January, 2020

Boeing 777x Takes First Flight with over 600 3D-Printed Parts


Sunday saw the maiden flight of the Boeing 777X, marking an important date in the history of 3D printing for the twin GE9X engines driving the aircraft. Each GE9X features. The post Boeing 777x. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Aerospace 3D Printing 777x a350 airbus boeing GE9x

5 key takeaways from CES 2020

3D Perspectives

Our team is just back from CES 2020 . With more than 175,000 attendees, we had many inspiring conversations with those who stopped by our booth, and were also inspired by the buzz that came from what the other 4400 companies exhibiting at the show were talking about. Here are our five top takeaways from CES 2020. Personalization remains a top priority for the consumer technology industry.

Recycling with AM

Wohlers Talk

Note: Ray Huff, associate engineer at Wohlers Associates, authored the following. No one is surprised to hear that people produce copious amounts of waste every day. According to a 2017 study , if was found that over 300 million tons of plastic waste is produced annually. The question of how to reuse this material, rather than leaving it to degrade over millions of years, may be tiresome. Fortunately, AM is bringing new options much closer to home in a variety of ways.

No Layers with Non-Planar Slicing by Teaching Tech

DIY 3D Printing

layers model quality slicer smoothing software

Rapid Prototyping and On Demand Manufacturing

Our blog is focus on rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing information for global product designer, engineers, purchase officer and entrepreneur.

3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 – Tips & Hints for a better experience #SOLIDWORKS #3DXW20

Michael Lord

3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 – Nashville is just a week or so away. I’ve have a couple of busy weeks in front of me. I still need to finalise a design […]. 3DEXPERIENCE WORLD 2020 SolidWorks 3DEXPERIENCE 3DXW20 solidworks SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2020

How 3D printing helps reshape adaptive aids


Throughout the world, the disabilities some men and wom […]. The post How 3D printing helps reshape adaptive aids appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo

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Humans, in harmony with Nature

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Victor Papanek, an early advocate of design’s social and ecological responsibilities, says in his book Green Imperative that. These dangerous times for Earth call not just for passion, imagination, intelligence and hard work, but – more profoundly – a sense of optimism that is willing to act without a full understanding.” While science relies on facts and scientific prediction, design relies also on optimism and faith in the effect of small individual actions on the global picture.

Beatlemania Bass Guitar

Wohlers Talk

Associate consultant Olaf Diegel has designed and manufactured an impressive range of guitars. The main body of each is the most interesting part because it is designed for 3D printing. The character and complexity of these guitars make them, in my opinion, remarkable. One of Olaf’s most recent creations is the Beatlemania bass. The design and details are stunning.

Glass 100

Anisoprint Carbon Fiber 3D Printing

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3d printing with carbon fiber carbon fiber high strength strength

3D Printing — The Work Before the Print

3D Innovations

3D printing is a technology that has the ability to capture everyone’s imagination, however we need to remember that it is, in a sense, a secondary process and a lot of work comes before you start printing. We all see those fantastic time-lapse 3D printing videos floating around the internet, where in a mere minute you can watch a 3D printer bring a product to life. What you can’t see is the design and testing that comes beforehand. Product Design.

Your CSWA Exam Prep Guide

This CSWA exam prep guide includes 30+ insider tips that will help you prepare, practice for, and pass the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate exam.

State of 3D printing 2020: Answer our survey!


Last year, in 2019, we made the biggest report ever in […]. The post State of 3D printing 2020: Answer our survey! appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo

CES 2020 shows us what the end of the consumer 3D printing hype cycle looks like


CES is the annual barometer for what technologies we consumers should expect to see, use, and covet in the coming years. And as I explored this year’s show, I feared. The post CES 2020 shows us. View the entire article via our website. Featured Stories Sponsored 3D Printing consultancy consultancy consumer 3d printing consumer 3D printng desktop 3d printers desktop printers

Surprising Ways an Architecture Department can Use 3D Printing

Modern Tech

3D printing is becoming the norm in terms of prototyping for the manufacturing industry. The ability to create functional designs and even manufacture parts in a fraction of the time it would take by using traditional methods is astounding. It isn’t just the manufacturing sector that is reaping these rewards. The education sectors are also seeing the benefits.

Looking Ahead: The Energy & Materials Industry of 2025

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What will the Energy & Materials industry look like in 2025? Sustainability, competition, and workforce of the future technology are shaping the energy & materials industry of 2025. Shifting market demands, regulatory pressure and new technologies are transforming the Energy & Materials (E&M) industry, and companies are seeking new ways to create value and remain competitive.

3D Medical Applications

Held in Baltimore, Maryland, this event will bring together thought leaders, experts, engineers, doctors, researchers, and regulators in the many medical methods for 3D technology.The 3D Medical Applications conference is the most comprehensive, game-changing, meeting of minds for the future of 3D in healthcare.

Experimental Large Volume Resin 3D Printer by Element14

DIY 3D Printing

dlp large printer raspberry pi resin stereolithography uv 3d printing

Build a Startup in Your Hometown

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Deciding to develop a product and build a startup is a big undertaking and the more support you have around you, the more likely you are to succeed. Ten years ago, if you wanted to build a hardware product, moving to Silicon Valley or New York to find support seemed like the only option for success. Today this is not the case. Now more than ever entrepreneurs are building their businesses in their hometown and finding success. Cost of Living.

