A More Dynamic Annual Planning Process

3D Perspectives

One of the most critical yet least transparent processes in most mining companies is the Annual Business Planning process. This can be further underpinned by bringing consistency to how global planning processes are governed for each contributor and site.

LPW Technology and 3DSIM Adding Intelligence into the AM Process at formnext Hall 3.1 Stand H18

Additive Manufacturing

LPW Technology Ltd , the market leader in the development, processing and supply of high quality metal powders for the AM industry and 3DSIM , the AM software innovation company with easy-to-use tools to predict how to build successful parts, will stand share at Hall 3.1

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NumberSix's 3D Printing Blog: Graphing temperature - Part II

Number Six's 3D Printing Blog

The primary objective of the exercise was to find a good balance between active cooling (fan) and heating the heater-block to a given target temperature. An excellent balance has now been achieved through the process of graphing the temperature curve, and tweaking my cooling set-up. Additional note on the graphing process: An unexpected benefit of moving from FiveD Firmware to Marlin Firmware on the Gen6 board was the excellent temperature feedback.

NumberSix's 3D Printing Blog: Extruder evolution - 1.75mm with.

Number Six's 3D Printing Blog

That was my first exercise in modifying an existing design using Sketchup. I've just done a whole other post on measuring the heating process, so you can see my reading there. NumberSixs 3D Printing Blog. Exploring the world of 3D printing. Sharing ideas and innovation with others! ioshea). Pages. Resources. Sunday, September 25, 2011. Extruder evolution - 1.75mm with stainless support. Ive build a new extruder.

Injection molding helps make healing fun

Leslie's Blog

The system Compliant Games developed has a patient watch and follow along with a video game exercise on an iPad or other smart tablet. The gaming system provides a ‘fun component’ that motivates patients to effectively do their required pulmonary exercises.


Wohlers Talk

Department of Defense-sponsored AM Business Process Wargame, which explored complex business practices necessary for AM use in the military. as well as NATO exercises in Norway and Poland. Note: Bob Appleton, president of RW Appleton & Company, Inc., authored the following.

Collaboration is a Winning Ingredient for Mott Community College Design Team

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

Their shared interest in design thinking and the iterative process of rapid prototyping helped the team to bring their idea for the multi-purpose cooking utensil to life. This helps to exercise the analytical and creative sides of our brain.”

My Online Training Experience Learning the SOLIDWORKS Essentials

Javelin Tech Tips

The entire process is very organised and easy to get started from the get-go. After downloading a couple file sets from the SOLIDWORKS website (used to accompany the pre-made case studies and exercises in the manual for training) you’re all set. The course content is all in the manual provided, specific case studies are done together with the instructor and practice exercises are carried out individually. SOLIDWORKS Essentials Course.

3D Printing Engages Young Engineers with NASA’s HUNCH

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

The challenge the ISS crew was facing, using a Bogan camera arm for exercise on the bike, was that the arm, in its current state, could not withstand the stress that the crew put on it during their exercise sessions.

How to Design for Additive Manufacturing

Wohlers Talk

DfAM focuses on methods and special software that are unique to AM processes, such as the digital consolidation of many parts into one. This can result in significant savings in manufacturing processes, part numbers, material, weight, assembly, labor, inventory, and certification paperwork.

3D Printing is about Growing Creative Brains

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

While I am not an expert on creativity, I am a student of the brain and the creative process. This second book applies the principles of Quantum Physics to the creative process. The results, good and bad, are re-fed to our incredible brain for more processing and design refinement.

Essentium and Texas A&M University Set ‘Helmet of the (not too far in the) Future Challenge’

Additive Manufacturing

Supporting Quotes: Blake Teipel, CEO and Co-founder of Essentium: “The evolution of products such as scooter helmets are hindered by the traditional injection molding process which forces designers to compromise on aspects such as flexibility, breathability, and weight.

Texas 70

3D-Printed Models Used in an Atlas for TAVI Procedures


As Dr. Van Mieghem describes it, “The process to get the phantom model right was very interactive. With medical technology advancing at such a rapid rate, it’s important to make sure that medical professionals learn and stay up-to-date on all the new techniques that are available.

How to Use Heat Deformation to Create 3D Printed Jewelry

3D Printing for Beginners

The first part of this post is just enough of a guide to get your feet wet with Meshmixer, and then we’ll move on to post-processing the print and making a customized ring. Repeat this process to customize your ring with a few other models.

Converting 3d printer into tattoo machine

DIY 3D Printing

The perfect shape to test the precision of the process. The big difficulty was to repeat the same exercise on a curve surface and on a material that has much more flexibility than silicone. France is great.

Construction Excellence through Virtual Construction

3D Perspectives

With the 3D EXPERIENCE platform, users can quickly analyze, plan, and reorganize product, process, and resource information and integrate new technologies such as virtual reality, networked computing, rapid prototyping, databases, and multimedia.

How to copyright your 3d printed work

DIY 3D Printing

Once you understand what you have the legal right to control, you can start deciding how you want to exercise that control. Copyright is one of the most important issues of our age. Do you know how to use it to protect your 3d printing work? What can be copyrighted?

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Quantifying Headphone Comfort with Structural Professional Engineer

The Solidworks Blog

Well, to build any trust in our headphone working model, we would need to exercise all three: Geometric Nonlinearity – The headphone frame is comprised of a long skinny frame which deflects in a very nonlinear way.

