Surface Finishing Using SRF Technology

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Support removal and surface finishing are very important final steps to completing the perfect part. One type of surface finishing is Suspended Rotational Force (SRF) which brings hands-free and reliable surface finishing that eliminates the variables that could lead to damaged parts.

Surface Finishing Using TAF Technology

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Surface finishing is the final step in producing a part t o ensure it looks as close as possible to the intended design. There are multiple ways to finish a part and most require extensive manual labor and harsh chemicals to acquire that perfect finish.

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Our Best Material Finish Ever

Shapeways Blog

Today, Shapeways is proud to debut our newest and highest quality nylon material offering: our new Premium Strong & Flexible nylon plastic. We’re excited to introduce this upscale finish to our Strong & Flexible nylon, our most popular and versatile material.

New metal finishes for our Brass 3D printing material


The post New metal finishes for our Brass 3D printing material appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo At Sculpteo we always think about the constantly […].

Tru-Design & Polynt Composites Team Up to Create Industrial 3D Printing Finishes & Coatings

3D Design 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business 3D printing coatings 3d printing finishes additive manufacturing coatings additive manufacturing finishes industrial 3D printing finishes ornl Polynt Composites USA Inc TD Coat RT TD Seal HT TruDesignThe world of 3D printers is vast today.

eBook: CNC Metal Finishes


We've compiled crisp visual examples of the 15 most common finishes we offer at Xometry for CNC machined parts. Download your copy to understand the colors, coating thicknesses, material properties, and application conformance of each surface finish or treatment

eBook 52

Ultrasonic Technology Improves Surface Finish of 3D Prints

This is when seam lines appear between layers and excess material is left as a residue on the print, negatively affecting its surface finish. 3D Printing Science & Technology Piezoelectric stair-stepping surface finish ultrasonic ultrasoundStair stepping is a common problem in 3D printing. View the entire article via our website.

i.materialise Continues to Shine with New Chrome-Plated Finish for Brass Material

With an extensive lineup of 20 different materials and over 100 possible color and finish combinations, Belgium-based 3D printing company i.materialise has situated itself as one of the premier 3D. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d printed brass 3d printed car parts 3D printed chrome 3D printed surface finishing 3d printing materials 3d wax print belgium brass casting Chrome-Plated Brass i.materialise i.materialise material metal casting surface finish

Get To Know Our Two New Multi Jet Fusion Polyamide Finishes


The 3D printing world is constantly evolving with new material launches, and we’re excited to announce even more additions to our finishes lineup. In fact, we’re doubling our finish offerings for Polyamide, a Multi Jet Fusion material option!

The Effects of Machining on Chemical Finishing of Titanium EBM Parts

Belgian scientsits have taken on a unique study in evaluating AM parts, releasing their findings in ‘Influence of Conventional Machining on Chemical Finishing of Ti6A14V Electron Beam Melting Parts.’.

i.materialise Refines Precious Metal Options for 3D Printing, New White Gold Finishes Available in 14K & 18K

3D Design 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 14k gold 14k White Gold 18k gold 3D printed gold finish 3d printing finish techniques 3d printing finishes 3d printing gold i.materialise i.materialise material RhinoGoldi.materialise takes their gold very seriously.

3D Printing Materials Overview: 100 Materials & Finishes Explained


With such a great variety of 3D printing materials to choose from, it can be difficult and confusing to find the right one. But don’t worry—in this post we’ll discuss all major 3D printing materials and provide you with small previews and links to learn more about each. Materials

BHDA Finishing Tips and Techniques: Support and Nub Removal

Shapeways Blog

BHDA — or black high definition acrylate — is the newest material added to our roster. Starting as a maker material, BHDA was recently released to all shoppers because of its amazing detail, finish, durability, and color. Why does this material have nubs?

Retouch3D Finalizing Design for Their 3D Print Finishing Pen

the Retouch3D was launched via a Kickstarter campaign to build “the world’s first heated tool to finish 3D prints with variable heat and interchangeable heads designed for specific 3D retouching... View the entire article via our website. 3d print finishing tools 3d printed supports 3d printing tools kickstarter removing support material retouch3dCreated by 3D 2.0,

Achieving a Phenomenal Finish with Metallization

3E Rapid Prototyping

The raw material is often less expensive, and manufacturing processes like injection molding make it easy to fabricate thousands of plastic parts in a very short space of time, at little cost.

