Leapfrog Bolt 3D Printer Successfully Prints Using Verbatim's Plastic Polypropylene Filament


3D printer manufacturer Leapfrog, known for its Creatr line of 3D printers, introduced its latest desktop 3D printer, the Leapfrog Bolt, just a few months ago. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d printer filament 3D printing filaments 3d printing materials dual extruder 3d printers leapfrog leapfrog 3d printer Leapfrog Bolt Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group plastic polypropylene polypropylene RapidPro rapidpro trade show verbatim verbatim 3d printer filament

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The technology is filament-based and relies on temperature-controlled heads to print. Filament. Leapfrog Creatr XL. The Mini G2s also has the ability to print in various specialty filaments. So does printing in specialty filaments like nylon and wood.

David vs. Goliath in 3D Printing


The two companies essentially invented the industry almost 30 years ago when the plastic extrusion FDM and laser-fused resin SLA processes were developed. With the recent release of numerous inexpensive 3D printers, a game of leapfrog has commenced.

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