3D Printing is a Powerful Tool for STEAM Education


3D Printing Education 3d printing education 3d printing in the classroom art education critical thinking education holistic thinking humanities Rochester Institute of Technology STEAM education STEM education stratasysIn a study conducted by researchers at Michigan State University, it was found that scientists who win the Nobel Prize are also nearly three times as likely to have a hobby in the arts than the. View the entire article via our website.

Boost your 3D Printing Education!


The post Boost your 3D Printing Education! What would be better for this back-to-school week than […]. appeared first on Sculpteo Blog - 3D Printing News and Trends. 3D challenges Optimization Tools Tutorials 3D Printing ebooks

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3D Printing in Education: How Can 3D Printing Help Students?


3D printing is often discussed in education. Many schools, educators and education authorities are evaluating the technology for possible applications. Featured Stories 3d education 3d printers in school 3d printers in schools 3d printing for students 3d printing in education 3d printing in school 3d printing students failure learning STEAM education STEM education

Building Competitive Teams with SOLIDWORKS Education Edition

The Solidworks Blog

One of the things I love about working for SOLIDWORKS is our Education Program (Im a teachers kid, so education is something near and dear to my heart). Spring is a busy time for the SOLIDWORKS Education Team.

New White Paper: 3D Printing for Medical Education and Training

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The use of 3D printed anatomical replicas for medical education and training is steadily increasing, driven by a desire to find alternatives to expensive, hard-to-get cadavers; animal models that don’t include pathology; or mannequins that don’t represent the full range of clinical complexity.

Stratasys Launches 3D Printing Education Program

3D Printing Industry

Stratasys has long been involved in education, supporting schools with 3D printers and expertise as well as encouraging young designers with 3D printing contests. … The original post Stratasys Launches 3D Printing Education Program appeared first on 3D Printing Industry.

3D Medical Animation — Changing Patient Education

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… The original post 3D Medical Animation — Changing Patient Education appeared first on 3D Printing Industry. 3D Content Animation Education Medical & Dental Press ReleaseBy Nic Widerhold. The urge to depict, and thus to better understand the body, has always been with us.

America Makes creates 3D printing education ACADEMI

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These two groups have now come together to create ACADEMI, a national 3D printing education program directed towards those working in any skill or profession. Education ACADEMI Advanced Curriculum in Additive Design and Manufacturing Innovation engineering National Forum on AM Education and Training the Lanterman GroupAmerica Makes is the US national additive manufacturing innovation institute, based in Youngstown, Ohio.

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3D Printing and the Educational Market


3D Design 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3D Software Business Education 3D printer emissions 3D printing emissions 3d printing materials 3d printing services 3d printing software ALGIX 3D CAD design hardware materials software STEAM education STEM educationIn 3D printing, there are four places to make a play. Whether you’re a startup, an existing company looking to enter the space, or an investor with a taste for megatrends, you’ve got to decide where.

3D Printing in Education: MakerBot Introduces Cloud-Based Platform for Google Chromebook Classrooms and MakerBot Educators Guidebook


Last year, MakerBot announced that it was shifting its focus from the consumer to the professional and educational, and has been working hard to continue making strides in the wonderful world of 3D. View the entire article via our website.

Missing SOLIDWORKS Training, Education & Community?


Many CADD Edge customers are utilizing the great resources available at My.SolidWorks.com to complement their SolidWorks subscription service. If you haven’t signed up for MySolidWorks yet, please contact us between now and October 31 st to take advantage of a special offer ( CLICK HERE for details).

Educational Ubiquity: Why Engineering Competitions Work

The Solidworks Blog

SOLIDWORKS is used daily by students, educators and researchers worldwide. Educators use SOLIDWORKS across multiple disciples and academic levels from middle schools and high schools, to technical high schools, community colleges, colleges and universities.