From a Clay Sculpture to a 3D Print with 3D Scanning


This process is a good example of the endless applications of 3D scanning a real object. The figure in a different size would explain a whole new story and it would be a great creative exercise ,” Steven adds.

Outfitting the Future of Robotics with 3D Printing


The prototype had to have limbs that moved into the same positions as the final R2 and had to be sturdy enough to resist the numerous training exercises and tests it would go through. The process is a great alternative for medical manufacturers who need products faster and in lower volumes.

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could 3D Print in Cast Metals

Shapeways Blog

The 3D printing cast metal process is simply an expedited and super-powered version of the traditional metal casting process, allowing for more intricate, interlocking, and complicated designs. In particular, it is said to provide effective math exercises for children.

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Step-by-step Guide for creating a SOLIDWORKS Part Template

Javelin Tech Tips

Below is a step by step process of how to create a simple part template tailored to your company’s needs. This process will work for creating SOLIDWORKS part, assembly, route, weldment and drawing templates.

Tech in Football: How Yamabiko Europe Scored with SOLIDWORKS

The Solidworks Blog

Not merely a thrilling global display of elite athletic prowess, the world-famous football tournament is a carefully orchestrated exercise in preparation and management. Thirty-two teams. Sixty-four games. One trophy. It all kicks off, quite literally, this June.

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Concept to Consumer Tour Will Break Down Lifecycle of URB-E Project

The Solidworks Blog

For this reuse of commonly used components, blocks can easily be saved to the design library for future layout assemblies.This speeds up the layout process and ensures that we have an accurate representation. “Efficient Design with Layout Sketching” -Todd Trein.

The Hibbot: Teaching Children with Cerebral Palsy to Walk, One Step at a Time


After Ria explained how she facilitated the walking patterns of children with CP, Dirk went about designing an ergonomic system where the children could exercise their walking much more frequently. The design process for the Hibbot.

Tech in the Classroom: Tomorrow’s Teaching Today

The Solidworks Blog

Take homework, for instance – no longer a paper-based chore scribbled hastily into some exercise book mere moments before deadline. It’s an intuitive ecosystem of apps that breaks down the design and engineering process into easy-to-use bite-sized pieces.

FreeCAD Tutorial & Review: From a 2D Sketch to a 3D Print


This will give you a good understanding of all the working processes needed for creating a design in FreeCAD. FreeCAD Tutorial Part 7: Hands-on Exercise. He will go through the design process step by step and repeat everything you learnt in the previous videos.

Wohlers Associates and America Makes Offer Course on Design for Additive Manufacturing for Managers and Executives

Additive Manufacturing

End-use parts and tooling rely heavily on designing in a way that optimizes for the AM process.

Reconnecting with Olympian Liz Gleadle, one of Javelin’s sponsored athletes

Javelin Tech Tips

When I take time off from working out, I enjoy it for the first week…and then I feel lethargic and depressed from the lack of exercise. Hello Javelin family! I’m happy to reconnect with you for 2017. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we all first met!

Un-boxing SOLIDWORKS Simulation

The Solidworks Blog

” It covers basic engineering concepts and techniques with the goal of providing design analysts with the knowledge needed to incorporate this powerful simulation tool successfully into the design process. After this initial reading exercise, it is time to start using the software.

The Evolution of Online Shopping

The Solidworks Blog

To get started, users can enable the SOLIDWORKS Sell add-in inside of SOLIDWORKS (after the installation process), to bring up the desktop uploader.* The Evolution of Online Shopping.

SOLIDWORKS 2019 provides the Fastest Way to Your Ideal Silhouette

Javelin Tech Tips

Pumpkin spice lattes, turkey dinners, and weather that makes exercise about as appealing as waiting for your largest assembly to open. A preview window is updated as each group is added, allowing users to easily keep track of and verify the simplification process.

SOLIDWORKS: What is “Make Independent” and what is it used for?

CATI Tech Notes

That exercise was possible before, but it involved several steps and not everyone was comfortable with the process. The “Make Independent” feature has been around for years. In SOLIDWORKS 2015, this task became much simpler so I thought it was worth mentioning.

Effeffe Berlinetta: A Car Of Yesterday, Conceived Today, Built in 3D CAD

The Solidworks Blog

On the plates we arranged suitable reference to facilitate the welding process: the welder puts the platelets in place, wedging them with references on tubes.

The Bronze Age Meets the Digital Age in the Art of Tim Belliveau

Shapeways Blog

Glass blowing is an exercise in precision. Belliveau started to rethink his own process, which had become costly and time-consuming. His new process was indeed faster, but printing in bronze was still just as pricey. ‘Artifacts’ 2018.

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How to learn SOLIDWORKS when you can’t attend a training class?!

Javelin Tech Tips

Training is delivered via a live interactive learning environment where you can ask questions, get immediate answers from the instructor, and learn hands-on with SOLIDWORKS exercise files. Our SOLIDWORKS courses allow you to develop your skills with process based training.

SOLIDWORKS Online Training Done Right!

Javelin Tech Tips

What this means is learners often skip ahead with video based learning to speed up the process and typically miss out on important content. Also without a live instructor you are not driven to complete exercises and there is no reward for completion. Online Training.