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Department of Defense-sponsored AM Business Process Wargame, which explored complex business practices necessary for AM use in the military. Note: Bob Appleton, president of RW Appleton & Company, Inc., authored the following.

4 Ways 3D Printing is Bringing Sustainable Materials to Construction

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WASP demonstrated the process of building only the frame, so with the electricity, lighting and plumbing, builders may still need to factor in material and labor costs.

DJI Shipping FAQ and How to Get Free Shipping

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This process is a lot faster than you might think because they expedite it with air travel. Additionally, the huge order quantity tends to slow down the shipping process in general. If you want to get a new product as soon as possible, order it as soon as it is released and use DJI Select to prioritize the shipping process. We answer the most common questions that people have about shipping when they order from

Stratasys and MakerBot Launch CubeSat Challenge for Aerospace Engineers and Students

Additive Manufacturing

3D printing can also simplify production as you move from the hand-built satellites of today to an automated process that will enable constellations of small satellites to be built more efficiently. Challenge taps GrabCAD’s 2 million members to rethink the research satellite.

Design Competition Demonstrates Promising Future for Additive Manufacturing in Satellite Design

Additive Manufacturing

GrabCAD Workbench makes it easy for engineers to manage and share files, work with partners and complete projects on time, while the GrabCAD Community accelerates the design process by tapping into the knowledge and resources of the largest source of CAD content and engineering minds in the world.

12 Best Uses of Drones

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The whole process is completed in less time making it more viable for farmers. The Police and Border Guard (PPA) in Estonia recently ordered 9 drones which will be used for keeping an eye on the border. From real estate to mining, drones are capturing the attention of every industry. People who have used these drones will know how easily some operations can be carried out with the help of these brilliant machines.

Stratasys to Acquire Grabcad, a Leading 3D CAD Collaboration Platform

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The addition of GrabCAD Workbench provides Stratasys with an opportunity to drive communication and ease of use throughout the 3D printing process and grow its technology solutions and user communities.