Challenges in the design and regulatory approval of 3D printed surgical implants: a two-case series,’ authors Koen Willemsen, Razmara Nizak, Herke Jan Noordmans, René M. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3d printed spinal implants 3D printed titanium implants DMP320 3D printer The Netherlands

Top 10 advantages of using 3D printing for proof of concept


Proof of concept is an essential part of any pro […]. The post Top 10 advantages of using 3D printing for proof of concept appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo. 3D Design Tips & Software Applications Innovation & Business strategy

Cool DIY Robot Rover by Saral Tayal

DIY 3D Printing

Instructables page: [link]. 3d printed robot raspberry pi

Competitors explore how to create a perfect 3D printed heat sink

3D Printing Industry

Academics from the U.S and Ireland recently gathered at the 18th Intersociety Conference on Thermal and Thermomechanical Phenomena in Electronic Systems, in Las Vegas, Nevada, to innovate the design of heat sinks using 3D printing.

Developing tomorrow’s talent

3D Perspectives

This article appeared in our 2018 annual report. Click here to read the full document. Bringing together research, teaching, business and the public sector to create a solid base of knowledge and expertise is a crucial part of developing what will be the lifeblood of tomorrow.

Building Your Own Personal CNC Machine: A Three-Part YouTube Adventure

The Solidworks Blog

We all have our day jobs, right? Balancing your full-time time gig with your family, friends, and that CNC table you’re making from scratch… it can be tough. Wait, what?!

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Top 5 Ways to Avoid 3D Printing Quality Issues

Modern Tech

Whether using 3D printing for business or for personal projects, nobody wants to have to re-print a part because of a flaw that happened during printing, especially if it could have been easily prevented.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Additive Manufacturing

The best-use cases for 3D printing aren’t always obvious. When designing an object for additive manufacturing, it’s important to keep the limits and benefits of the process in mind. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Sponsored 3D design and printing service 3D Hubs printing service 3D Modeling Service 3dhubs CubeSat MFj sat satellite sls

DIY 3D Printed Otoscope

DIY 3D Printing

Project GitHub: [link]. medical applications of 3d printing medicine optics

Harvard and Caltech 3D prints self-folding soft robots inspired by origami

3D Printing Industry

Researchers from Harvard University and the California Institute of Technology have developed origami-inspired soft robotic systems that adopts task-specific configurations on demand.

Time to get smart about sustainable manufacturing

3D Perspectives

This blog is written by Ke Wang, Managing Director, Industry X.0, Accenture Greater China. Across the globe, rapid technological change is powering a revolution in smart and sustainable digital manufacturing.

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Solving Beamy – Three-Point Bending Test with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

The Solidworks Blog

Three-point bending tests are a common way to evaluate the structural integrity of mechanical components and ensure they meet required displacement/force criteria. A typical test setup for this type of test is shown in Figure 1 below. Figure 1 – Typical Three-Point Bending Test.

3D Printing A Topographical Map

Modern Tech

The Stratasys J750 is capable of all sorts of amazing things, as we’ve seen recently with our articles involving the application of real-to-life textures and eyewear prototyping.

Interview with Elisabeth Moreno on HP and 3D Printing in Africa

Elisabeth Moreno Elisabeth Moreno, the Vice President and Managing Director Africa at HP Technology, talks to us about HP’s role in 3D printing in Africa, as. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printers 3D Printing Exclusive Interviews 3d print hp 3d printing interview africa africa 3d printing hp hp 3d printing HP Multi Jet Fusion MJF

3D Printing Factory in Container Box by Nokia

DIY 3D Printing

3d systems home manufacturing manufacturing nokia robot

Carnegie Mellon granted $1.95 million to build aerosol jet printed neural probes

3D Printing Industry

Through 3D nanoparticle printing, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are creating a new class of high-density neural probes to record neurological data.

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What’s the status with sustainable manufacturing?

3D Perspectives

Most companies today are on a journey towards sustainability.

Quantifying Headphone Comfort with Structural Professional Engineer

The Solidworks Blog

Editor’s note: the following is a special guest post from Jim Shaw, Managing Director, Fastway Engineering and Alex Kemmler, VP Product Development, Aiwa Corporation.

Materials used in 3D printing


You may not know all that 3D printing can do for you. M […]. The post Materials used in 3D printing appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo. 3D Printers, materials and technologies

Interview with Autodesk’s Peter Rogers on Generative Design and the Future of Additive

Peter Rogers is easily one of the most recognizable people in 3D Printing. Underneath the flamboyant hairdo sits a very hardworking business development and sales professional who flits tirelessly. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Exclusive Interviews 360 3D printing and generative design a360 Auto-generative design autodesk Autodesk CFD autodesk education AutoDesk Fusion 360 Generative design Peter Rogers

3D Printed Silicone Robot Grabber

DIY 3D Printing

Further reading: [link]. 3d printed robot silicone