zSpace and Leopoly Partner to Transform Education with 3D Printing & Virtual Reality


If you were to look ahead 10 or maybe 15 years from now, the education system will likely have undergone a series of seismic changes. As numerous technologies converge, education will be more interactive and... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Business 3d print education 3d printing partnership 3d printing vr Leopoly partnership STEAM steam curriculum STEM education zspace

zSpace and Virtual Reality in Education

Thornburg Thoughts

This work culminated in the creation of the educational holodeck ― a hybrid learning space that blended the physical world of furniture with the virtual world of computers. About two years ago a friend of mine encouraged me to see a new environment ― zSpace ― that generated highly interactive 3-D models of everything from living organisms to physics experiments. The timing of zSpace couldn’t be better. The potential of this technology to transform STEM education is very high!

Leopoly & zSpace Bring VR, 3D Modeling, & 3D Printing to Schools

3D Printing Industry

In their new partnership with VR tech developers zSpace, Leopoly is now bringing VR, 3D modeling, and 3D printing into the educational sector with their 3D STEAM platform. Students and teachers will both be educated with training courses and guides, where they will then take this knowledge and practice in Leopoly’s 3D design library to manipulate and move the content around in zSpace’s impressive VR software.… By Tyler Koslow.