SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2020 supports IES Light Profiles

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This type of photometric lighting is primarily used in fields such as media and entertainment, architecture and manufacturing. Anywhere that accurate lighting visualization is critical. Download the files and copy them to the Lights folder in your SOLIDWORKS Visualize Content folder.

SOLIDWORKS Skills Help Eric Spendlove Make Entertainment Spectacles Come to Life

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Spendlove’s journey to becoming a sought-after entertainment venue design consultant is marked by his long association with the Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group, his willingness to take on the biggest design challenges, and his focus on developing his SOLIDWORKS skills to the highest levels.

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Stratasys Reshaping Aerospace, Education, Entertainment and More at RAPID 2015: Exclusive Video Interviews!

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Stratasys was a proud sponsor of RAPID 2015 and winner of the People’s Choice Award for best exhibit, which recognized the Stratasys stand for being interactive, technically and aesthetically impressive, and visually appealing and engaging. Aerospace Education Entertainment

Attention Grabbing 3D Printed Tetris-Style Puzzle Box Sure to Entertain

Whether it’s because of genius level visualization abilities or a stubbornness so fierce they... View the entire article via our website. There is one in every group. A person who either can, or claims to be able to, solve any puzzle. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printable puzzles 3d printed puzzle puzzle shapeways Tetris thingiverse toy

Exciting Times in the Manufacturing Industry

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Workflows for digital prototyping (CAE), visualization (photo-realistic rendering, AR and VR) and advanced manufacturing (additive and subtractive) have all had important advancements in the past few years. SOLIDWORKS SOLIDWORKS 2017 SOLIDWORKS Visualize SW17 SW2017 Visualize

Get the latest 3D printing developments at the AMUG and RAPID Conferencess

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Returning for his third AMUG keynote appearance, Jason Lopes of Legacy Effects opens the final day (Thursday, April 23rd) with a visual journey of the special effects the studio has worked on that have used additive manufacturing.

With 3D printing materials, knowledge is power

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These materials combine accurate detail visualization with high dimensional stability, printing ultrafine 16-m layers. The more you know about available materials, the easier it will be to get the final build results you seek. By Leslie Langnau, Managing Editor.

How to eliminate 3D printing post processing steps

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Although photopolymers are a different class of plastics than the thermoplastics and elastomers used in many production environments, they can simulate those materials mechanically, thermally and visually.

Why 3D Printing is Hollywood’s Latest Super Hero: Learn More at SXSW 2015

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“There has been a significant impact in visual effects through the marrying of CGI and physical models manufactured with 3D printing, creating a seamless transition in the editing and post processing of the final product. Entertainment Bright Lights! Big Stars! 3D Printing!?

Redefining the passenger experience

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And, with powerful predictive analytics, it enables multiple stakeholders to visualize, plan and manage the flexible use of spaces to serve passengers’ immediate needs. Airports are at the heart of air travel – dubbed “the business of freedom” by the International Air Transport Association.

AR and VR Technology Enhancing Medical Practices and Education

BIS Research

The technology has played a key role in transforming the entertainment industry. For instance, the anatomage table built by Stanford University visualizes the human body parts and helps in better understanding of the human anatomy.

3D Technology at the Grammy’s: Behind the Screens of Lady Gaga’s Bowie Tribute

3D Systems

As a frequent contributor to a variety of merchandising, animation, costume- and set-design needs, 3D Systems’ Gentle Giant Studios in Burbank is known in the entertainment industry for our on-demand parts expertise and talented artistic specialists.

“Grey’s Anatomy” Prominently Features Medical 3D Printing Technology

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The model of a patient’s heart and liver used on the show was designed and 3D printed by 3D Systems in conjunction with their entertainment division, Gentle Giant Studios, and it was printed by their medical solutions division, Medical Modeling.

Grey’s Anatomy Calls on Medical Modeling for Operation Planning

3D Systems

Though 3DS has an entertainment division ( Gentle Giant Studios ), this model was the work of our highly experienced team at Medical Modeling , our medical solutions division.