Introducing Our New Polyamide Finish: Satin


We’re happy to announce the launch of a new finish for Polyamide (SLS): Satin ! Polyamide is the perfect material for 3D printing because it’s strong and flexible. Do you want to know more about this new finish for Polyamide (SLS)? What does the satin finish look like?

3D Finisher Finishing Box Is Racing to Hit the Market By Christmas 2014

3D Printing Industry

Although the enthusiasm around making 3D objects can help us overlook the fact that these objects are often far from perfect, after 3D printing things at home, or at the office, there are times when you just need to do away with rough edges and the remains of support materials. By Davide Sher.

Caracol Factory Using Roboze Technology and Materials to Deliver Finished 3D Printed Parts

3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business 3d printed components 3D printing functional parts Caracol Factory carbon fiber carbon fiber reinforced 3d printing materials high performance materials italy polyamide roboze roboze one roboze one 3d printerItalian 3D printer manufacturer Roboze, which expanded into the United Arab Emirates and opened a new headquarters in Bari in the last few months, is well known for its 3D printers’ abilities to.

Finish That Pendant With One of Our New Necklace Chains!

Shapeways Blog

We’re always looking for ways to help you create complete finished products, so we’re extremely excited to announce today’s launch of necklace and pendant chains at Shapeways! Material : Metal. Material : Metal. Material : Metal. Material : Metal.

Tru-Design announces partnership with Composites One to expand market for 3D printing finishing

3D Printing Industry

Tru-Design, a Tennessee-based 3D printing coatings specialist has signed a distribution agreement with composites materials company Composites One. Leveraging Composites One’s North American distribution network, Tru-Design seeks to expand its market for its material coatings and finishes.

Meet our New Finishes for Titanium 3D Printing


We’ve already talked about the different metal materials on the blog and today we are happy to announce the launch of new finishes for 3D printing in titanium. Matte or satin finishes for your titanium 3D prints. 3D-printed titanium, the material. 3D Printing Materials

Taking Your Product to the Finishing Line


Additive manufacturing can make materials come to life in a single print. Fresh off the machine, a 3D printed part can look like a nearly finished product. Depending on your requirements, the natural surface finish of an additive manufactured part may or may not meet your needs.

Introducing Our Material Finishes #98 and #99: Red Gold Plated Brass & Black Color Plated Brass


More and more materials, finishes, and color options are coming to i.materialise lately: we’re proud to announce that as of today consumers can choose from 99 material options on our platform. These finishes are achieved through an electroplating process.

3D Printing in 5 Different Silver Options: Introducing Our New Antique Silver Finish


Fantastic news for jewelry designers and metal-printing enthusiasts: After just launching 18K gold last month, we are already expanding our metal options, this time with the new Antique Silver Finish ! This means that you can now order a 3D print of your item in five different silver finishes.

The Most Important 3D Printing Technologies & Materials You Need to Know


In this post, we’ll give you an overview of the essential 3D printing technologies and 3D printing materials that are currently used on an industrial level. The nozzle moves to place the material in the correct location to build your model up layer by layer.

Putting an Artistic Finish on 3D Prints


Courtney Link (Instagram: @clanks ) works in Production & Finishing at Objex Unlimited, where she puts the final touches on client projects. Link’s finished barnacle print from the H800. Versatility for Finished Looks.

Coat Your Prints with XTC-3D for A Clean Finish

3D Printing Industry

Unfortunately, there can be a disparity in finished product quality depending on the capabilities and dependability of the 3D printer being used. To assuage this divide, Reynolds Advanced Materials now offers the XTC-3D brush-on coating at the eight locations currently operating in the U.S.

What to Do with Solvent Waste from Finishing Your 3D Prints? Recycle it with the Sidewinder!

From the minute you purchase a finishing solvent, that’s exactly the type of relationship you two are going to have. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business 3D printing finishing solvents 3d printing recycling 3d printing resin ABS 3D printing filament PLA 3D printing filament recycling hazardous materials Sidewinder Model M-2 Sidewinder solvent recyclingFrom cradle to grave.