3D Printable Cannybot Racers Zoom into STEAM Education


3D Design 3D Printing 3d education 3d printed educational kits 3d printed race car 3d printed rc car Cannybots educational toys race cars STEAM steam curriculum STEM education ukIt has been apparent for a while now that North America must do a better job of training the next generation if they want to keep up with the growing tech fields in China and... View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing and Education: 3D Printed Clitoris by Odile Fillod


The post 3D Printing and Education: 3D Printed Clitoris by Odile Fillod appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo. Odile Fillod, French sociologist studying sciences and […].

3D Printing’s Role in Shaping the Future of Education

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… The original post 3D Printing’s Role in Shaping the Future of Education appeared first on 3D Printing Industry. 3D Printing Education Industry InsightsBy AJ Perez. Additive manufacturing was introduced more than 25 years ago.

XYZprinting and D&H Distribution Push 3D Printing Into Education Markets


Education efforts among 3D printing companies are ramping up at a blistering pace, and as many of the major players have slowly entered the education sphere, companies like 3D Systems are moving forward quickly... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Business 3d printer distribution 3d printer distributor 3d printing for education D&H Distributing distribution partnership kinpo group XYZ Da Vinci 1.0

Library Lyna has 3d printable educational models to help blind students learn

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Library Lyna is a repository collection of high quality educational 3D models to help teaching of the blind and visually impaired. 3d model blind braille children community disabled education school

Why does Apple want to kill education?

Thornburg Thoughts

According to Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of marketing,“Education is deep in Apple’s DNA,” which is confusing to me since texbooks are a major component of an education that has been flawed since the late Middle Ages, and one would think that Apple’s DNA would recognize that schooling and education are sometimes at odds with each other. million iPads are already being used in educational institutions.

Vagler Releases Educational 3D Printer

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Malaysia-based prosumer 3D printer manufacturer VAGLER International has released a printer specifically designed for use within education. The features aligned to use within education are primarily Health & Safety centred — important indeed for a classroom environment.…

3D Printing: Spotlight on Educators


Education represents one of the most significant keys to the future of additive. Featured Stories 3d printed teaching materials 3d printers in schools 3d printing education 3d printing for teachers 3d printing in education 3d printing in school 3d printing in schools 3d printing interviews 3D Printing Spotlight 3d teaching curriculum schools Spotlight on Educators steam curriculum STEAM education STEM education teachers

Materialise Educational Contest Winners Announced


3D Design 3D Printers 3d design competition 3d design contest contest education education and 3d printing FELIXprinters Heilig Graf Turnhout leapfrog Materialise contest MiiCraft+ ricoh sketchup Wedstrijd Materialise After tallying up the votes from 10,000 people and a panel of expert judges — and reviewing 308 submissions from a total of 74 schools — Belgian 3D printing giant Materialise have chosen the winners... View the entire article via our website.

3D Printed Heart Models Help Educate Patients and Physicians

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It also focuses on outreach education. In addition, the website provides educational tutorials, MRI and CT DICOM files and 3D models. The result is an educational tool second to none for identifying and understanding cardiac structures. Education Medical

Transforming education and research through La Fondation

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Dassault Systèmes so firmly believes in this that in 2015 we founded La Fondation Dassault Systèmes to transform the future of education and research by harnessing the powerful learning and discovery capabilities of 3D technology and virtual universes.

GE to Invest $10 Million in GE Additive Education Program to Subsidize 3D Printers for Schools


3D Printers 3D Printing Education 3d printing education 3d printing in schools ge GE Additive GE Additive Education Program polar 3d STEM educationOne of the big steps that GE has taken into the additive manufacturing industry was the creation of an entirely new branch of the company fully dedicated to the technology. GE Additive has been. View the entire article via our website.

