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AM Adoption in Aerospace

Wohlers Talk

At an impressive pace, companies in the aerospace industry are building in-house capacity and expanding the number of certified suppliers in additive manufacturing.

Oasis 3DP Open Source Powder and Inkjet DIY 3D Printer

DIY 3D Printing

Ytec3D developed an open sourced powder DIY 3d printer based on inkjet cartridges. Project description: Oasis is a powder and inkjet 3D printer (3DP) that uses older inkjet technology to print an object. HP45 inkjet printheads jetting binder are used to bind powder locally. This part can then be cleaned and treated to create an 3D object. 3DP can print in several materials to get several results: Gypsum: For full color parts if printed with a color.

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Markforged launches Additive Manufacturing University to accelerate adoption of 3D printing

3D Printing Industry

Boston-based 3D printer manufacturer Markforged has launched its Additive Manufacturing University program – a new scheme of workshops, learning exercises, on-site trianing and resources.

3D printing for mechanical engineering


You know it, applications of additive manufacturing are […]. The post 3D printing for mechanical engineering appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo

3D Medical Applications

Held in Baltimore, Maryland, this event will bring together thought leaders, experts, engineers, doctors, researchers, and regulators in the many medical methods for 3D technology.The 3D Medical Applications conference is the most comprehensive, game-changing, meeting of minds for the future of 3D in healthcare.

Adoption of AM in Aerospace

Wohlers Talk

Companies in the aerospace industry are building in-house capacity and the number of suppliers in additive manufacturing at an impressive pace. The Federal Aviation Administration and others have indicated to me that a half dozen or more metal AM parts are now certified for flight.

Building Carbon Frame Bicycle with DIY 3D Printer

DIY 3D Printing

I really don't like Red Bull, but here is a cool video on how 3d printing is being used to make a DIY carbon frame bicycle. bicycle carbon carbon fiber

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SIMULIA Structural Simulation Engineer – Solving Complex Physics with Speed and Confidence

The Solidworks Blog

I’m excited to announce that starting today SIMULIA® Structural Simulation Engineer (SSE) is commercially available!

The medical applications of 3D scanning: What is possible?


We talk a lot about 3D printing in the medical i […]. The post The medical applications of 3D scanning: What is possible? appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo

Infinite Print Volume RepRap HELIOS by Nicholas Seward

DIY 3D Printing

large printer new diy 3d printer open source 3d printer reprap scara

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3DEO to double metal 3D printer production capacity in first quarter of 2019

3D Printing Industry

3DEO, Inc., a metal 3D printed part provider based in Los Angeles, has announced it is increasing its production capability over twofold for the first quarter of 2019.

Bioprinting 101 Part 8 Gelatin

Collagen Based Scaffold Most biomaterials all are vastly different than each other in interesting ways. For those who have kept up with this series, it is safe to assume we still have a bunch of. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing bioprinting collagen gelatin

The Next Revolution in Product Development: MCAD+ECAD Enterprise Simultaneous Engineering

The Solidworks Blog

All product development goals essentially come down to considerations and tradeoffs between time, quality and cost. SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD has been broadly adopted because it empowered every engineer to help better achieve these goals.

Market Validation: Test Your Product Idea Early

3D Innovations

Market validation is the process of determining whether your product idea is of interest to a given target market.

Penn State startup Kijenzi supplies Kenyan communities with 3D printed medical supplies

3D Printing Industry

Kijenzi, a humanitarian start-up from Pennsylvania State University’s College of Engineering, is aiding remote healthcare facilities in Kenya with 3D printed medical supplies.

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The Future of 3D Printing and Fashion Design Through the Eyes of LabeledBy

LabeledBy is a design studio based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. They work in fashion and their area of expertise is research and technology development. Their products range goes from technological. View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D printed fashion 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d design 3d print fashion design Eindhoven fashion fashion design innovation ultimaker

Getman Mines for Greater Efficiency and Profitability with SOLIDWORKS

The Solidworks Blog

In 1954, Getman Brothers Construction Company entered the mining industry with the design and production of the Scoot-Crete. The small motorized wheelbarrow was used to transport concrete in municipal construction works ranging from parking ramps to roadworks.

Choose the most robust 3D printing material


There are so many 3D printing materials to choos […]. The post Choose the most robust 3D printing material appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo

Nexxt Spine to use MTS testing systems for 3D printed spinal implants

3D Printing Industry

Nexxt Spine, an Indiana-based spinal implants manufacturer, has announced that it will develop 3D printed bone healing spinal implants with the help of MTS Systems Corporation, a global manufacturer and supplier of simulations and testing systems.

DNA Biosensing with 3D Printing

Biosensor Structure 3D printing is useful in how it makes tools for us humans. Tools are the gateway to innovation within our world. 3D Printing helps different industries because of cost reductions. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing biosensors biotechnology dna SLM

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The Robotics Mom: Shelly Gruenig’s Passion for Working with Young People

The Solidworks Blog

With a Ph.D. in Workforce Education, Dr. Shelly Gruenig has long had an interest in helping others build successful, gratifying careers.

