Lockheed Martin Hopes to 3D Print Titanium Spacecraft Fuel Tanks In-House


In the Sciaky additive manufacturing process, the hemispherical halves of tanks are built layer by layer as spools of titanium wire spin and provide material. 3D Printing Business 3d printed fuel tanks 3d printed satellite parts 3d printing and aerospace additive manufacturing for aerospace aerospace aerospace 3d printing electron beam melting titanium Lockheed Martin sciaky

Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) – Advantages of Wire AM vs. Powder AM

Additive Manufacturing

By Sciaky Inc. The Origins of Sciaky’s Wire-based EBAM Process Sciaky, Inc. In 2009, Sciaky formally launched the EBAM process (which was then marketed as Electron Beam Direct Manufacturing) as a service option. In 2014, Sciaky began delivering turnkey EBAM systems to the commercial market. Sciaky’s EBW 110 Series Tilt Table (Photo courtesy of Sciaky Inc.). Comparing Sciaky’s wirefeed 3D printing process, a.k.a.