Smart International Introducing Multimaterial Dryer for 3D Printing Filaments

Moisture is not your friend when it comes to 3D printer filament, as humidity can cause weakened material, which then leads to fragile prints, poor surface finish and adhesion, and. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d printer filament 3D printing filament drying methods FFF 3d printers filament dryer filament drying systems kodak multimaterial Smart International

What to Do with Solvent Waste from Finishing Your 3D Prints? Recycle it with the Sidewinder!

From the minute you purchase a finishing solvent, that’s exactly the type of relationship you two are going to have. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business 3D printing finishing solvents 3d printing recycling 3d printing resin ABS 3D printing filament PLA 3D printing filament recycling hazardous materials Sidewinder Model M-2 Sidewinder solvent recyclingFrom cradle to grave.

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Type A Machines Introduces New Matte Finish ProMatte 3D Printing Filament

California-based 3D printer manufacturer Type A Machines is releasing a new 3D printing polymer filament specifically formulated to produce lightweight, smooth and workable prints with a matte. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business 3d printing filament 3d printing materials polymaker polymer materials Print Pod ProMatte series 1 series 1 pro Type a machines

DSM and Chromatic 3D Materials Partner to Develop 3D Printing Materials for Finished Manufactured Goods

Additive Manufacturing

April 2018 – Royal DSM , a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials, today announced that it entered a preferred partnership with Chromatic 3D Materials to introduce thermoset materials for 3D-printing of finished manufactured goods.

The Most Important 3D Printing Technologies & Materials You Need to Know


If you believe that all 3D printers use filaments, and terms like Stereolithography, Laser Sintering and PolyJet Printing cause you headaches, then this blog post is for you. Filament-based 3D Printing. Home printers typically work with plastic filament.

Taking Your Product to the Finishing Line


Additive manufacturing can make materials come to life in a single print. Fresh off the machine, a 3D printed part can look like a nearly finished product. Depending on your requirements, the natural surface finish of an additive manufactured part may or may not meet your needs.

3D Printing News Briefs: June 27, 2019

In today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, we’re starting with a couple of stories from the recent Paris Air Show: TUSAS Engine Industries has invested in GE Additive technology, and ARMOR. View the entire article via our website.

colorFabb XT-CF20 carbon fiber 3d printing filament

DIY 3D Printing

Dutch colorFabb just released their new carbon fiber 3d printing filament that gives new properties and deep matte black finish. GPa) / twice as stiff as PLA Moderate strain at break (8-10%), so no extreme brittle filament, butt toughness High Glass Temp. (Tg

Putting an Artistic Finish on 3D Prints


Courtney Link (Instagram: @clanks ) works in Production & Finishing at Objex Unlimited, where she puts the final touches on client projects. Everything is straight-forward… I don’t have to spend a lot of time getting things going, or changing the filament,” she exclaims.

RepRapper Tech Offering Aluminum PLA 3D Printing Filament

Materials innovations for 3D printing are coming hot and heavy lately. From exotic metal powders to a host of formulations from PEEK to copper, getting the look, strength, and surface finish required of a 3D... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d printed aluminum 3d printing materials 3d printing metallic materials aluminum aluminum PLA filament metal filament RepRapper

3D Printing Systems Unveils the Bunker: A Smart Filament Cartridge System

As many of our readers utilizing desktop 3D printers have come to know, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as returning to your printer expecting to see a finished model, only to find that you’ve. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing With Potato Power — Do Potato Based Plastics Work Well As Filament?

3D Printing Review

These new pods are made from plant starches and tree byproducts, and Biome is now aiming their technology at 3D printing filament. The company says Biome3D potato starch based filament combines a superior finish and flexibility, ease of processing and excellent printed detail.

How to Store 3D Printing Filament – A Simple, Quick and Cheap Way to Keep Your Filament Dry

3D Printing for Beginners

Did you know that some of your 3D prints may have partially or completely failed just because of humidity contained in the filament you used? Well, we may have just the solution for you: a quick, very simple and cheap way to store your filament without a hassle. Materials

3D printing with various materials

Algorithmic Art

It is the first post on this new blog of mine, it will be about my newest 3D printing experiences and experiments with new materials. Technically, we could 3D print with an material which melts and can be extruded through a nozzle. Dear Visitor, welcome on my blog!

How to Finish Your PLA Prints – Easy Techniques

3D Printing Hub

Fortunately, there are several ways for you to achieve a smooth finish in your PLA print. Depending on how much time and effort you’re willing to spend on the finishing process, it’s possible to get finish quality ranging from mere removal of layer lines to a glossy, glass-like surface. What is PLA and why do you need to finish a PLA print? Polylactic Acid (PLA) is one of the two most popular filament materials used for FDM printing.