CubeX 85

10 Things to See and Do at Maker Faire Detroit


This 25 ton Rube Goldbeg uses pulleys levels and the Newtonian physics to create an incredible visually stunning work of engineering inspired art. In addition, competitors get bonus points for entertaining the crowd, so everybody wins! A visual treat!

3D printed tactile picture books entertain and teach visually impaired children


In 2014, we covered a heartwarming story about 3D printing being used to design and create additively manufactured picture books for children with visual impairments.

Smarter Solutions for Smarter Ideation

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Each phase of ideation can be visualized for not just the design-savvy, but for all members of an interdisciplinary team. But today, designers help everyone visualize what they are doing collaboratively in order to make decisions—that is quite new.

Learn 3D modeling from the best with 3DTi


It’s no breaking news : 3D modeling is exploding. However knowing how to create incredible 3D models can still be tricky. In this quest to file perfection, 3D Training Institute (3DTi) will be one of your best ally.

How SOLIDWORKS helps Extremis shape the future of furniture

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Whether entertaining, lazing or simply grabbing some grub, relaxing in the garden is enriched infinitely by furniture that weathers the storm. With their design locked into the software, Extremis take full advantage of the marketing aspects of SOLIDWORKS Visualize. [link].

Moving to the Future with xDesign

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Music, movies, and other entertainment has been moving us in this direction for a while. You can work with internal team members, or external contributors, through secure and safe communities, have complete control over file access and sharing, lightweight visualization, and product review.

What’s New In 3D Printing at SOLIDWORKS World 2018

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Unlocking the Secrets to Real-Life Renders using SOLIDWORKS Visualize on Monday, Feb 5, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM, Room – 404B. Joseph Hiura and Robert Andrew Johnson – SOLIDWORKS in Entertainment. Next week at the Los Angeles Convention Center, SOLIDWORKS World will be celebrating its 20 th anniversary. The 4-day event will be packed with innovation, ideas, and knowledge revolving around 3D design.

3D Printing for Out of This World Designs, and Daily Fixes


Stuart Ferguson is the Head of Technology at The Foundry, a global developer of software for use in the design, visualization, and entertainment industries.

Get a Glimpse of the Future in the SOLIDWORKS World Startup Product Showcase

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This Boulder, CO-based startup fuses robotic and digital technology into immersive entertainment experiences that ignite imagination and defy expectation. Its visual block-based building interface makes learning the basic principles of programming approachable and fun. The Product Showcase at SOLIDWORKS World is the place to be to see the latest and greatest new products being designed in SOLIDWORKS.

3D printed UFO found by Sculpteo’s office


” Are you not entertained ? But thanks to our 3D rendering software, we were able to visualize exactly what it looks like inside the flying saucer. Sculpteo Headquarters, 2:30 pm. It was a morning like any other at Sculpteo. Or at least that’s how it seemed at first.

3D Printing Pioneer WhiteClouds Announces “3DyourSCAN”, Patented “Hinge & Slice” Modeling & Breakthrough Workflow Partnership with TeraRecon

Additive Manufacturing

3DyourSCAN will help doctors better visualize complex clinical scenarios and improve collaboration among physicians and patients, providing peace of mind.” from the University of Utah Radiology, Advanced Visualization and 3D Printing team (Drs. OGDEN, Utah — Nov.

Utah 65

CRP Technology Unveils a New Polyamide Based Material

Additive Manufacturing

We also recommend it for design applications that require a strong visual impact. “When flexibility and strength cannot be compromised”: WINDFORM® FX BLACK, the new cutting-edge material for professional 3D Printing is here.

See the Newest SOLIDWORKS-Inspired Products in the SOLIDWORKS World Product Showcase

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Used for advanced training and high-end entertainment applications, it features a 1×78-inch 4k curved screen, 7.2 Changes rarely need to be made on parts preproduction due to the incredible visual representation Runnit CNC gets in SOLIDWORKS.

Louis Vuitton’s Newest Landmark: The Jewel of the Bois De Boulogne

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This epic project is guided by two overarching themes: the celebration of visual art and the creativity of meeting a unique technological challenge. The following is a reprint of a Compass: The 3DEXPERIENCE Magazine article by Dominique Fidel.

