PostProcess Technologies Joins Forces with Z-axis and 3D Alliances to Expand International Reach

Additive Manufacturing

Based in Russia, Z-axis will broaden PostProcess Technologies’ reach throughout Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, and Armenia. March 25, 2020 – PostProcess Technologies Inc. ,

12,141 km from London to Bishkek: Materialise Colleagues Do the Mongol Rally for Charity


One massive traffic jam later, Joris and Petro managed to cross the border into Kazakhstan. Materialise colleagues Joris Aerts and Petro Khaselev hatched the ambitious and slightly deranged plan to join the Mongol Rally this summer. What is the Mongol Rally?

How SOLIDWORKS is saving lives in the UK

The Solidworks Blog

From Kazakhstan to the coastal waters of the UK, through volatile oil fields and across the frontline of warzones, a remarkable design and engineering firm in Devon is using SOLIDWORKS to save thousands of lives. .