How 3D Printing Fuels STEAM Education

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Science, Technology, Education, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) education has been a focus of development worldwide in recent years. The post How 3D Printing Fuels STEAM Education appeared first on Stratasys Blog. Education

India’s MBD Group Develops 3D Printing K-12 Education Program


We’ve reported that 3D printing and education are developing a symbiotic relationship as the technology becomes more attractive to educators who acknowledge its integral use of social, scientific, design, computer, mathematical, technical, and crafting skills. 3D Printing 3D Software 3d printing 3d printing curricula 3d printing education education k-12 3d printing mbd group

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My Stem Kits Set to Launch 3D Printed STEM Educational Product on Kickstarter


A group of artists, technology specialists, and educators committed to bringing instructional 3D printing tools to K-12 education say they feel learning is most effective when students can actually feel and interact with the... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed 3d printed educational models 3d printed educational tools CPALMS Hannah Olson kickstarter Laron Walker My Stem Kits STEM education

New “3-D Printing: Design Solutions” Curriculum from Pitsco Education


A targeted 3D printing curriculum is becoming more and more in demand, as educators gain exposure to the technology and see its numerous applications in the classroom. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printing curricula 3d printing curriculum 3d printing materials 3d teaching curriculum curriculum education pitsco education

Student Success in Education and Research Showcased at SOLIDWORKS WORLD

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It’s SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2016, time to celebrate with students, educators, and researchers that SOLIDWORKS is everywhere. Celebrating success in education. Thank you to all the educators and students who shared your stories with us at SOLIDWORKS World 2016.

3D Printing: A Tool in the Toolbox for Makers and Educators


There was (and still is) a general lack of education among. 3D Printing Editorials / Opinions Education 1st maker space 3d design 3d design education 3d parts manufactured 3d printing 3d printing curricula 3d printing curriculum 3d printing education 3d printing in schools design education maker space makerspaceEarly adopters in the 3D printing industry were often faced with a number of obstacles that made it difficult to sell their machines.

Vagler V-8E education focused 3D printer

DIY 3D Printing

VAGLER International is a Swedish-Malaysian 3d printer company: They just released their 3d printer aimed at educational / school market: The Vagler V-8E. education Malaysia new diy 3d printer school sweden

3D Printing Educator Spotlight On: Phil Hall, Product Design Teacher, UK


3D printing is making its way into educational curricula around the world. As more students gain access to technological training early in their educations, the younger generations will be more. View the entire article via our website.

LAYKANICS Brings Fun 3D Printing and Engineering Projects to Makers and Educators


While more schools than ever are bringing STEM and 3D printing education into the classroom, educators are often left to their own devices when it comes to developing their lesson plans and actually. 3D Design 3D Printing Robotics Science & Technology 3d printing education 3D printing projects 3d printing start up Alfonso Villanueva educational projects educational startup LAYKANICS mechanical engineering programming robotics STEM education

3D Printing Rare Osteological Specimens for Education


3D Printing Health 3D Printing 3d printed bones 3d printed models bones educational models france paleo-specimens paleopathology university of bordeaux VircopalWhen studying human bones, there are any number of issues that arise, not the least of which is the procurement of the bones to be studied. This difficulty is exacerbated when dealing with. View the entire article via our website.

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3D Printing Spotlight on: Poppy Lyttle, Former Education Specialist at MakerBot, Educational Advisor for 3DPrint.com's Design Courses


If you took our month-long, Formlabs-sponsored Beginner Design for 3D Printing course in March, it’s likely that you remember 3D printing educator Poppy Lyttle, the educational advisor. View the entire article via our website.

Siemens STEM Day Offers 3D Printing and STEM Education Lessons for Teachers and Students


3D Printing Education 3d design 3d printing in education 3d printing robots AI artificial intelligence coding cybersecurity rebranding Siemens Siemens STEM Day STEM curriculum STEM education STEM learning sweepstakes The Turing TestWith operations spread over nearly 200 countries, global company Siemens provides automation, digitalization, and electrification products. The company, which won an award from ASME this year for its. View the entire article via our website.

GE Additive Education Program Accepting Applications from Schools for 3D Printers

Additive Manufacturing

CINCINNATI — January 06, 2017– ( BUSINESS WIRE ) — GE is now accepting applications from schools for the GE Additive Education Program ( AEP ). GE has actively supported education for more than 100 years.