New Finish Available! Polyamide (SLS) Is Now Waterproof


Today we are glad to announce the launch of a new Polyamide (SLS) finish: waterproof. In addition to our wide selection of colors and finishes for this material , you can now also order your 3D-printed objects with a watertight finish. 3D Printing Materials

New Materials, New Finishes, New Website Functions – What We’ve Improved So Far This Year


This year we have worked a lot on new materials, new finishes, better production times, and new website functions. Antique Finish for Silver: Models printed in Antique Silver have very shiny and smooth outer surfaces, whereas recessed areas are darker with a rougher finish.

Know Your Materials: ABS

Modern Tech

Although, many industries have taken advantage of the unique combination of UV resistance, vivid colors and glossy finish that set this material apart. FDM Technology 3D Printing Materials Know Your Materials

DSM and Chromatic 3D Materials Partner to Develop 3D Printing Materials for Finished Manufactured Goods

Additive Manufacturing

April 2018 – Royal DSM , a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials, today announced that it entered a preferred partnership with Chromatic 3D Materials to introduce thermoset materials for 3D-printing of finished manufactured goods.

Motorcycle Madness: Revving Up for a Big Finish

The Solidworks Blog

With the reveal set for Saturday, June 8, the team is scrambling to finish up Ben’s motorcycle costume. To get the best fit, Albert ended up manually cutting out a lot of material from the inside of the pieces.

Updates on Our Selection of 3D Printed Resins: New Material, New Finishes, Price Updates, Size Updates


We’ve got important updates to share with you about new materials, finishes, prices and printing sizes. Introducing a new Material: Standard Resin. We’re launching a new resin material today: Standard Resin. Click here to learn more about this outstanding new material.

Mendel90 finishing touches


That means any little modification can change everything slightly, which is why I won''t release the files until it is finished. A picture like this with its bill of materials should be self explanatory. I have tweaked a lot of things since building the prototype.

Fillamentum launches Flexfill Vertigo Grey and Pistachio Green for high quality finishes

3D Printing Industry

Czech Republic headquartered 3D printer material brand Fillamentum has launched two new filament colors to meet customer demand. Released this month, the materials have already received support from the brand’s fanbase. Materials Fillamentum Flexfill Flexfill 98A I R Blinx Pistachio Green Vertigo GreyTPU-based Flexfill 98A is now available in Vertigo Grey, Fillamentum’s most popular color. It is joined by the new, vibrant Pistachio Green.

The ultimate finish: From 3D printed to final product look


3D printing back then and especially today with its ever increasing speed and versatility has turned into the number one tool when it comes to quickly materialize an object or idea. The materials.

Strength & Classic Finish: Markforged Releases Onyx 3D Printer Series

3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials industrial metal 3D printers Mark X 3D printer markforged metal 3d printing onyx onyx 3d printer Onyx Pro 3D printerWithin the 3D printing industry, just the name Markforged invokes that of strength—and metal. Arriving onto the scene in 2014 with their original Mark One 3D printer, the innovative company quickly. View the entire article via our website.

Introducing the New High-Detail Stainless Steel Gloss Finish


That’s why we introduced High-Detail Stainless Steel back in 2013, and today, we have perfected a new finish for this extraordinary material: the all-new gloss finish! Taking a Closer Look at the New High-Detail Stainless Steel Gloss Finish. Materials

How to Choose Injection Molding Surface Finishes and What are the Grades?

3D Printing Hub

Injection molded parts can have a variety of surface finishes. Plastic parts and parts made of other materials can be given various types of finishes for aesthetic or functional purposes. The choice of surface finish needs to be established very early in the design phase.

Introducing new metal finishes : Pink Gold, White Rhodium and Black Rhodium!


We’re launching three new precious metal finishes: pink gold, white rhodium and black rhodium! A while ago, we launched our brass and silver materials with different finishes. Our silver material evolves also. & More Sculpteo News 3Dprinting Gold Materials

Introducing Our Material Finishes #98 and #99: Red Gold Plated Brass & Black Color Plated Brass


More and more materials, finishes, and color options are coming to i.materialise lately: we’re proud to announce that as of today consumers can choose from 99 material options on our platform. These finishes are achieved through an electroplating process.

Three Finishing Options, Shorter Lead Time and Improved Detailing: Introducing New Bronze!


We’re excited to unveil our improved Bronze today, now with three finishing options! Here are our three new Bronze finishes: Natural (unpolished) Uncoated. However, if you choose a polished finish, small details and sharp corners will be slightly smoother and rounded off.