ColorFabb LW-PLA Expanding Foaming Plastic Filament for 3D Printing - Part 1 Testing and experimentation


ColorFabb LW-PLA (Expanding/Foaming PLA) Filament for FDM 3D Printing - Part 1 Hello everyone, Richard here - In this blog post I'll be looking at a new and unique 3D Printing material for the FDM/FFF process. Tolerance and roundness of the filament was good.

What Material Should I Use For 3D Printing? – Advanced Materials Review #2 – Taulman 618 and Taulman 645 Nylon

3D Printing for Beginners

Welcome to another post in our Advanced 3D printing materials review series. This time, we’ll take a closer look at some more exciting 3D printer filament types and their inherent properties: Taulman Nylon 645 and Taulman Nylon 618. Materials

PETG Filament: Properties, How to Use, and Best Brands

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Although PLA and ABS remain the most widely-used filaments in 3D printing today, alternative materials have been starting to gain some popularity. PETG has been widely used for outdoor signs due to its excellent printability and laminating characteristics. Material.

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Guide to Unusual 3D Printing Materials


If you’re interested in 3D printing and our manufacturing methods, you probably know about the most widely used 3D printing materials. However, these materials are just the tip of the iceburg, 3D printing has many other hidden surprises. Organic Material.

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Christmas Advent 3D Printing advice #Day 7 Prusa Easy ABS and Filamentive RPLA


December advent calendar - modular Christmas tree 3D Printing advice #Day 7 For the background and i ntroduction - Day #1 Post click here Yesterday - Day #6 Post (Christmas Stocking) was printed in Chroma Strand Labs INOVA-1800 and Filamentive Recycled RPLA colours.

3D Printing with Nylon 618 filament in Tie-Dye colours


* T i e - D y e 3D printing with Nylon 618 * Taluman Nylon 618 is a very versatile printing material. Nylon has amazing self-bonding properties making any FFF (layer-by-layer) printed objects very strong and less prone to de-lamination. Natural Nylon 618 material.

Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing and Subtractive Manufacturing: What’s the Difference?

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Additive manufacturing (AM) is a relatively new catchall term for the latest techniques for making things, starting with nothing, building up material layer by layer directly from 3D data. Material Extrusion – commonly known as FDM or Fused Deposition Modelling pioneered by Stratasys.

Christmas Advent 3D Printing #Day 17 Advice for making reference test prints using a Polyalchemy Elixir sample pack


I really didn't want to print this in a brown coloured material. If you are a 3D printing filament manufacturer, why not offer sample packs for sale? Above is my test set for checking, warp, de-lamination, flex, break and twist of a 3D print material.

Afinia H480 Review – Get Results Without Worrying About Technology

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mm PLA and ABS filament. The printer comes with a user manual, the power supply, a spool of white ABS filament, three perforated boards (for the build platform) and three BuildTak sheets. Loading the Filament. You can then swap the filament and re-start the print.

Christmas Advent 3D Printing #Day 11 Advice using Proto-Pasta Magnetic Iron PLA and Conductive Graphite


There is a material for every project. This 3D Printing filament if one of the most fun to use that's in existence today. It's probably the material people ask me most questions about - usually after seeing the finished models.

Christmas Advent 3D Printing advice #Day 8 3D4M Facilan C8 and Pongostore PLA


December advent calendar - modular Christmas tree 3D Printing advice #Day 8 For the background and i ntroduction - Day #1 Post click here Yesterday - Day #7 Post (water bottle rocket) was printed in Prusa research Easy ABS-T and Filamentive Recycled RPLA.

Christmas Advent 3D Printing #Day 18 Advice using E3D Acrylic (PMMA)


Acrylic (PMMA) is not an easy material to 3D Print. Acrylic is however a very stiff, impact-resistant, strong and resilient material to use for many applications. I used a 4mm brim on this small object, no warping or de-lamination. It's a very tough material.

