3D Printing is Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry


The post 3D Printing is Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry appeared first on Sculpteo Blog - 3D Printing News and Trends. & More 3D Printing anomalisa arts arts + entertainment laika movies oscars3D printing has played a major role in recent developme […].

SOLIDWORKS Skills Help Eric Spendlove Make Entertainment Spectacles Come to Life

The Solidworks Blog

Spendlove’s journey to becoming a sought-after entertainment venue design consultant is marked by his long association with the Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group, his willingness to take on the biggest design challenges, and his focus on developing his SOLIDWORKS skills to the highest levels.

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5 Ways to Stay Entertained On a Long Airplane Ride

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2: Wear your entertainment. Imagine this scenario: You booked your flight too late and got stuck with a middle seat. You’ve got four more hours to kill but your phone is going to die and the inflight movie isn’t your cup of tea.

Formlabs Brings Experts in Design, Manufacturing, Entertainment and 3D Printing to This Year's Roadshow


3D Design 3D Printing Business 3d printing events 3D printing in entertainment Aaron Sims Creative Blizzard formlabs Formlabs Fuse 1 Formlabs Roadshow Fuse 1 harvard hasbro Hazz Design Consulting lace by jenny wu manufacturing Ringbrothers Snap Inc University of Southern California ZBrushThere are some major 3D printing trade shows that cover all or most aspects of the industry, and then there are more niche events that focus on a smaller area – like last week’s summit on.

3D Print Your Own Raspberry Pi Powered Mini Nintendo Entertainment System


While it certainly wasn’t the first home game console, the Nintendo Entertainment System is probably the most recognizable, even 30 years after it was first released in the United States. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d print nintendo 3d printed nes 3d printed nintendo Ferreusveritas Ferreusveritas.com nes nintendo nintendo entertainment system raspberry pi Raspberry Pi B+ Raspberry Pi B+ Mini Classic NES case T.J.

Nin10do: A 3D Printed Modern Day Working Nintendo Entertainment System Created by a Magician


3D Design 3D Printing 3d hubs 3D printed game console 3d printed nintendo 3d printed video games Autodesk 123D game console nes Netherlands nin10do nintendo nintendo entertainment system video game console video games And the rabbit pops out of the hat! This is what some may consider to be “magic,” while others will simply call it an illusion. Obviously the latter is actually the case, as... View the entire article via our website.

Tech, Jobs, Food, Entertainment. It’s A Good Time to Be in Pontiac

DASI Solutions

Written by Laura Cominotto, Marketing Manager It seems as if anyone with any business ties to the city of Pontiac has been trying to tell you that a resurgence is coming, that it’s a great time to be in Pontiac.

3D Crash Course: Free, Entertaining Videos Take 3D Printing Novices from A to Z


Most of the world is very excited about learning how to 3D print. With the enormous and far-reaching benefits being offered through this technology, there are an infinite number of reasons why so. View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing Business 3D Crash Course 3d hubs 3d printing course 3d printing education 3d printing instruction 3DCC i3D Club learn 3d printing pinshape The WTFFF Podcast

Attention Grabbing 3D Printed Tetris-Style Puzzle Box Sure to Entertain


There is one in every group. A person who either can, or claims to be able to, solve any puzzle. Whether it’s because of genius level visualization abilities or a stubbornness so fierce they... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printable puzzles 3d printed puzzle puzzle shapeways Tetris thingiverse toy

Freakish Prints — An Entertaining Website Chronicling When 3D Prints Go Wrong


We’ve all done it before–left the room while a 3D printing project was underway, only to return to find that things didn’t go the way we had planned. In the event that you did... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D printed art 3D Printing 3d print failure 3d print failures 3d printed art Czech Republic failed 3d prints freakish 3d prints freakish prints Prague

3D Printed Musical SpotiBear Toy Entertains Kids, Controlled by Your Spotify App


Often it’s the relaxing little side project that wasn’t meant to be anything other than an experimental one-off that turns into quite the surprising hit. That would be the case with SpotiBear, a 3D... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed toys Andreas Lindahl makerbot replicator 2 music Pär Johansson raspberry pi Raspberry Pi B+ spotibear spotify Strata 3D

Ocean's 8 and Lingering Hollywood 3D Printing Hype


Featured Stories 3d printed jewelry 3D printing in entertainment Editorial Hollywood Hollywood 3D Printing hype makerbot makerbot replicator z18 makerbot z18 movies Ocean's 8 opinion replicator z18 Warner BrosThere are a lot of things Hollywood doesn’t get right, and since its popular heyday of consumer hype earlier this decade, 3D printing has certainly figured among those things. With more realism. View the entire article via our website.

