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MIT engineers use conducting polymers to 3D print soft and flexible brain implants

3D Printing Industry

Researchers and engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are using 3D printing to develop soft, flexible brain electrodes using a conductive polymer liquid material.

Life in Space: Algae-Based 3D Printing Ink to Create Habitats & Other Basics

Master’s student Anastasia Prosina recently submitted ‘Algae-Based Printer Ink As the Way to Foster In-Situ Resource Utilization in Habitation Structures’ to Sasakawa International Center for Space. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d print algae Life space

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Javelin Technologies’ Professional Services team is here to help

Javelin Tech Tips

Javelin Technologies’ Professional Services group is operating at full capacity throughout the ever-evolving COVID situation.

4 Designs On i.materialise To Help Stop COVID-19 As Lockdowns Lift


Though much of the world is under lockdown due to the coronavirus, some are starting to think of reigning in some measures while still staying safe. The 3D-printing community has been busy during this time developing designs to help the public do just that.

3D Medical Applications

Held in Baltimore, Maryland, this event will bring together thought leaders, experts, engineers, doctors, researchers, and regulators in the many medical methods for 3D technology.The 3D Medical Applications conference is the most comprehensive, game-changing, meeting of minds for the future of 3D in healthcare.

Eight industrial partners set to work on modular hybrid manufacturing system

3D Printing Industry

A joint research project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) will see the development of a new highly efficient modular hybrid manufacturing cell.

International Research: Evaluating 3D Printing Concrete with Sisal Fibers

Researchers from France and the UK are delving into 3D printing in construction and experimenting with parameters in materials. Releasing their findings in ‘Rheological properties of 3D printing. View the entire article via our website.

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Empower Engineers with Cutting-Edge Design Tools (ebook)

Tech Clarity

Do your design tools hold product development back? With the pressures of global competition, and the never-ending struggle of bringing innovative, cost-effective products to market efficiently, a smooth product design process is paramount.

eBook 65

Researchers develop highly expandable foam resin for SLA 3D printing

3D Printing Industry

A team of researchers from UC San Diego’s Department of NanoEngineering has developed an expandable foaming resin for use with SLA 3D printers.

PLA: The Effects of Annealing & Autoclaving on Mechanical Behavior of Desktop FDM Parts

Researchers from the University of California delve into a very important area of 3D printing for the medical field, experimenting with how sterilization processes affect materials. Releasing their. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Featured Stories

Top 5 Reasons Why Simulation Analyst is a Needed Skill

Modern Tech

Our world is a highly nonlinear and dynamic 3D domain. To develop products that are of high quality and robust to survive the real-world conditions, it is important to test the product’s behavior and performance prior to manufacturing.

Medical 3D Printing Research & Buyer’s Guide

Javelin Tech Tips

Materials, Technologies, and 3D Printers: Learn how to Make the Right Choice for your Medical 3D Printing Business and Use Case. In this helpful 3D printing buyer’s guide, you’ll find useful information including a 3D printing technology comparison.

Saremco Dental AG releases CROWNTEC resin for 3D printed permanent dental restorations

3D Printing Industry

Swiss dental resin manufacturer Saremco Dental AG has released a new photopolymer resin for 3D printed permanent restorations such as crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers.

3D Printing and COVID-19, April 19, 2020 Update

Companies, organizations and individuals continue to attempt to lend support to the COVID-19 pandemic supply effort. We will be providing regular updates about these initiatives where necessary in an. View the entire article via our website.

Injection Molding: What It Is, How It Works, Who Is It For

3E Rapid Prototyping

Injection molding is the most popular method for manufacturing plastic parts on the planet, so it’s not surprising that the global market for the process was valued at almost 260 million U.S. dollars , with projections for continued growth in the foreseeable future.

How to learn SOLIDWORKS Software?

Javelin Tech Tips

If you are considering buying SOLIDWORKS, are a new SOLIDWORKS user, or just looking to gain new SOLIDWORKS skills then you may be wondering how to learn SOLIDWORKS software and what are the options available? I’ll answer that question in this article and provide you with a few options.

Researchers develop porous free metal 3D printing method, highest tensile strength yet

3D Printing Industry

Metal additive manufacturing research has found a way to 3D print steel free from porosity. Of all the combinations and variants of modern steel, martensite shines due to its high strength, ductility, relatively low weight, and cost-effective production.

Medical Center Completes Clinical Trials of 3D-Printed Nasal Swabs

Upon conducting a clinical trial, a research team from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), part of Beth Israel Lahey Health, has closed in on four novel prototypes of 3D-printed. View the entire article via our website.

