3D printable open source liquid fuel rocket engine

DIY 3D Printing

Graham Sortino from New Jersey developed and tested 3d printed rocket liquid fuel engine. The engine is still in development and not yet finished but it is a big step forward in open sourcing aerospace engineering!

SOLIDWORKS and the Tucker Torpedo Part 2

The Solidworks Blog

Enter Daniel Jacobs, New England’s best and brightest Porsche specialist who brings 30+ years of maintenance repair and experience to the Porsche Racing Team. We had just finished measuring the engine. I’ll use those measurements to finish the engine 3D model.

SOLIDWORKS and the Tucker Torpedo

The Solidworks Blog

The Holidays are over and the New Year is here and it’s the dead of winter. Rob Ida shifted his focus over the last couple of months to finishing up a 1940 Mercury hot rod that will be truly amazing! The Torpedo chassis should be about finished by the next blog.

Is Hybrid Manufacturing Right for You?

Design 2 Part News

A new approach to manufacturing combines the design advantages of 3D printing with the quality and precision of multi-axis CNC machining. And because most manufacturers of 3D printed metal parts need a machine shop to finish the job, they represent opportunity. “We’re New Possibilities.

Making a Place for Everything

Design 2 Part News

A new consumer product must be displayed appealingly, yet protected from rough handling. Now a second generation family business, the company was founded by New Jersey-raised Cliff E. By Alan R. Earls, Design-2-Part Magazine.