Protolabs helps PepsiCo bring Black Panther to life with 3D printing

3D Printing Industry

Entertainment Andrew Phinney Black Panther Brisk HP Marvel Multi-jet fusion PepsiCo ProtolabsProtolabs, a global 3D printing service provider, headquartered in Minnesota, U.S., recently worked with PepsiCo to explore innovative and creative ways to generate publicity for Marvel’s Black Panther. In the run-up to the movie’s release, a collector’s kit for the movie was 3D printed. Protolabs played a key role in the design, prototyping and eventual […].

3D printing and 3D scanning experts crack the Ocean’s 8 diamond necklace heist

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Entertainment Andrei Vakulenko artec 3d Cartier Diamonds diamonds are a girl's best friend Florian Bommier jewelry jewelry making Morgan Morey Ocean's 8 shining 3dOcean’s 8, the latest in the line of star-studded line of Hollywood heist movies, recently made its UK debut yesterday with a 3D printer in a starring role.

Mattel’s New ThingMaker

Wohlers Talk

3D printing Additive Manufacturing CAD/CAM/CAE Entertainment FutureI’m old enough to remember the Creepy Crawler ThingMaker of the 1960s. I did not own one, but a neighbor friend did, and we made many plastic worms and bugs with it.

WildBrain design competition to animate new children’s characters

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WildBrain entertainment studios, who collaborate with companies to create. Entertainment 3d competition 3D Design Brum children children's tv competition model competition myminifactory Teletubbies WildBrainThe imagination behind some of television’s most beloved children’s shows are searching for a new star.

The Wonder of Flight

Wohlers Talk

3D printing additive manufacturing entertainment event lifeNote: The following was authored by Joseph Kowen, associate consultant at Wohlers Associates. I have always loved to fly. As far back as I can remember, I was always looking upward at the first sound of a plane.

Africa 130

Kill Decision

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Entertainment Future ReviewA good friend recommended Kill Decision and I’m glad he did. Author Daniel Suarez knows how to get and keep your attention. Many compare him to Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy.

3D printing Master Class: How to get the look without the cost

Leslie's Blog

3D Printers Additive Manufacturing Aerospace Automotive Consumer Products Entertainment Industrial Industries Leslie's blog Master Class Materials Medical Rapid Prototyping Vat Photopolymerization met-l-floEngineers can choose from a number of different methods to help their 3D printed parts simulate the look of various metals without spending a lot of time, effort, or money to do so. Carl Dekker, president of Met-l-flo Inc. discusses several options. Leslie Langnau.

Want to win a Raise3D Plus Dual Extrusion 3D Printer?

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bodyTop Entertainment 3d competition Capcom Monster Hunter GenerationIf characters such as Mega Man, Ryo (Street Fighter, 1982), Viewtiful Joe or Morrigan (Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, 1994) tickle your imagination, then you are.

How Stratasys Direct Manufacturing Is Using 3D Printing to Help Reshape Detroit


Olympia Entertainment, a subsidiary of multi-billion dollar conglomerate Ilitch Holdings, is using 3D printing technology to redesign downtown Detroit. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Software Business 3d printed buildings 3d printed stadium 3d printing case study commercial real estate Detroit Michigan Olympia Entertainment stratasys Stratasys 3D Printing Case Studies Stratasys Direct Manufacturing Stratasys Direct Manufacturing (SDM) the District Detroit Zoyes Creative Group

April Fools’ round-up: the best 3D printing jokes

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Entertainment 3D Hubs amazon Amazon Web Services Bill Gates BMW Motorrad E3D Josef Prusa Master of Malt MatterHackers Mike Clayville Olsson Ruby Prusa i3 MK3 Prusa Printers sculpteo shapeways Studio Ghibli x3D-Print xometryApril Fools’ has come and gone, but not without companies from across the 3D printing industry celebrating the day with their best attempts at 3D printing related pranks and jokes. Below is a round-up of some of the best (or worst?).

Review: V-Moda 3D printed earphone caps

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Entertainment 3D printing review earphones Forza Metallo music product review techno V-Moda Val KoltonFrom the man sitting next to you on the metro to Dr. Dre and Lady Gaga, earphones have become the most common piece of wearable.

3D Printed Bone Runes for Dishonored 2 IRL

3D Printing Industry

Entertainment daydream dishonored 2 google hololens HTC Vive oculus riftDishonored 2 is a videogame created by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda, it will be released later this week. The plot sees the player.

Art meets reality in HBO’s Westworld 3D printed inspiration

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bodyTop Entertainment future technology HBO Sci-fi science fiction WestworldWhen HBO first announced their new series Westworld, I was seriously excited. Having watched Yul Brynner star in the original film only recently, the 1973 film.