Glass 113

3D Printing Pioneer WhiteClouds Celebrates 2016 Achievements

Additive Manufacturing

WhiteClouds and TeraRecon Partnership –WhiteClouds has partnered with TeraRecon, the leading software provider in advanced visualization. WhiteClouds delivers complete solutions in Medical, Architecture, and Entertainment.

Utah 52

Smart Home Beginner’s Guide & Design Tips

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The Four Pillars of a Smart Home – Security, Convenience, Comfort, and Entertainment. Smart lights make an immediate and visually stunning impact. Entertainment. Combining smart speakers & lights creates a unique audio-visual experience.

What is DJI Sport Mode? How it Works Explained

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It’s extremely fun and gets even more entertaining once you get the hang of the controls in Sport Mode. Just make sure that you have a visual observer with you to maintain visual line-of-sight with your drone. DJI is the veritable leader when it comes to both consumer and professional drones. Time and time again, they have come out with new and innovative features that continue to attract the interest of drone enthusiasts the world over.

Get a Glimpse of the Future in the SOLIDWORKS World Startup Product Showcase

The Solidworks Blog

This Boulder, CO-based startup fuses robotic and digital technology into immersive entertainment experiences that ignite imagination and defy expectation. Its visual block-based building interface makes learning the basic principles of programming approachable and fun.

SOLIDWORKS World 2016 Session Preview: For SOLIDWORKS Veterans

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Attendees will learn sketch spline best practices, methods to lay out surfaces for optimal visual quality and robustness, various ways to surface model with draft for mass production, techniques for creating overmolds, and strategies to surface model the most complex shapes.

How Customers benefit from Dell and SOLIDWORKS Long-Standing Partnership

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And whether you design, simulate or visualize, Dell Precision workstations support that need by offering the latest multi-core processors, high-end professional graphics, fast, highly expandable memory and the latest storage technologies.

5 Best 32-Inch Monitors of 2019

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They are also suitable for gaming, especially if you mostly play single-player games with pretty visuals. Compared to our top pick here, it’s more inclined toward entertainment than productivity.

SOLIDWORKS World 2015 – A Reflection for Throw Back Thursday

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What better way to show what you may have missed this year by giving you the visuals of what got the SOLIDWORKS community excited at SOLIDWORKS World? All visionaries who kept the audience engaged and entertained.

What is 3D Scanning?

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Nowadays, 3D scanning technology has become heavily used in the entertainment industry in the production of animation, movies, and video games. Since laser triangulation also uses a camera, the visual data can be combined with the data cloud to come out with full-color 3D models.

Fun and Cheap: A Review of the DJI Tello

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The Tello automatic take-off and landing functions are taken a step higher with the extremely entertaining Throw-and-go mode. The Tello mobile app simply displays the view of the drone’s camera and an array of visual controls.

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SOLIDWORKS World 2018 General Session Recap: Day Two

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In 2017, these users had access to SOLIDWORKS Visualize. The day closed with a spirited presentation from Brent Bushnell, CEO of engineering and entertainment company Two Bit Circus.

10 Best Party Speakers of 2018

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Setting up a karaoke is a great way of passing the time at a party and keeping the guests entertained. The product oozes class and will be visually fitting at any party. Hosting a karaoke at most parties adds a lot of fun to the proceedings that can keep guests entertained for longer.

Watching the Universe Grow With James Kincaid, Winner of the Valve Design Contest

Shapeways Blog

And of course, when he’s making something, each facet has something to add to the process: “I f it’s something I’m creating from scratch, the artist in me says, ‘I need to make it visually pleasing so people will like what they see.’

List of the best video editing software programs

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You may not have heard of this software because it is mainly used by professionals in the media and entertainment industry. In addition to the basic video editing features, Hitfilm Express offers animation tools, an adaptive trimmer, and 180 visual effects (lightening effects, magic wand effects, and much more). The use of video has gone up exponentially in recent years. Video editing is not just the domain of Hollywood anymore.

Video 40

5 Best 34-Inch Monitors of 2019

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The 34UM88C-P is an all-around monitor that works great for both office work and entertainment, most especially for the former. It’s great for single-player games with lovely visuals – like Final Fantasy XV and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.