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Comparing 3D Printed Nylon Materials

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

The next major frontier for the industry is improving the materials we use to create more resistant, flexible, and usable parts and components. FDM Nylon 12CF (carbon filled) features the highest strength-to-weight ratio and stiffness of any FDM material.

3D Printing and finishing the Nefertiti sculpture


This is simply about printing a great and beautiful 3D Model with standard desktop 3D printing technology, and some simple finishing tips you can use or adapt to your own requirements. Colorfabb XT Co-polyester material and also Colorfabb nGen Co-Polyester (to compare both).

What Material Should I Use For 3D Printing? – Advanced Materials Review #3 – ABS+ from Trideus

3D Printing for Beginners

In this third post in our Advanced 3D printing materials review series, we are going to have a look at a very special kind of ABS: ABS+ from Trideus. If you have ever printed with ABS before, you’ll certainly know that ABS can be a tricky material to work with. Materials

3D printing with flexible materials – FlexPLA tests

Algorithmic Art

FlexPLA, this new experimental stuff for your FDM 3D printer is a revolutionary new rubber-like 3D printer filament which allows you to 3D print flexible objects, such as rubber machine parts, soft toys, flip-flops, and other rubbery items like silicone parts.

Mendel90 finishing touches


That means any little modification can change everything slightly, which is why I won''t release the files until it is finished. A picture like this with its bill of materials should be self explanatory. I plan to do a mini Wade''s with a NEMA11 motor for 1.75mm filament.

Happy Holidays! Check Out These 3D Printing Deals As You Finish Up Your Shopping

3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d printer filament sales 3d printer materials sales 3d printer sales 3dshook accucode 3d airwolf holiday deals holiday discounts leapfrog MarkForged Mark One Carbon Fiber 3D Printer robo 3d sales voltera v-one zmorphHave you done your Christmas shopping yet? It’s fine, you’ve got eight days. Seriously, when did that happen?) If you’re stumped on what to buy for a particular friend or family.

Glow in the Dark Filaments

3D Printing Hub

You might have graduated from standard PLA and ABS filaments , played around with conductive filaments , made a mess with flexible filaments , and made incredible prints with metallic or wood filaments. What are glow in the dark filaments? Material.

ColorFabb LW-PLA Expanding Foaming Plastic Filament for 3D Printing - Part 1 Testing and experimentation


ColorFabb LW-PLA (Expanding/Foaming PLA) Filament for FDM 3D Printing - Part 1 Hello everyone, Richard here - In this blog post I'll be looking at a new and unique 3D Printing material for the FDM/FFF process. Tolerance and roundness of the filament was good.

3D Printing with Proto-pasta Magnetic Iron filament


Proto-pasta - Magnetic Iron PLA This is part of a focus on 3D Printing materials series, I hope to cover as many materials as possible, from a wide range of manufacturers. From everyday to experimental filaments, print results and views on using them.

Sandstone Filament: Properties, How to Use Them, and Best Brands

3D Printing Hub

If you have read our previous articles on composite filaments, you should be familiar with all the unique prints you can make with materials such as carbon fiber , stainless steel , and wood. Sandstone filaments are yet another one of these exotic materials. Material.

Universal 3D printing filament spool standard 2014


Coils and coils of lovely 3D printing filament, I''m usually surrounded by them, I struggle with them and often spend time and energy mounting, clamping, switching and feeding them into to various printers. My 20 euro coil of filament cost me over 400 in damages, I didn''t do that ever again.

Get Your Metal on at the Desktop with FormFutura’s MetalFil PLA Filament for Bronze & Copper

Formfutura just made 3D printing that much better for users who enjoy a more sophisticated—or even ancient-looking—finish. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3D printing bronze 3D printing copper 3d printing metal 3D printing patina 3D printing post processing 3D printing post processing polishing desktop 3d printing formfutura metal 3D printing at desktop PLA 3D printing filament The Netherlands

3D Printing: The Stories We Missed -- March 18, 2017

Patrick’s Day edition of Stories We Missed, we’re talking about partnerships, 3D printing materials, and 3D printers themselves. Sláinte! In this week’s St. Concept Laser and. View the entire article via our website.

Formfutura’s Almost-Entirely Metal 3D Printer Filaments


Sample finished 3D prints using Formfutura's new MetalFil filaments. » materialsNetherlands-based Formfutura announced a. Read the whole entry. »

Wood Filament: Properties, How to Use Them, and Best Brands

3D Printing Hub

Wood filaments are another example of composite material filaments that you can use to make custom 3D prints that do not look and feel like standard plastic. What are wood filaments? What are the benefits of using wood filaments? How do you use wood filaments?

