3D Printed Antenna Knowledge Base

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Since I''m getting more involved with communal WiFi mash networks and open source smart city project in my town, I decided to research and make a small knowledge base on 3d printed antennas. Based on Aerosol Jet technology, the digital process prints conformal antennas using conductive nanoparticle silver inks. To our knowledge, this is the first demonstration of 3D printed antennas on curvilinear surfaces,” Lewis stated.

New Online SOLIDWORKS CAM Training Courses Now Available

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SOLIDWORKS CAM is a fully integrated, Knowledge Based Machining (KBM) technology that allows you to integrate 3D design and manufacturing processes under one system; to evaluate designs earlier in the process to avoid unexpected costs and delays in finishing products on time.

Getting started with SOLIDWORKS CAM

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What is special about SOLIDWORKS CAM is that it uses Knowledge Based Machining with Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR). Our part features can be automatically recognized from our model. Go from SOLIDWORKS model to Transmit program to CNC machine. KBM – Knowledge Based Machining. Tolerance Based Machining – C# macro. Stock and Work in Process Models. Finish (Contour) Milling. Face Finish. Finish Turn.

Upload STL files to 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace with eDrawings 2020

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stl model in eDrawings and click on the icon shown below. Select button for Manufacture this model on 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace | Make. Try hiding them in the source model, or review SPR-567023 in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base for other options.

500,000 Certified Users: A Program That Has Changed the Lives of Many

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We quickly understood that providing a similar certification to students around the world could help them greatly once they finished their degree, and began to pursue a career in industry.

Moving from DriveWorks Xpress to DriveWorks Solo

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The Xpress edition allows you to get to know this easy to use tool, but is limited to only a portion of what is possible in the world of knowledge based engineering. If you want dynamic forms that you can customize to fit your projects requirements, If you need access to more functions to allow you to write more complex rules, If you need more control over your models and drawings, you will want to check out DriveWorks Solo – the automation tool for companies that engineer-to-order.

5 Ways to Celebrate 3D Printing Day


3D Printing Day might be the best moment to start learning about each fascinating 3D printing technology, or to add on to your existing knowledge base. 3D printing is all about a good design and it is during this process where you’ll be confronted with most of the challenges for your 3D models. If you are starting with 3D printing, it could also be the right day to learn some basic design concepts , which are fundamental for getting your first 3D model.