MIT engineers developed the first 3D printed brain implants


Recent developments in 3D Printing have given ground to […]. The post MIT engineers developed the first 3D printed brain implants appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo

Case Study: NASA Partners with Xometry to Fast-track Critical Life Support Systems on the International Space Station


NASA engineers at the Marshall Space Flight Center employed Xometry’s large format CNC machining capabilities to build mission-critical air purification units

Tesla fixes Model Y HVAC system using 3D printing

3D Printing Industry

A recent YouTube video in content creator Munro Live’s ‘Tesla Model Y teardown’ series has drawn attention to a rather unusual manufacturing practice employed by the electric car manufacturer.

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COVID-19:  Making Our Planet a Better Place

This April marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. With the COVID-19 pandemic, life has taken unprecedented turns, but acts of humanity, big and small, are shining through the fog. Whether. View the entire article via our website.

How 3D printed corals is made possible with Bioprinting


We’ve seen that Bioprinting has made great breakthrough […]. The post How 3D printed corals is made possible with Bioprinting appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo

How to Supplement Your Engineering Team

Modern Tech

Lee Iacocca’s words are truer now than ever before. As designers and engineers our options are to “…lead, follow, or get out of the way.” Across different industries, engineering teams find the resources to innovate at high speed and high quality.

Lubrizol TPU powder passes ISO tests for skin contact

3D Printing Industry

Lubrizol, an Ohio-based chemicals and materials company, has announced that its ESTANE 3D TPU M95A powder for 3D printing has passed skin sensitization and cytotoxicity tests in accordance with ISO 10993-5 and 10993-10.

Ohio 89

3D Printing and COVID-19, April 20, 2020 Update

Companies, organizations and individuals continue to attempt to lend support to the COVID-19 pandemic supply effort. We will be providing regular updates about these initiatives where necessary in an. View the entire article via our website.

The Cardboard Chair Challenge


Engineering is about providing solutions to all types o […]. The post The Cardboard Chair Challenge appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo

How 3D Printing is Contributing to COVID-19 Relief

Shapeways Blog

The rapid spread of Coronavirus across the world has meant that healthcare facilities have quickly become overloaded and are experiencing a severe deficit in necessary equipment and supplies.

Nexa3D and Henkel launch new ABS resin for SLA 3D printing

3D Printing Industry

Nexa3D, a California-based SLA 3D printer manufacturer, has announced it is working with leading global chemical company Henkel to develop a line of co-branded photopolymer SLA resins, which will be distributed through Nexa3D’s global channels.

German Manufacturers Heraeus AMLOY and TRUMPF Collaborate to 3D Print Industrial Amorphous Parts

Two German companies are collaborating to begin 3D printing industrial amorphous metals—also known as metallic glass and twice as strong as steel—offering greater elasticity and the potential to. View the entire article via our website.

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ECAD Solutions Town Hall Mini-Series

The Solidworks Blog

Completing a project safely and with zero errors is always the goal of product designers. How we reach that goal, however, can sometimes prove to be difficult. That’s where SOLIDWORKS ECAD Solutions come into play.

30 on 3D: Introducing The Service Team

Purple Platypus

On this edition of 30 on 3D, Sales Operations Coordinator, Mia Stelling, introduces our service team. Meet Max Semko. Max manages all of our service contracts and makes sure your printer is always running smoothly. What Max enjoys most about working at Purple our team.

Amaero to develop 3D printed tooling with automotive firm

3D Printing Industry

Amaero, an Australian metal additive manufacturing service provider, has signed an agreement with an unnamed automotive manufacturer to jointly develop 3D printed tooling.

3D Printing the Left Atrial Appendage for Better Closure Procedures in Surgery

Mia von Knorring, Areli Reyes, and Brandon Mukai recently submitted ‘Left Atrial Appendage Printing Procedure’ to the Faculty of the Biomedical Engineering Department at California Polytechnic State. View the entire article via our website.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cloud-based Abaqus Simulation for SOLIDWORKS

The Solidworks Blog

The Structural Mechanics Engineer Role now gives you direct access to Abaqus capabilities on the 3D EXPERIENCE® cloud-based platform from within SOLIDWORKS®. Here is a brief FAQ on Structural Mechanics Engineer to help you understand more about the product and how it might benefit your company.

SOLIDWORKS Hole Wizard Zero Thickness Geometry Rebuild Error

Javelin Tech Tips

Oh no, a rebuild error has appeared reporting: “Unable to create this feature because it would result in zero-thickness geometry” Has this ever happened to you when trying to insert a SOLIDWORKS Hole Wizard hole? Rebuild Error.

14th century doors of the Florence Baptistery restored using 3D printing

3D Printing Industry

In Italy, 3D printing and scanning technology has helped to restore the south doors of the Baptistery of Florence, built around 700 years ago. Made from bronze, the doors were suffering from deterioration due to weather and pollution. Therefore, as part of a cultural preservation project sponsored by the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore, […]. Art & Sculpture 3D Systems ProX 500 artec space spider Baptistery of Florence Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore Prototek

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