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Battle of software: Solidworks vs Solid Edge


As an online 3D printing service, we get to work with 3 […]. The post Battle of software: Solidworks vs Solid Edge appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo

The State of 3D Printing in Heavy Equipment


In the aerospace industry, there are plenty of research dollars to be had and the slightest improvement in weight reduction to an aircraft part can reduce fuel costs significantly. Though. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing diesel engines excavators heavy equipment Volvo

Why and How to Link Dimensions in SOLIDWORKS

Modern Tech

Have you ever wanted to change several design parameters with one action? Linking dimensions in SOLIDWORKS reduces design time by allowing variable change simultaneously. This means that if you change one dimension, any other dimensions that are synchronized will be changed as well. There are two ways to go about this: Link Values and Global Variables. SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD

Precious 3D Prints For Your Valentine: 10% Off Silver, Gold, And Brass


This Valentine’s Day, get your sweetheart a special and unique gift — a 3D print in one of our top precious metals: Silver, Gold, or Brass. Until the end of the day on January 31st, we’re offering 10% off of these materials when you use the following code at checkout: FromMaterialiseWithLove2020. With such great options, how will you choose?! Here’s a breakdown to help you out. Silver. The quality of a silver model is comparable to the kind of jewelry you can find in jewelry stores.

Kyub and Laser Cutting by Hasso Plattner Institute

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laser laser cutting plywood


New Product Development | How to Get Started

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New Product Development (NPD) is the process that takes a product from conception to market. This new product is meant to fill a consumer demand in the marketplace. New product development starts with an idea which then moves through design, prototyping, market testing, manufacturing and ends with commercialization. How do I start? A common question we receive is, “how do I start?”. The short answer, it depends.

Top 10 Solidworks alternatives


Solidworks is definitely a top-shelf professional produ […]. The post Top 10 Solidworks alternatives appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo. 3D Design Tips & Software

Freeformer: Additive manufacturing using medically approved original materials


In addition to prototyping, ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF) with the Freeformer is particularly suitable for the industrial additive manufacturing of functional components. This offers the advantage. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing ams Arburg extrusion freeforming pellets resin

3D Printing Composite Materials: PolyJet Technology

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PolyJet technology uses resins that are dispensed onto a build tray in very small droplets and cured between passes with ultraviolet light in order to create a 3D shape or shapes. PolyJet 3D printers use this process to create parts with a high level of detail and realism because they can print in multiple materials/colors at once and at a higher resolution than other print technology like Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF).

How 3D Printing is Shaping the Robotics Industry

Shapeways Blog

As the robotics industry continues to rise in popularity and growth, it makes sense that we would constantly be trying to find new ways to incorporate 3D printing into the robotics process. Both robotics and 3D printing are forward-thinking industries, so combining the two—when done properly—could lead to incredible results. But how exactly can you mesh robotics and 3D printing into a successful outcome? Here are 4 ways some of the pros have found that work the best. . To Build Robots.

Small Robotic Production Line by Armas Ringerii

DIY 3D Printing

3d printed robot home manufacturing

Intellectual Property Protection: The Basics for Startups

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From the record number of patents issued in 2019, one thing is clear, intellectual property protection continues to be a cornerstone of businesses both big and small. 2019 saw a new high-watermark of 333,530 patents granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office.” ( Tech Crunch ) When it comes to intellectual property protection, startups and corporations understand that the road to success involves patents. The [2019 patent] figures are notable for a few reasons.

Just Dance 2020: Ubisoft and Sculpteo’s collaboration


Have you ever played Just Dance 2020? If yes, you may b […]. The post Just Dance 2020: Ubisoft and Sculpteo’s collaboration appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo

The Maker Movement Unmade? Part 5: The Community Responds


With this series, we’ve explored the changes that have occurred within the maker movement with the thesis that it seems to have fallen apart. Based on community feedback and some. The post The. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing adafruit Adrian Bowyer nicholas seward open source 3d printers open source 3D printing Prusa Labs richrap

The Halifax Group Invests in TriMech

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TriMech is excited to announce its new investment partnership with The Halifax Group. With this new partnership, TriMech is able to grow their portfolio of solutions and services to continue to serve their clients in new ways. TriMech News

Gold 3D Printing Explained: Technology, Alloys, Colors, Design Tips


3D printing is changing the way goldsmiths work and design. More and more people are asking us how 3D printed jewelry items in gold look and feel. In this article, we explain how gold items are created, the difference between 14k and 18k, its various colors, and how to model your 3D design to get the perfect gold 3D print ! The Technology: It’s All Based on Wax. Instead of printing your gold item directly, we use wax 3D printing and lost wax casting to build your design.

Mihir's 150 USD DIY 3D Printer Build

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low cost

Meet the Next Generation Energy & Materials Workforce

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Is the Energy & Materials Industry Ready to Attract the Workforce of the Future? The Energy & Materials industry is facing a generational shift with a large portion of workers in mining, power, and oil & gas soon to reach retirement age. According to some reports 75% of the workforce by 2025 will be Millennials and Generation Z.