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Open Source Hovalin Violin is 3D Printed in Wood PLA with More Upgrades to Come!

3D Design 3D printed art 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d printed musical instrument 3d printed violin Emulsifide hovalin Kaitlyn Hova Matt and Kaitlyn Hova Matt Hova Minwax Wood Finish reddit Robo3D Wood PLA Stradivarius wood filamentIt wasn’t too long ago that we reported here on a husband and wife team that added to the growing list of 3D printed musical instruments with their own contribution: an open source 3D printed. View the entire article via our website.

How Much Does 3D Printing Filament Cost?

3D Printing Hub

Not all 3D printing materials are equal. This is your short 3D printer filament guide. The aim of this piece is to make shopping for 3D printer materials much easier. It’s not a 3D filament brand review page, as we already have that. Use this article to explore the 3D filament types and costs before you view the various brand options. Your 3D printer pretty much determines what options you have in 3D materials: Open source. ASA 3D printer filament.

Magnetic Filaments: Properties, Applications, How to Use Them, and Best Brands

3D Printing Hub

With just a spool or two of magnetic filaments, and a few tweaks on your 3D printer, you can also make your own magnetic toys (plus other more useful stuff). What are magnetic filaments? Magnetic filaments are made by infusing finely ground iron powder to a base material.

5 Considerations for Material Selection


In the last ten years, the advancements in technology coupled with the corresponding developments of material have hugely impacted the way 3D printing is viewed and relied upon by engineers, designers and manufacturers during development and production.

PETG Filament: Properties, How to Use, and Best Brands

3D Printing Hub

Although PLA and ABS remain the most widely-used filaments in 3D printing today, alternative materials have been starting to gain some popularity. The added glycol in PETG removes this limitation by preventing the material from crystallizing and therefore becoming easily breakable.

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Best Hemp Filament, How to Use Them, and Where to Buy

3D Printing Hub

By now, we have written about nearly a dozen exotic filament materials, such as wood , graphite , and steel. Each of these exotic filaments introduce an entirely new dimension of aesthetics to your 3D print that you cannot attain with typical ABS or PLA. What are hemp filaments?

colorFabb Announces Carbon Fiber Filament


Netherlands-based colorFabb introduced an incredibly powerful new 3D printer filament today, based on carbon fiber. The new material, cryptically named colorFabb XT-CF20, is a co-polyester based on their custom Amphora polymer. materials

Metallic Filaments: Properties, How to Use Them, and Best Brands

3D Printing Hub

When it comes to specialty filaments, we find that people have become especially curious about metallic filaments. More than the aesthetics of the products, people are curious about how these metallic filaments work and what else they are capable of. What are metallic filaments?

3D printing using Ninja Flex filament

Talpadk's Blog

Yesterday Ireceived some of therelatively new “Ninja Flex” filament sold by [link] . The Filament. It is alwaysdifficult tomeasurea soft materialbut using my caliber I measured the diameter to be 1.75mm as it is supposed to.

The Most Important 3D Printing Technologies & Materials You Need to Know


If you believe that all 3D printers use filaments, and terms like Stereolithography, Laser Sintering and PolyJet Printing cause you headaches, then this blog post is for you. Filament-based 3D Printing. Home printers typically work with plastic filament.

How to Store Your 3D Printing Filament Properly

3D Printing Hub

It all comes down to how humidity affects filament performance, which is why proper care and storage of your filament is a very important practice. In this article, we list down the best and most reliable methods to store your 3D printing filament. Why do I need to store my filament? Most 3D printing filament materials have this peculiar characteristic of being hygroscopic, meaning they tend to absorb moisture from the environment. Filament degradation.

Crazy New 3D Printing Filaments Available


We noticed several rather unusual 3D printing filaments are now available for you to try out. M3D offers what they call “Chameleon Filament”. Another unusual pair of filaments is now provided by ProtoPasta: Stainless Steel PLA & Magnetic Iron PLA. materials

Choosing a Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm vs. 3.00 mm

3D Printing Hub

One of the biggest advantages of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) as a 3D printing technology is the wide range of filament materials it can work with. Aside from popular variants such as PLA , ABS , and PETG , more and more manufacturers have been coming up with creative and exotic filaments. Nowadays, you can get filaments that simulate the appearance of wood or metals, or even filaments that can conduct a small amount of electricity. mm-diameter filaments.