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A look at the future of additive from the AMUG Conference

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3D Printers Additive Manufacturing Aerospace Automotive Binder Jetting Consumer Products Directed Energy Deposition Entertainment Extrusion Industrial Industries Leslie's blog Material Jetting Medical Powder Bed Fusion Rapid MFG Rapid Prototyping Sheet Lamination Vat Photopolymerization AMUG

SME Announces Keynote Speakers for RAPID + TCT: 3D Printing in Sports, Aerospace, Medicine, The Future


Nonprofit organization SME, which supports the manufacturing industry, has spent months getting ready for the 2018 RAPID + TCT Conference, which begins this Monday, April 23, in Fort Worth, Texas. View the entire article via our website.

When making monsters for the screen, Stranger Things are 3D printed

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Entertainment Aaron Sims Aaron SIms Creative Alain Le Mehaute ASC Burbank Chuck Hull Demogorgon Formlabs Hideo Kodama Netflix Steffen Reichstadt stereolithography Stranger things The Duffer BrothersHit Netflix show Stranger Things has been celebrated for its both its engaging plot and its homage to science fiction pop culture from 1980s. One futuristic feature which goes as far back as the 1980s is a technology that was also a key asset behind the scenes of the show.

Engineers 3D print a titanium football replica

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3D Printers Directed Energy Deposition Entertainment Featured Leslie''s blog Materials Powder Bed Fusion Before the NC State football Spring game on Sunday, April 11, engineers at the Edward P.

3D printing – the behind-the-scenes co-star of Alien: Covenant

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Entertainment Alien Alien: Covenant Alien: Covenant Premier Audi Audi Lunar Quattro Audi Lunar Quattro Rover Audi Rover Google Lunar X Prize Part-Time Scientists PTScientistsAt last nights premiere of Alien: Covenant in London, 3D Printing Industry got a glimpse at some of the uses of 3D printing in the.

Never miss another Pokemon with this sniper sight

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3D Printing 3DP Applications Entertainment iPhone pokemon goA 3D printed case can turn your iPhone into a Pokemon sniper rifle that simply does not miss. Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you.

Disney files patent for a 3D printed soft robotic mascot

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Initial designs show a figure resembling a snowman, Entertainment Amane Katsu Amane; Katsu; et al. Disney Enterprises Inc. has filed a patent for an interactive "soft body robot" with 3D printed parts. Big Hero 6 Disney haptic interactive robot Katsu Amane MakieLab Microfluidics patent pneumatic soft robotics

Stratasys gives life to puppets in new Summer blockbuster

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Stratasys and the ever improving world of 3D printing has helped the producers of Kubo and the Two Strings use puppetry to create a cinematic masterpiece, bodyTop Entertainment Puppet stop-motion

7 news ways you’ll 3D print parts in 2017

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3D Printers Additive Manufacturing Aerospace Automotive Binder Jetting Consumer Products Directed Energy Deposition Entertainment Extrusion Industrial Leslie's blog Material Jetting Materials Medical Powder Bed Fusion Rapid MFG Rapid Prototyping Sheet Lamination Vat Photopolymerization

Giant NERF gun gets 3D printed projectile

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Entertainment Mark Rober NERFNERF guns have become the bane of any office employee without one. Even my mother has to duck and cover behind her desk every Friday afternoon.

Westworld's Technology is a Bit Too Familiar for Comfort: What Happens When Robotics and 3D Printing Advance Too Far?


3D Printed Art 3D Printing Robotics Science & Technology 3d printed special effects 3D printing in entertainment FX hbo sla 3d printing special effects television WestworldIt’s that time of year again – when TV networks roll out their new ideas for audiences to judge. Some will fizzle out before a season has passed, while others will become the new national. View the entire article via our website.

London Comic Con: 3D Printing Potential

3D Printing Industry

3D Printing Art & Sculpture Entertainment Cosplay London Comic ConDuring the weekend, I walked around the convention floor at London Comic Con talking to some very talented cosplayers. The amount of creativity and skill.

Panasonic scanning booth makes dancers of us all

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3D Scanners Entertainment Research Photogrammetry scanningPanasonic introduced its 3D Scanning Booth at the opening night of ‘Kabuki Lion: The Adventures of the Mythical Lion’ at the David Copperfield Theater at.

David 83

3D printing brings Ghost in the Shell geishas to life

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Entertainment Adam Savage ai animatronics artificial intelligence cyborg Geisha Ghost in the Shell Hanka Precision Instruments Hanka Robotic mythbusters Robo Geisha special effects Tested Weta WorkshopFirst released as a manga series in 1989, Ghost in the Shell has become a seminal work critiquing the digital future. The 1995 animated film.

A behind the scenes look at 3D printing aliens for the TV show Colony

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These creators usually face very tight deadlines to design and then build special effects costumes, equipment, and so on for the entertainment industry. 3D Printers Additive Manufacturing Entertainment Extrusion Leslie's blog Materials Personal 3D printers Rapid MFG Rapid Prototyping MakerBo