Can we make electronics energy self-sufficient?

3D Perspectives

It’s estimated that there will be more than 50 billion connected objects in 2020. That’s a lot of devices to power! What if we harnessed the photovoltaic energy that is widely available on Earth to make our electronics energy self-sufficient ?

3D Printing Industry News Sliced: BMW, America Makes, Additive Industries, Airwolf3D

3D Printing Industry

In this edition of Sliced, the 3D Printing Industry news digest, we collect stories about a 3D printing tent sale, changes to the IN(3D)USTRY fair, as well as a new funding operation for America Makes and an update on how Brexit will affect manufacturing.

A Look Into Some Movies That Have Used 3D Printed Props

Since the 1990’s 3D technology has gone hand in hand with the film spurned by the with the growth of special effects. CGI has become commonplace in movies and is used to create designs of. View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D printed fashion 3D Printed Guns 3D Printing 3D Scanning 3d printed movies 3d printed props Black Panther Chase Me Film Industry Jurassic World Paranorman star wars the force awakens

3D printed sponge to help cure cancer


A 3D printed sponge to soak up chemo drugs… Does it sou […]. The post 3D printed sponge to help cure cancer appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo. Applications

Just Another Buzzword? Stratasys Consulting Looks at Additive Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

Industry 4.0: Is this “fourth industrial revolution” just another buzzword boardrooms use while the machine shop is knee deep in oil & swarf? Meanwhile, nobody’s bothered to do a proper inventory in the stockroom, so we’ve run out of machine screws…again. Or is industry 4.0,

Michigan Tech’s Joshua Pearce launches free open-source 3D printing course

3D Printing Industry

One of the most popular open-source 3D printing courses, taught by Dr. Joshua Pearce at the Michigan Technological University is now available online for free. Dr. Pearce, an open-source champion and professor of Materials Science & Engineering and the Electrical & Computer Engineering at Michigan Tech is the author of Open-Source Lab: How to Build […]. 3D Printing Blender Distributed Manufacturing Eric S.

Researchers Discuss Health Hazards of 3D Printed Implants & Biomaterials

As 3D printing, additive manufacturing, and bioprinting have offered substantial new avenues for innovation in the medical field and so many other industries, there are bound to be some downsides. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3d printed medical models 3d printed prostheses biomaterials bioprinting

Better, bolder, brighter! Improved Multicolor+ for your designs


Many of you will already be familiar with (and smitten by) Multicolor+, our 3D printing material that lets your designs shine in full color. As of now, we’re tickled to be able to offer even smoother, sleeker finishes – and faster lead time! – for your Multicolor+ 3D prints!

Fastest way to create and edit properties of Explode Lines in SOLIDWORKS Composer

Javelin Tech Tips

SOLIDWORKS Composer Explode lines indicate the path from the assembled position or the neutral position of an actor to it’s exploded position. These paths can be associative or non-associative paths.

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TU Graz building the foundation for 3D printed houses

3D Printing Industry

Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) in Austria is working on a project investigating the development of 3D printed concrete parts for construction. The Additive Fabrication of CONCRETE ELEMENTS BY ROBOTS (COEBRO) project is investigating the resource efficiency of using concrete with 3D printing. The aim of the project is to eventually implement technology into […].

Researchers Study the Effectiveness of 3D Printing in Cardiac Phantoms

The heart wants what the hearts wants, as they say, but in many cases, it may also want some help to continue performing its natural duties in pumping blood throughout the body and removing carbon. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Medical 3D Printing 3D printed cardiac phantom 3d printed medical models 3D printed phantom university of sydney

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Battle of Software: Mudbox vs ZBrush


Today, we are back with a brand new battle of software! […]. The post Battle of Software: Mudbox vs ZBrush appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo. 3D Design Tips & Software

The ToolChanger - Part 2 - Assembly of the Reference design multi-tool 3D Printer


The E3D #ToolChanger - Part 2 Hello everyone, In part 1 I introduced the concept of a ToolChanger as a 3D printer. In this post, I'm going to be building up the E3D Beta30 reference kit.

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U.S. Air Force installs 3D printed parts on C-5 Super Galaxy aircraft

3D Printing Industry

At the Dover Air Base, Delaware, a Lockheed Martin C-5 Super Galaxy (tail number: 70035), large military transport aircraft, has been upgraded with 3D printed metal and plastic parts, reducing sustainment costs. Eddie Preston, a senior materials engineer for the Rapid Sustainment Office (RSO), said, “It is innovative ideas such as these that continue to drive […].

Korea: Researchers 3D Printing Tracheas with Epithelial Cells & Chondrocytes

Korean researchers have been experimenting further in the bioprinting of tracheal implants, publishing recent results in ‘Trachea with Autologous Epithelial Cells and Chondrocytes.’ The team of. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Bioprinting Featured Stories 3d printed trachea 3d printing research bioprinting

Redefining urban mobility with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

3D Perspectives

The downsides of road traffic – congestion, environmental problems, an increasing number of private cars and human safety are well known. The Belarusian company SkyWay Technologies Co.