TCT Show 2014 Industry Review & Technology round-up - RepRap Community Hub


This year all my labels were laminated and stuck directly to the printed object or design. A ''special'' multi-material print for Colorfabb - All these materials are using PLA as a base so they mix and bond perfectly together. PEI bed material courtesy of Robox.

AFRL – Embracing Opportunity: Additive Technology for Manufacturing

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WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio – It’s a materials scientist’s dream, but as some experts say, an engineer’s nightmare. Additive manufacturing is a huge opportunity for us,” said Dr. Jonathan Miller, a materials scientist and the additive manufacturing lead for the directorate. “It



For example, if I fold a short piece of filament double and let it go this is what happens :- PCL is rubbery and springs back almost straight, HDPE is a lot less springy. Then I have to experiment to find a bed material it will stick to.

Aurora Flight Sciences Maximizes the Benefits of 3D Printed Composite Tooling

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Small continuous thermoplastic (PLA) sacrificial filaments (300 – 400 micron diameter) are printed directly between plies of carbon fiber composite materials laid down by the AFP system.

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3D printing with cheap Nylon trimmer line/string


Is filament quality so important after all? I heard years ago that trimming line was one of the many materials that was tested on a 3D printer (the biggest list is probably here ). Really, trimmer line may be a fully compatible filament ! Trimmer line as a filament: how good?

RepRap: Blog: Like a glue gun on a robot arm.

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Its actually quite invigorating to see people attempting to make more challenging structures than stacks of 2D planar laminations, and weve seen people using repraps to do this before, but the Mataerial people seem to have it worked out pretty well. RepRap: Blog.

All About Acrylic Plastic

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It is often used as a laminated layer over Polycarbonate (PC). It has a white light transmittance of 92%, which is the highest among any widely used commercial grade material. This happens to be the case because acrylic teeth will not wear a lot against other teeth and the aesthetics can be controlled to a higher degree as compared to other materials. Acrylic is a preferred material due to its transparency and toughness.

9 Composites You Need to Know About Now

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At the renamed JEC World 2016 composites show in Paris last month, makers of composite materials and systems showed off their latest innovations. The materials system cures in less than two minutes, enabling fast and cost-efficient part manufacture. By Ann Thryft, Design News.

Reviewing the MakerGear M2 3D Printer

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Its build plate is made from Borosilicate glass print bed with a laminated replaceable print surface. Printing Materials : In terms of materials, the M2 was developed to be highly flexible with the materials it prints with.

Stepping up production


The outer wall is always two filaments thick, one is the perimeter and the other is the ends of all the infill zigzags that meet each other. With 0.5mm filament and a layer height of 0.4mm the filament threads are 0.6mm wide so the side walls are 1.2mm thick.

RepRap: Blog: Selectively making parts of object stronger

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John, if you want to make part stronger (wrt lamination) dip the part into acetone or similar solvent for few seconds and it will make part much stronger. Could the printer pause over a small vertical hole after many layers, with the extruder used to inject material ? This would form a vertical filament interconnecting a whole set of layers. RepRap: Blog. Blog for the RepRap project at - a project to create an open-source self-copying 3D printer.

Hot Stuff


The hot objects seem very strong and feel like they wont de-laminate in a hurry. So an interesting effect that might be exploitable for support material or aesthetic effects.

Dribble and smoke


The first problem I decided to tackle was extruding just the right amount of filament. Using the equations I described last time, I know what feed rate is required to give a particular diameter filament and what its exit speed will be. Not a very good day today.

How to Smooth PETG Prints

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Next to the ever-popular ABS and PLA filaments, PETG is probably the third most widely-used filament material in desktop 3D printing. Simply put, PETG combines the best properties of both ABS and PLA to create a material that is durable, heat-resistant, and easy to work with.

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Catalogue of disasters


When I can back the house stank of burning plastic and the bed corner bracket was impossible to separate from its raft, and the raft was welded onto the bed material. I also had to replace the bed material as it had a big hole in it where I broke off the corner bracket.